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Japan is number one country exporting prostitutes in the world [Copy link] 中文

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Hi, rovi297, thanks for your clarification

<<My source of info is from a local Chinese newspaper in Australia.>>
Interesting, so this newspaper is also getting stuck into the Japs too?

Wonder why I haven't read it in "The Age" or another Newspaper.

<<I was wondering why you are so interseted in this thread? If you disagree to what you read, well, then it will be very simple for you to do - click off.>>

Well that's one option, it's just that when I read racist or slanderous statements, I like to challenge them.
Doesn't matter if it is against Japanese, Chinese, Europeans or whomever, you make 'em, I challenge them!



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To johnb_melb

It seems you are very angry with rovi297 because he lies. Ok, We firmly believe it dosn't matter for you whom the thread is against, it matters for you if it is true or not. There are many threads here talkibng about China, but I will introduce to you those ....(example: all Chinese women are sluts...). If you are interested I will tell you the link and let you enjoy them during Christmas so that you will take away your anger from rovi297.

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.. it matters for you if it is true or not...

Hi linvshi,

Yes you are correct, and slanderous insults directed against any people (including Chinese women, as you mentioned) is what I object to.

I have not seen the thread you mentioned, I only stumbled across this one because of its rather provocative title.


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wow a Chinese newspaper saying something bad about Japan.  Like I didn't see that one coming.

It is not uncommon for an asian prostitute to lie about where she is from. We have already had one guy on this post who said that her preferred Japanese prostitutes because they are better and charge more.  I am sure there are a heap of Chinese prostitutes in western countries claiming to be Japanese because they know they can get more money by saying that than they can if they said they were Chinese.

If your from Australia then pick up an english newspaper and turn to "adult relaxation" section.  I'm sure you will find some similar listings where the same number is used more than once and somehow for one listing they are Chinese and the other they Japanese or some other nationality.

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This threrad is sooooo silly

There is a direct causal link between prostitution and poverty. Poor developing countries with thriving tourist industries - e.g., Thailand, Indonesia, the Philipinnes, Vietnam - have huge problems with prostitution.

As China opens up, it too is seeing an exponential increase in prostitution (Hong Kong is being inundated with mainland Chinese prostitutes!).

Eastern Europe, Albania, the former Soviet Union also has massiove infrastructual problems leading to low standards of living. Consequently, thse countries also figure prominently in international sex traffic.

But to claim that a wealthy, developed society like Japan is the main "producer" of prostitutes in the world is so obviously absurd and WRONG that I really have to wonder about the basic intelligence of anyone who could even dream of making such an assertion.

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did the report mention who is the number one user of prostitutes?

this would seem obvious, but did the report mention who used the japanese prostitues the most, which country?

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The answer is: the boys that work for the CIA!

Only thy have enough hubris and brass to think they are as God-like as the Japanese Racial Purists!

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