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Is it so hard for a single mother to find her soulmate? [Copy link] 中文

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Never lose your hope

Agree with the notion that it's not easy to find the soul mate whether you are single or divorced. If the one shows up, I believe that he won't care so much about your past personal life...... Your past is part of you, it makes you know more about what true love shall i right?

So keep waiting and never lose your hope. Don't be sad, i bet that everyone loves a happy woman, not a depressed, complaining one.


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my opinion

You are a great mother and you are worth true love.
To be honest, it's hard for a single Chinese mother to find her soulmate, I've heard many divorced Chinese men don't like women who has children , especially boys. But there are still many nice guys who understand what true love is. I wish you good luck.

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Cheer up

Never frown, as you never know who would fall in love with your smile.

You are a great lady as we all could see, a happy life is what you richly deserve. Even god close all the doors, he would leave a window open for you. Cheer up.

Send my regards to your daughter, I am sure she suffers as much as an adult does. Just deep inside her heart, never show up.

Maybe one day your daughter would be able to read whatsoever we have posted here, I am sure she would understand by then what a great mother she has got.

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forgot something

Oh, Ms. Walk in rain,

Well, walking in rain could be romantic, however, catch cold easily, especially when you have no one to hold an umbrella for you. We suggest you walk away from the drops, and run with us under the sun. Until you find your Mr. Right, no problem back and walk in the rain again.

By then, it is not only a question of a man holding an umbrella for you, but a man holding a whole world for you.

My thoughts are with you all the time.

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baby's mom

I think you can enjoy your pain, don't force yourself anytime, do as you are doing, your mature face and mind can attract really love I agree, and maybe your man has read your post and thinking, give yourself time and him too, we have long life to live, that means time, find something interest youself, although you have man you have to have your circle, I know things should be it is, don't think too much although I can't do it,

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Yes, normally it is difficult but since you are peaceful,pray&yr requests cld be

I wld prefer a Happy face to an Unhappy one.
A Smiling face to a Frowning one.
A Patient person to impatient one.
A kind-hearted person to unkind.
A Considerate person to unconsiderate one.
A Loving person to unloving one.
A Positive person to negative one.
An Optimist,not pessimist.
A Religious person, who can bare her soul.
A meditative person to desires finding one.
So my wish is yr request is answered in the soonest of time.
Good luck,good wishes & offers flowers always......

Kind regards

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We will be here.

Hi, Walkinrain,

I shared your post among colleagues when I was at work today, which hopefully you don't mind.

There is a lady in our company who is a single mother too, however, having a son of 20 years old who is gonna join the army in few days, wanna me pass below message to you. I am sorry for my poor translation, she said:

Even nobody treats you well in the world, you yourself should treat yourself well and cherish the life as it only has once.

She divorced long ago, even went abroad to work in order to bring up her boy. Back in those days, she said could still feel how her heart was bleeding. Nevertheless, she made it. And we always see smile hanging on her face.

I remember a saying: God wants you to meet some wrong person, so the day when you meet the right one, you would know how to cherish. I think it is just a matter of time.

We are by your side.

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