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Setting record straight in Israel [Copy link] 中文

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Chairman ,I forgot to mention Kurds, WMD and democracy and terrorism

Kurds, WMD, democracy and terrorism were excuses used by the American Zionists to con the USA into using the USA military to attack an enemy of ISRAEL.

Real reasons: skuds sent to Israel by Saddam, payment of Palestinian suicide bombers families by Saddam. Saddam's opposition to the Zionist take-over of Arab land

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Chris has strong points to debate..clarity, evidence...good posts

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Wow! Jews rule America!

I like the post by Christopher!

He forgot to add Alan Greenspan!

ha ha ha ha ha

America is ruled by Jews. The white pasha's are dumb idiots, pull by puppet strings of the master snakes!

ha ha ha ha ha ha

So sad! America is a wimp!

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filthy jewish pig

Prince Harry is a prime example of jewish domination of our Western Life

please take the time to read this article

and find out for yourself just WHO the N K V D were , dont let me force my "oppinions" on you , see the FACTS for yourself and you decide what is honest and truthfull , let truth broaden your mind and in so doing... give you the power of knowledge ....

25 MILLION PLUS MURDERED RUSSIANS at the Hands of the very Jewish N K V D

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Celtics are also wimps!

Jews rules the Western world. The real president of America is Mr. Sharon and the secret world of Jewish Rabbinate. The only salvation will come have to come from Israel itself~!

Jews are rulers of Aryan. There are the LARs, Lord Aryan Ruler!

Cry your hearts out, American wimps, Celtic wimps, Anglo Saxon wimps.

All the 1.5 billion Anglo Saxons, Celtics are wimps ruled by the LARs!

Look at the Jewish merchant banks, the Insurance companies..nothing happening in London, Zurich or New Yorks is not known by Jews. YOu do a  major business deal, they know. The Jews controls the bourses with wimps puppets, they know what goes on because of Basle based World Bank. They know the condition of each country because of IMF chairmanship.

The control the newswire and because of the Snakes in Tel Aviv, their jewish dogs bark concurrently. They donate money to Ivy League colleges and the OxBridge colleges in London and put in Jewish puppeteer to head the school where they steal ideas.

YOu see, the ARyans except the free Aryans in Arabdom and India are free! But long long time ago, the Jewish snakes has put poison into their nations, in form of called moral beef, no women, no enjoyment...and created their "horses of Armegeddon" that will bring fire into House Of Israel! and death to Mr. Sharon.

then Asia will be shit without oil!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

They can manipulate you because they master puppet silly Christians and make movies to manipulate your minds.

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Burning USA tax dollars

.How Much Does America Pay for Supporting the Israelis?
February 27, 2004
By Tom Stauffer
Alfred Lilienthal posed the question of what the cost of supporting Israel was to the US 40 years ago, when the price tag for Americans was low.

Today the answer is knowable and daunting the figure comes to at least $1.6 trillion through the end of 2002.

That is some three times the much-publicized cost of the Vietnam War (all figures are expressed in current dollars, corrected for inflation). The overall cost to the US of all aspects of conflicts in the Middle East is even higher more than $2.6 trillion.

But the multi-dimensioned costs of supporting and protecting Israel make up nearly two-thirds of the total.

Direct aid to Israel, as reported in the US budget, is but the tip of a very much larger iceberg.
My comments>>>ADD the cost of the attack on iraq( $300 billion?).....Add The cost of massive global travel security caused by the Israeli-arab world conflict caused by Israel.ADD the cost of the next attack by zionist americans which could be  on  IRAN again for "the interests of Israel".

Chinese muslims please note:Israel is not just a patch of land stolen by religious fundamentalist wackos using a 3000 years old  out of date claim...Harsh reality makes Israel and USA support of Israel global problem number one

Chris  London  UK

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ISRAEL and Israeli terror against kids

Schoolchildren walk past a pile of debris outside the UNRWA elementary school in the Jabalya refugee camp Oct. 12, in the midst of 揙peration Penitence.?Israel invaded the northern Gaza Strip on Sept. 28 and remained for 17 days, killing 128 Palestinians and wounding 431 .............Israel has recently shot nearly 600 schoolchildren as a terror tactic  to scare Palestinians into giving up Palestinian land------------

Christopher   London UK

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