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Setting record straight in Israel [Copy link] 中文

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I don't think so!!!

"By and large, when it comes to the current undeclared war between Israel and the Palestinians, it's the Palestinian side that gets all the favorable press. "

Where do you get THAT idea? It may be true of the Europoean media (but that's debatable), but it certainly isn't true of the American media, which is notoriously pro-Israeli.

Just read Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, and Robert Fisk on America's pro-Israeli bias.

One can tell you're a septic tank (Yank).

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Thanks mengzhi.
Here is an article by a great UK jewish MP.

Don't forget the man is a JEW)
Jewish UK Labour MP
Calls Israel A 'Pariah'

The events in Israel made Gerald Kaufman speak out...

Israel has turned into a "pariah state" under prime minister Ariel Sharon and his ways of dealing with terrorism are "unacceptable", Jewish senior Labour MP Gerald Kaufman has claimed.

The former minister said he was saddened by the way the image of Israel had changed from "beacon" status to being portrayed by photographs of its soldiers "smirking over the corpse of a Palestinian they had just killed".

Mr Kaufman, MP for Manchester Gorton, accused former Labour prime minister Shimon Peres, now Israel's foreign minister, of "humiliating" himself by being involved in Sharon's government.

"What the Israeli Labour Party, with its fine traditions, is doing associating with this right-wing thug, I cannot begin to imagine."

What is going on in that country is something that no decent person can condone -- Labour MP Gerald Kaufman

Mr Kaufman said a whole series of events had made him to vent his fury, including "the photograph a few weeks ago of one Israeli soldier photographing two others smirking over the corpse of a Palestinian they had just killed".

"This is not what Israel is all about and I am sad about it because Israel was founded in idealism.

"Obviously idealism has got to face up to reality - but the attitude of this Israeli Government in dealing what is undoubtedly horrible terrorism is not only unacceptable in humanitarian terms, but is also seriously unsuccessful in dealing with the terrorism," he told the BBC's Today programme.

"Four times as many Israelis have been killed by terrorists since Sharon became prime minister."

Mr Kaufman - who has written a book about Israel, called To Build the Promised Land - said it used to be a "beacon of how you build a country".

Gerald Kaufman: "Israel was founded in idealism" "Today, I am very sorry to say, it is turning itself into a pariah state with very few countries in the world willing to be its friend."

Mr Kaufman disagreed with the Britain's chief rabbi, Dr Jonathon Sachs, who reportedly said criticism of the Israeli Government could be anti-Semitic.

"It is quite easy to excuse attacks on the Israelis, or rather to explain them away, by saying this is anti-Semitism," Mr Kaufman said.

"I am the last person in the world to be anti-Semitic.

"In my time I have faced anti-Semitism, but I am pro-Israel.

"I am obviously pro-Jew - but what is going on in that country is something that no decent person can condone in terms of the policy of the government.

"I fear I have not had any contacts with the Israeli Government for quite some time.

"The people in government with whom I could talk like Shimon Peres, a great seeker after peace, a great Labour prime minister, have humiliated themselves by involving themselves in this government," Mr Kaufman concluded.

Chris London UK

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Nasty and Co.

Un-declared War? You cal it a war when one side has the latest versions of US supplied killing hardware?Look at the whole picture-HISTORY of the region.
First lets separate Judaism ftom Zionizam, normal straight thinking  Jews are not for World domminance,Zionist-judge for your self.
With the unconditional support of the US Gov.{slightly nudged on by or should i say told by-the dictatorial Zionist Loby} Israel can do as they want.Kill anyone any time anywhere.{do You remember the Moshad tried to eliminate Bush Senior in Barcelone?} Read up on your history.
Q-Can you name a convicted Terrorist {mind you in abstetia}who later became a Prime Minister of Israel and recieved the NOBEL  PEASE Prize?
Did the US Gov. sighn the Protocol for the Creation of a Palestinian State by 2004? what happened? Let ME tel You somethig,one day the DF Yank taxpayer Will wake up to reality and will say enough is enough no mor Billions of tax payer $ to Israel to use for Killing Mashines.
By the way All Military hardware from the US to ISrael is to be used for SELF DEFENCE ONLY-so say the AGREEMENT sighned by both parties. Read History it WILL enlighten You. Have a good one.Shalom.

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Totally agree Christopher

Nice to hear from you Christopher.  Totally agree with your posts.

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iraq was attacked for Israel

thanks bgy079.

There are many people who have realised the real reason for the Iraq attack.

Here is another,  some comment by Gary Leupp Professor of History at Tufts University
1) After 9-11, Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, sidelining Colin Powell, successfully urged an impressionable president to implement a plan for general Middle East change earlier articulated by Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, "Scooter" Libby, and Perle;
(2) that the neocons, ardently supportive of Israel and desiring to eliminate regimes unfriendly to the Jewish state, went beyond the normally intimate interaction between the two governments to engage in abnormally illicit consultations and information exchange;

(3) that the neocons used known charlatans such as (centrally important, now publicly discredited) Ahmad Chalabi, and the Iranian businessman Manucher Ghorbanifar (Iran-Contra principal figure identified long ago as a "fabricator" by the CIA) to pursue their "regime change" ambitions; and

(4) the neocons having sidelined and offended the intelligence community, now falsely seek to impute blame to it for their own mendacity.

I'm hoping (not quite betting) that the Franklin Affair, the Plame Affair, and multiple unfolding scandals produce by late October a major challenge to the Bush administration's credibility and such moral standing as it retains even among the willfully oblivious. Here's one possible scenario. We might be informed that the CIA has concluded that the infamous Niger uranium documents were forged by Israeli
intelligence. (I have no idea, but this is surely plausible.)

Gary Leupp is Professor of History at Tufts University, and Adjunct Professor of Comparative Religion. He is the author of Servants, Shophands and Laborers in in the Cities of Tokugawa Japan; .

He can be reached at:

Chris London UK.

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chairman has been deleted
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Chairman, it was ISRAEL, (oil was just a fringe benefit)

Here are some (only some) of the Jewish Americans mostly with joint Israeli-American citizenship who "advise" the born again Christian GW Bush.
Search your heart and answer this: If ISRAEL was not near Iraq would there have been an attack?

Richard Perle----Paul Wolfowitz----Douglas Feith----Edward Luttwak----Edward Luttwak----Dov Zakheim----Kenneth Adelman--I. Lewis Libby -----Robert Satloff----Elliott Abrams-----Marc Grossman-----Richard Haass-----Robert Zoellick--------James Schlesinger----David Frum------Joshua Bolten----David Wurmser----Eliot Cohen----Mel Sembler------Michael Chertoff ----Steve Goldsmith-----Adam Goldman--Joseph Gildenhorn--------Christopher Gersten-----Mark Weinberger-----.Bonnie Cohen-----------Samuel Bodman------Ruth Davis-----Lincoln Bloomfield  ------Jay Lefkowitz---Ken Melman-----Brad Blakeman

Chris   London UK

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