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Setting record straight in Israel [Copy link] 中文

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Iraq was attacked because the USA zionist lobby wanted to attack Iraq

Ray Mc Govern (Ex CIA with the Bush administration) said: We (the CIA) knew that the attack on Iraq was "for the interests of Israel. The west is in a war between Islam and Judaism caused by the expansion onto Arab land by Israel supported by the USA. Many others have said the same, but if you agree with this and dare to say it you will face a chorus of "anti-Semite" jibes. The Iraq attack is but another part of the cost of Israel and has nothing to do with "gassing Kurds" or "democracy" or 911or WMD, these were the excuses. Over 100,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed according to an estimate by the very respected UK medical journal The Lancet because the USA attacked Iraq for Israel. . If justice prevails Israel will be held to account for the Iraq attack.
Chris London UK

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Don't shoot the messenger!

mengzhi, I was delighted to see  your post about palestine.

Israel shot two young people over the past 3 days, which is part of a deliberate terror campaign "shooting children in order to steal more palestinian land" (One teenage boy and a teenage girl who were non-combatants),also about 15 palestinian adults. This makes around 580 children and I think around 4000 adults recently shot by IDF "soldiers".

I actually started a campaign against Israel around 3 years ago when a boy ( Muhammed El Dura) was shot as he was actually hiding behind his father. (The international media recorded this and Israel still tried to blame Palestinians)

Arabs are enraged by the treatment of Palestine and the taking of Palestinian land using American money and weapons . This really is the reason for the whole Middle East conflict also  911, the attack on Iraq and increased global terrorism.It is no exaggeration to say the world pays for the expansion of Israel onto Arab land, land which is Palestinian under international law.

Chris London UK

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ficello........Why did you cover Palestine with blue ink?

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Have we forgotten it was not their land to begin with?

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The blue is the favourite colour of the palestinians.

christopher said:
"ficello........Why did you cover Palestine with blue ink?"

Palestine is not a country, it's a region of the roman empire which passed under Byzance's control and nextly to Ottoman Empire.
Inhabitants of Palestine are called jews. The Jews ARE the palestinians.
What you call "palestinian" is the descendant of an arab invader, nothing else.
If the UK accepts to be a second Pakistan, it's Britons's problem.
Jews or palestinians, as u prefer, do not accept to be a 22nd arab country.
I covered Palestine with blue because it's a symbol of blessing in the jewish religion.


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Israel global problem numero uno

So can I also go "back" to where my ancestors were 3000 years ago? And use USA tax dollars to do it? The Zionist "claim" is wacko religious fundamentalist nonsense and is the cause of  the recent rise in global anti-Semitism.

I make no apology for concentrating my efforts to convince people of the injustice and expense of Israel. I believe I and the many others who can see this are right. A vociferous and aggressive side to Judaism called Zionism generates Anti-Semitism and I really think they should learn to play nice. I agree there are many Jews who are worried and concerned by the current exponential rise in anti-Semitism, for their sake the Zionists who are causing this should take a look at how Palestine is being treated and what the cost is to Jews around the world.

Chris   London UK

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Moral Majority and the Zionists.

Thank you Christopher , great minds think alike. It is time the emperor and his minders be told that his highness is naked and on the nose.

One can see by the rhetoric and fact-free drivel by the Zionist apologists that they are circling the wagons. They use the same gospel speak that is now favoured by the American neocon-born again Chriatians in the USA. Dubya is the messiah, not just the president. " I voted for Bush but he was chosen by God " pronounced one American citizen recently. When all logical arguments are spent, the Jews say that Israel was given to them by god. How can mere mortals like us counter such tedious statements !

The ' Wall of Shame ' is a concrete ( pardon the pun) example of the mindset of the Israel govenment. They place it on the Palestinian side of the boundary ! I can only think of the Mafias when I read of the way business is conducted in Palestine.

The IDF, who has helicopter gunships and missiles, tanks and other toys of destruction at their disposal , insist that the stone throwers are the terrorists, we have a tragic comedy on show. The bottom line is this. The Palestinians are the invaded and the invaders must be told , by the world if necessary, that they are in the wrong. We need to continue voicing our concern. Who knows who else may be the next victim? It could be too late to stand up and be counted then.  cheers Chris.

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