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China-Japan Cold War? [Copy link] 中文

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Using ASEAN as staging ground to counter China

Very well assessed, Master Yoda.

You speak crazily but quite often I'm really impressed.

I had almost cleanly forgotten about the other factor, the ageing Japanese population.

They would have to rely on robots now. More funds and efforts are going into its robotic R&D.

It seems that they have seen this coming long ago.

One Jap just managed to invent a robot suit which can be very useful for the elderly to move around more freely and be more stronger. I think this invention helps to keep them keep their pride as the aged could still function well for longer period. LOL!

However, we still have to keep a lookout at the Japanese.

What they have committed today can become a legacy that could be very useful if they keep evolving and improving until a time when they have sufficient strength to attack China once again and with the help of their advanced robotic weaponry.

Anyway, I look at this scenario of Japanese reaching out to ASEAN positively.

This also means that the Japanese Yen are coming our way. Time to plot for a  grab!

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A cornered Japan scenerio - is likely by 2006-2010 period.

China is already securing supplies from the Russian Federation and Central Asian states - it could get up to 3mbd to 5mbd equivalent in GAS, crude oil beside the 800 billion tonnes of coal reserves in  China and I wonder how much LNG, crude Oil not reported on China's own soil.

The Japanese choice could be two fold - when the 3 horde armies starts to attack the "Isolated American army" in Iraq. It could stop oil to the Far East - down to maybe 5 million barrels a day instead of the normal 20 million barrel a day now.

The Japanese could attack ASEAN, ALASKA (attack the main cause of their misery) or CANADA.....especially if America is busy in Iraq....tie down the entire army.

What the Japanese can do, let's paint a scenerio....

2006   An accidental incident at the Persian/American border in Iraq starts
---------a big battle between Persian troops and American army. Pakistan
---------and India send in reinforcements. (India hope to be rewarded with
---------oil from Persia). Large casualties, 1 dead American for every 5-6
---------Persian-Indian-Pakistani troops.

2007  Japan oil supply reach critical. ASEAN could not supply more than
--------1mbd instead of the usual 3.5mbd blended crude since now oil
--------comes from Sudan and Persia. The Persian blocks the Hormuz
--------straits and no oil is exportable to ASEAN from GCC states. Europe
---------gets oil through oil supply pipelines. China still ok due to Russian
---------and Central Asian oil.

China provides some oil, gas to Korea and Taiwan. It pacify Japan with a little oil as well but does military excercise to show their prowess.

2008  Japan gets desperate. It initiates the collapse of the US$, weakening the American military, starving it of funds. Japanese navy quickly attack Alaska and give warning to Canada. Canada is forced to supply oil to Japan while ASEAN remain a good customers of Japan export products.....

USA too weak to counter Japan invasion of Alaska and cannot afford another war to recover Alaska.....

how's that for a scenerio!!!!!

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i dunno why chinese ppl or chinese govt is not concerned about japan attacking c

moment i strongly urge china to increase its military as fast as possible so that japanese intention to take over china and asia wont happen again (they can do all sorts of brutal crap) cos by the looks of it their politicians current attitudes towards the atrocities committed by them in the past is ambiguous and threateening indeed.....threat...threat...threat everywhere increase spending now

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I think you win the CD prize for being the most paranoid member!

Japan is the only country in Asia to have a pacifist constitution that forbids using war as a means to resolve disputes. It can only be changed by general public support and most Japanese want to keep that part of it - any changes will be fairly minor. Japan has less than 200,000 men in its army.

On the other hand, China has an army of over 2 million men. Are you saying that Chinese soldiers are so crap they can't defend their homes against such a small number of Japanese soldiers?

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And the Greatest Hypocrite title for this year goes to you, Menzy

Bendent has got a point.

China need to have a sufficiently strong military defence in order to be effective in protecting its sovereignty and security.

In any case, China will not be attacking other countries like the UK and the USA sending their warships around the globe waging wars.

In fact, Confucius advocated ample military preparation to help defend the people and country. Liang1a has written an article on this and I will seek his permission to get it re-published on China Daily - Changing China section.

It is true that Japan has a pacifist constitution.

No one can deny that.

But what you're showing here is the situation of today!

You had conveniently gloss over the facts that Japan's militarism is being contained and controlled by America and that the Japanese right-wing politicians are now trying to instill fear and mistrust toward China.

Judging from America's military posturing and threat to China's sovereignty, one cannot rule out the possibility of America unleashing the Japanese saddistic army to pit against the Chinese.

So, we're seeing some changes which is detrimental to our security. Therefore, China reserves the right to get prepared for conflict of militaristic nature.

Again, I repeat that China would not attack, invade and occupy other countries like the USA and UK. The very sign of threat triggered both the "puppy brothers" to attack, invade and occupy other countries. In this regard, China is far from being a threat than the the two "brothers in arms" I just mentioned.

Therefore, beware of westerners who advocates some sinister ideas that China should lay down its arms. I suggest that China should upp its military spending to 2% and no more than that. When everything is stable and safe it should be downed to 1%.

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i dont want every single country in the world to hate china

its so not worth it considering china has come a long way from poverty stricken blah blah and to be antichina bashed yet again

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Amusing scenario greendragon

... but any invasion force would be crippled or destroyed long before it even reached the shores of North America. Even then, you'd already have thousands upon thousands of troops awaiting them on the mainland, since those in North America would be expecting the Japanese to come.

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