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China-Japan Cold War? [Copy link] 中文

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it will happen.

It is unavoidable. The past is just throwing oil to the fire. Unavoidable. Put 2 powerful countries so close together and with a bad history it will happen no matter what. But first China needs to deal with the communists.

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In the future?

I think history will record this as a bizzare escalation of events, caused by both sides refusing to "lose face".

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You guys hope long long lar!

Aiyoh Mr. Canton, Mr. Goldmine, Mr. Mencius etc. et. al! Hope long long lar!

You think Japan gonna fall on the same "BANANA SLIP" again meh! You think they so stupid meh! ha ha ha ha ha

Well, the germans fell on the same "Banana slip" two times, i bet they cannot afford to fall the third time!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Afterall, Japs lack OIl, it lack Ores, it lack raw materials lacks everything. It is the same as STUPID PROTECTORATE NATIONS - think they can buy long term security! ha ha ha ha ha

How can you buy long term security when your weapons are Made In America? A war is a long term effort, without a manufacturing capacity, its kaput!  Without raw materials, but have the best manufacturing capacity - also HA HA HA HA HA HA kaput.

Japan can invade and capture Kalimantan, Pattani, Natuna and Sumatra causing great distress to us down south but it cannot hold out for too long after an ALLIANCE of predator get them!

So its only hope is to get OIL, raw materials and ore on friendly terms from Latin America, Australia and South East Asia!

ha ha ha ha ha ha

Does not work lar! You fools, you make North Korea worried and make Korea go nuclear so that to BANANA SLIP Japan, Korea and China!!!!!

ha ha ha ha ha ha

does not work lar! You think we in the Middle Kingdom will fall in your trap!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Last time, was different, we had to take "Bitter" because we had a lot of "Bad hearted people" from "corroborators" to greedy "Chosen race wannabe tribes"....

The Middle Kingdom is back and that's nothing you can do about it!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Cherios and have a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Kong Hee Fatt Choy!

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Japan to counter China's rise

Latest news:

Japan has begun to consider China as threat.

Yomiuri Shimbun has published a summary of Japan's 2005 whitepaper on Wednesday. The policy document is due to be released later this month.

Japan will shortly acknowledge that it has lost its economic supremacy in Asia.

"...the era in which Japan led the Asian economies has come to an end and that a period of fierce competition among nations has begun", said the Yomiuri.

It stated China in particular is a growing competitive threat. It also advises Japanese companies to shift its operation or move to ASEAN as a bulwark against China's growing influence.

On national defence, the paper reminds the Japanese govt to be more alert and attentive to China's military developments such as increase of military budget, modernization and movement of navy.

How chilling is that?

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China-Japan Cold War?

Let it happen!

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Share your thoughts.

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Mr. Canadian Grenadier98, why don't you just post in your original "nick"!!!

Canada is in threat.

We in the "British Club" will have to work out strategies to protect the Land of the "Maple leaf", the Chi hua hua dog nation!

Japan is "tied up". and I tell you why!

(1) It has not enough raw materials to fight a "WAR".
(2) In the past, Manchuria, Korea was the source of Industrial raw material and cheap assembly workers. But now Korean peninsular is armed by 1,500,000 men of both North and South Koreans.
(3) North Korean is nuclear armed and has the means to blow up in the United States.
(4) China has a 1.5 m army, 2.5 million militia. It has nuclear weapons, navy, missile forces.
(5) The British Club worries about the Japanese sweeping south to Australia and has armed the ASEAN core states with a well equipped Navy with support from the Royal British Club fleet.
(6) Japanese population is ageing. It's average age is now 39 and getting olders. It does not have enough young people to "waged war".

So, Mr. Grenadier, Adm. ChengHo, Japan is not a "long term" worry, only a short term worry - a "striking out" - "cornered lion" scenerio would mean devastation for a whole swatch of the New Middle Kingdom.

Japan can monitor, talk rhetorics about China, but it cannot do much about it....afterall we do understand the "Concept of the market place"....Yes yes Japan needs security of fuel, ore, coal from ASEAN-AUSTRALIAN combined....yes and we will give it to them at MARKET PRICES......LNG, ORE, coal...enough for Japan's need for any action.

We in ASEAN loves Japan, and Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong as they are a source of much PROSPERITY, so is the MAINLAND MIDDLE KINGDOM...we are all in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM...should realized that.........But if the Japanese still are thinking of wanting to be MASTER RACES, they can kiss our arses!!!!!!

ha ha ha ha ha

Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom.

Note: Adm ChengHo, Japan is "Acting" only, it needs to please its MASTERS in Warshington. Look at their actions of their Emperor and their Prime Minister in their annual worship of war deaths.....they remember, and they realized it also..........

Japan will remain wealthy, but if GCC Arabs oil is cut off from Japan. Japan will have to "tie their belt" and work with the lesser volume of LNG and oil supplied from ASEAN and Persia.

Japan is a "long suffering" Lion, it has to PAY AMERICANS to tied up their own OIL SUPPLY! It has to send troops to Iraq to make Japan more dependent on America......I would not be surprised if Japan attempt to attack ALASKA, as it is easier to defend to get oil for itself....

Anyway, Japan is the most hardworking nation in the world to bring in the new concept of "MULTI ENERGY ECONOMY"...yet it still needs to import..and be friendly to all!!!!


Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom.

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