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chinese women and sex [Copy link] 中文

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I guess only a small number of men would do foreplays

I think almost every girl/woman likes foreplays, but many men are not  patient enough to do it. Now here comes ilunga who is willing to check out the problems between Chinese men and women and believes he can make Chinese girls/women experience orgasm. Personally I think he is in need of a girlfriend.

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The solution is education and comunication

I see Kanyuek is ranting and raving again. I hope that answers your questions about him. All he has to do is post, and his flair for imagination sex is discovered.

The couple should sit down and learn about the others sexuality. Most couples in China do not want to lose face. The man does not want to be told how to "perform" in bed. The woman on the other hand does not want to mention it to her man. Both lose out on the sexual experience.

Of course if you are Kanyuek you can have imaginary sex and believe in being the world’s greatest lover. Him and his well-lubed hand know the truth


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Freedom 1, I fell and substained severe left elbow injury and right should pain

My left elbow had  to be aspirated twice of the blood accumulated in my left elbow to prevent further build up of hematoma and my right shoulder is on fire and hurting so much.

I don't even have time to lube my hand. May be you can lube your hand for me and give me a nice stroke amd then I would  like to play with your sister as "I show you mine and you show me yours" sex Games !!

  I am coming over to have dinner to enjoy your Mama's home cooked American pie with your sister. You are welcome to join. It is ALL in a family. You can even be a sperm donor to your sis and produce another "Freedom 69".

Keep posting, I get 1,000 handlers and 24/7 to post and real life story to tell on the cruise ship !


The saga of....... L....O.....V.....E......... continues   !!!!!!

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Freedom 1, You have ADHD and need Strattera, Concerta and Prozac !! Please get s

To my patient Freedom 1,

   I am so glad you came forward and posted hundreds of articles in this Forum and allow me to make an accurate diagnosis of your mental disorder.

May I tell you your diagnosis is Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

I write a prescription to you, please be sure to take the medication on daily basis.

1. Strattera 25 mg (NEUI, norepineephrine reuptake inhibitor
  2. Concerta 54 mg once a day
3. Prozac 20 mg. onca a day (SSRI)

Strattera: Atomoxetine
Concerta: methyphenidate
You know Prozac and is on now. I just add two more drugs for you so you can calm down more and do well in school especially you are ready to take SAT or ACT !

But since you claim to be only 15 year old and never grow up, so I think Strattera , Concerta and prozac combination will work for you.

I have discussed with your Mama and she is 100% absolutely agree with me !!

Thank you for ALL your postings and give me a chance to make an accurate diagnosis of your mental disorder !!!!


Dr. Yellow-Devil, USA

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[quote]In many cases, sex is dictated by our Chinese societal/cultural/family value and is NOT talked about over the dinner table.[quote]

from my experience, i do know they do talk about sex over the dinner table in america.

this is what happened

my american ex was having a dinner with her new cute guy. there was this huge brizilian mushroom in the appetiser, when the cute guy was eating the mushroom,  my exgirlfriend said "my ex (namely me) has a cock just like that, long, thick, and sweet"...then her cute guy happily swallow the mushroom, and they lived happliy ever after.  

it was so nice.

just like one of those funny scene in sex and the city

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i communicated with the girl via PM because it was only us two communicating on the thread at that time - my offers were made merely in jest

tellme - you say i'm in need of a g/f yet also state that only a small amount of men are patient enough to pleasure their girl orally

what u meant to say was 'only a small amount of chinese men are patient enough to do this' which is the whole point of my thread - most chinese men cannpt satisfy their girlfriends through a multitude of reasons
the one you mentioned (selfishness) is just one of them

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more crap

I thank my parents from Northern CHINA with such good genes and teach me how to fuck !!!

More crap from the one handed internet surfing little boy!!

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