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20 AIDS facts [Copy link] 中文

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Get your incubation periods correct,and maybe just maybe some people may believe the other lies that you have written

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6 months is the incubation period

theres no set incubation period, 6 months is the doctor recommended incubation period check-up

if you ever got tested or read a flier you'd know something about  how aids works, and why a negative test today doesnt mean you dont have aids.

you're spreading ignorance in a region of the world who needs truth, intelligence, and information.

most good people are busy trying to eliminate ignorance like you in america

im well educated on the subject, the product of millions of dollars of u.s. spending

you're an aids candidate

'get your incubation periods right?'

i'd slit your throat open wide if i didnt think i'd risk getting aids from your blood spilling on me

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"Free needle exchange clinic and injection clinic" actually exists and cut down

I understand perfectly at this point it is impossible for CHINA to open any free injection clinic for drug addicts to provide free needles and safe place but those clinics indeed exist in the West except United States.

I have persoanlly visited one in CHINATOWN in Vancouver serving the entire GTA of Vancouver.

The CHINATOWN is located next to the "SHOOTING ALLEY' and also Holland has the same program.

Holland although is the most liberal country in Europe and has provided such free needle exchange and injection clinics for years, many European countries also have adopted similar programs.

This is true in so many countries in Europe and has cut down the rate of transmission of AIDS virus through dirty needle transmission.

The right wing Judeo-Christian United States Government does not support or provide funding for such clinic.

But private efforts have been around for years and years in Seattle, Washington, San Franscisco, California and many major cities in North America to provide free needle change by private UNDERGROUND organizations.

I have  been there, done it and showed to the world it does NOT need a government to provide such social program but with kind heart and common sense, free needle exchange can be done by private individuals to drug addicts to cut the AIDS rate in CHINA.

So let's not be too cynical and attack CHINA's Central and Provinical Government's policy instead let's look at it as a world problem.

Because of globalization and increase openness of CHINA to the west, our great Chinese leader  Deng had said

" If we open the window , some flies are going to come in"

We must dealt with this problem in a global co-operative effort by cutting down the hot spot of AIDS in Thailand, restrict any foreigners with AIDS to come to CHINA, provide cheap AIDS cocktails for the sick and educate our youth that AIDS is going to become an epidemics and we must be alert instead of being cynical !!!

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Thank you for the 20 AIDS facts

AIDS education is what people need, in the time and place where so many are lost, obsessed with greed and sex only.
A nation can never become strong and powerful with many in ignorance and poverty.
Lack of education makes people ignorant.  Ignorance leads to poverty.

** "Almost 100% of foreigners sleep with prostitutes" cannot be considered a fact without statistics and proof.

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almost 100%

of people called gdrabbit talk racist pish

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proof is coming

we are a secret society sworn to protect china through bloodshed if neccessary, but now we're monitoring foreigners, talking to sex workers, working with airports, government bureaus, taxis, brothels, etc... we're using audio 'bugs' and wireless remote mini catv cameras to gather intelligence

its less than 100%, but we dont count travelling familoes, 1-2 day trips, etc.

its almost 100%

the few that it isnt, are quite good to have here provided their not fellowshippers

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It is great to provide educational information and facts to readers on CD forum.

But provoking racial hatred is not a patriotic citizen of earth would do.

This is an international forum.  People of any origin living in any countries with all kinds of backgrounds have access to perform and pretend to be what they want to be.

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