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Why Hate Westerners [Copy link] 中文

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such a classy group in here, the wests finest eh?

the enemy of communism is you, and you know it.'

why do u bother with china daily?

its not a western newspaper.

its a people's republic of china newspaper, what part of that dont you people understand?

you talk about sino-us relations and chinese 'bigots' who destroy ties, but they're patriots, you're instigators, with a blatent disregard for international relations, you assault china at every turn, spontaneously, irrationally, with pre-programmed, blind and ignorant remarks, useless criticisms, and counter-productive reasoning.

i cant believe the low quality of westerners in these forums, the most closed minded assinine examples of 'westerners' i've seen.
how is it that this select group of morons, with all the same attributes, collectively decides to join a discussion about china on a chinese news papers website, its interesting.
perhaps a deeper probe into their lives, beliefs, experiences, interests,  education, childhood, parents, governments, history, and media would provide us with a clear answer.

its absolutely no wonder to me why terrorists hate you, and people wish to kill you.

credit and kudos to those patriots who fight against your backwards ways.

its just too bad you breed hatrid towards all the good decent folk in your countries.

how do live with that fact?

funny thing too, democrats, liberals, liberal and conservative europe, and all the western loosers in here, are the exact opposite of china, yet the only voice for the west. conservative america is hated because of the slander and lies of these people.

yet conservative america, and equal minded western people of the world, and warriors are the only ones capable of embracing china, as is, and moving forward with intelligence and mutual respect and understanding, while keeping the moral fabric of society in tact, but alas, the pricetag is too high, for with them, as well-meaning and good-hearted, and wholesome as they are, they are attached to you, inseparable, which thing is too repulsive to imagine, too great of a burden, too high of a cost.

so there will be wars

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everyone has a reason for posting here ...

for some, it's to stick up for perceived and real insults to their homeland (china).

for some, it's to learn different cultures.  (there is an incredible diversity here on the forum.)

for some, it's to debate and discuss issues, for no other reason than that's what they like to do.

for some, it's because they have some ties to china, either through marriage, ancestry, because they live there, or just friendly interest.

for some, the china daily forum is an interesting experiement/observation in china's changing culture and political environment.

for some--and this includes people from all over--it's because they like to insult and argue with others.  you can find these types on any internet forum.


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"Mork calling Orsen..."


Can I point out that this is an English-language forum, hence the number of non-Chinese who contribute.

The forum, to its credit, also allows for a modicum of free speech, which entails queries and criticisms.

tsupasat has also outlined the motives of those who contribute here.

If you don't understand, or accept, any of the above, you are destined to be frustrated and disappointed by this forum.

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Forum Folks. The ones who are in China should remember one thing
'when in Roma do like the Romanos do' so love it or just -go home.
It is anty productive bashing each other.
Have a nice Day ya all!

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Mr. Bunny

Regarding the opening post... are you talking about anyone in particular or have you just come down with some nasty form of verbal diarrhea?

You've spent a great deal of time creating an essay that has no point, no proof, no examples and no documentation.

I'll tell you what I tell my motor mouthed daughter, "Your brain is a filter for your mouth."

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