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you are right

The Chinese culture is completely opposite from the western cultures. One just needs to study the history's of the two and one can see how different the cultures are. When China was at it's global pinnacle, the model civilization that had all nations...especially the west in awe, during the 7th and 8th centuries with the Tang and the 15th with the Ming....China did not take advantage of the weak. She did not impose her culture on the weaker nations. She did not use military strength to force other nations to submit. She did not colonize the lands that she had visited (much earlier than the europeans). But when the West went through it's industrial and scientific revolutions, it's renaissance and  began to emerge as the new model nation. And as China fell behind, what happened? Western imperial powers began to carve China up. The english, the french, ductch, portugese, japan. They began to take advantage of a weaker China and no longer admired her. but instead had many negative things to say and to infuse the western people's mind with negative stereotypes of the Chinese. So what does this say about the differences b/w the West and the East. As China was forced into a century of bloody and violent revolution (only b/c of the immoral, greedy, and selfish western imperial powers threat to destroy China little by little)....had China not gone through it's revolution, China would not exist today. But that revolution is over now. And a more subtle and peaceful revolution continues today. The Chinese want more freedoms and true democracy (not the illusional democracy the people here in the West think they have...not the hypocritcal democracy that the US seems to be forcing the Iraqis to adopt.)

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You don't get it Chairman

>>>AndyDob, you know darn well, that was chairman asking and demanding a western KOW TOW, stop the lies and keep to the facts.

If you guys can only defeat truth and facts with either lies or trying to get a ban on me, then you are lesser beings than I already thought you were.<<<

1.Where did I post anything demanding your ban? Either you show it ,or you are the LIAR, Chairman. THE LIAR.

2.You say west must kow tow now . What a fk I (or even my country in all history) have done against China? WHAT?

I can only reverse kow tow my finger, and this is what I am doing rigth now. Use your imagination to correct all my language mistakes and picture up the finger.

Your imagination of the world is like of a kid in forgotten village. My village and the rest. It reminds me how people of some tribes were counting: one, two, three, many,many,many.

I tell you. If ever China would by the greatest mistake step into you rails -this will be the beginning of the end of unified China. In the end the question would only be - how many countries should  each province be cut into to prevent any next madness.

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joe-ng29, it is you who are right and we are all pleased that you are.

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Look AndyDob, it is impossible to engage with you........impossible.......

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To chairman

what you said is completely right, can never be wrong.

China is one of the four ancient civilized countries where human civilization first originated. When its people began to cultivate the soil, shedding their blood and sweat, there were people in other part of the world still busy eating raw animal meat.

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Dear Chairman: A response to your original posting.

In your words I hear the echo of another demagogue. One who didn't love 'his people'. One who wanted their love but, in the end, wished them destroyed because they failed to fulfil his dream for them.

I don't compare you to this other demagogue, of course. It is your words I compare to his.

In your words I hear hope, a promise. But it is a false hope and a false promise. These promises have been made for thousands of years and always proved false. If only... If only... If only...

You are doing no more and no less than people have done for all these years. Taking your love and your aspiration for a better future and turning it into a call to arms. That is your right. That, perhaps, is your destiny.

You love to say these words. Somehow they sound right. Strong. People love to hear these words. Something is right. Something is strong. But it is not the words.

"The Powers of the West have abused their power. The beneficiaries of oppression, theft and injustice can hardly call for 'peace' now, just so they can remain in possession of the ill-gotten gains of their ancestors. Justice demands a reckoning. They must be laid low and another Power arise."

(Andy reminds you: some nations of the West have been victims of these Powers too.)

Sure. Reasonable. Just. The wheel turns. The old resist the new. Conflict, confusion, death and destruction. Choose sides. Fight for yours. Struggle. Love it. Bring it on. May the stronger triumph.

But we, you and I, are not dynasties, nations, races or states. We are the enjoyers of lives that last but 70 years or so. In that time we need our answer. In that time we need our satisfaction. Not depending on world events. Not depending on which clique is in power where. Not depending on the economy. Not depending on anything.

So I say to you, not that you are wrong. Not that what you feel is wrong. But that your words are dead. They have the taste and smell of death. They glory not in something real, but in something imagined.

Love the Chinese people. Love the Chinese land. Love the Chinese way of doing things. But don't exhort them down a road that you know not where it leads. You think that if the world feared China, the Chinese would be happier. Really? Really?

It is each individual, perhaps, who needs to experience their own true worth: not as a nation, not as a race but as an individual. We should all hope for a better future and never doubt a better future can be ours.

So, dear chairman, I make a response that needs no further reply from you. What is there to argue, what is there to debate? I accuse you of nothing. I dispute nothing. I praise your passion. I admire your love. I respect your approachability.

The End.

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Paper Tiger

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