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An old man from Singapore and the South China Sea [Copy link] 中文

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What would cause someone make wide and wild accusation of China bigotry and Chinese chauvinism with little inducement? When you tried to verify the scope and evidence of the accusation, you got accused yourself.

So what sparked Mr. Lau Guan Kim's revelation of his self-loathing?

Some Korean posted this: "I was wondering, who fears China? China has a big population, ok economy, ok technology and lots of land. We know that China made some progress in their economy, and I was wondering if anyone non-chinese like me, fear or don't fear China. I personally don't fear China at all, its some treat to Korea, my country. But Koreans can kill the Chinese, if North and South becomes one. I believe in Korea, and I do not fear the Chinese at all."

Obviously this Korean has some issues with China and Chinese. He said he does not fear the Chinese. Fair enough. And he even boasted that Koreans can kill the Chinese if the both Koreas become united.  

Now let's see what this became in Mr. Lau's Freundian slip: "I can understand the feelings of a Korean who wrote he feared China, if judging by the ongoing in this Forum of the China bigots and zealots here." Mr. Lau then went on his diatribe accusing unnamed persons China bigots and Chinese chauvinism.

When he was caught making accusations based on a false premise and told so, he could even shamelessly declare that the Korean made a Freudian slip instead of admitting he himself made one: "Even as the Korean said he did not fear China, the Freudian slip here is he wrote that post out of fear of China."

It seems Freudianism is in vogue. Let me try my hand analyzing Mr. Lau for a moment.

Freud theorized the concious vs. unconcious mind.  I quote:

"Freud didn't exactly invent the idea of the conscious versus unconscious mind, but he certainly was responsible for making it popular. The conscious mind is what you are aware of at any particular moment, your present perceptions, memories, thoughts, fantasies, feelings, what have you. Working closely with the conscious mind is what Freud called the preconscious, what we might today call "available memory:" anything that can easily be made conscious, the memories you are not at the moment thinking about but can readily bring to mind. Now no-one has a problem with these two layers of mind. But Freud suggested that these are the smallest parts!

"The largest part by far is the unconscious. It includes all the things that are not easily available to awareness, including many things that have their origins there, such as our drives or instincts, and things that are put there because we can't bear to look at them, such as the memories and emotions associated with trauma."

So what trauma was there in Mr. Lau's unconcious mind that made him so susceptible to accusing others China bigotry and Chinese chauvinism.

It is the self-loathing of a Singapore banana!

Many individuals gave up their culture and language. For example, people flock to the US, Canada, Australia and UK. They feel lucky starting anew in a new culture and language. Because they are often a minority, so this is the bargain.

The Singapore story is different. It is a Chinese-majority country and can easily keep the Chinese culture and language. Many of the Chinese-Singaporeans gave up or were forced to give up their own culture and language against all natural instincts.

That's the origin of the trauma.

If one could keep his own culture and language but doesn't, he lost his link to history and the meaning of life accumulated over millenniums. What he does to comfort himself is to find faults in the culture he gave up.

This is why the favoured trick of the Singapore English-speaking elite is to accuse their fellow Chinese-speaking singaporeans, and some even go further to accuse the China Chinese "Chinese chauvinism".

But the facts are all to the contrary. As former Malaysian prime minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad correctly pointed out:

"[H]istorically China had not colonized other countries. In contrast the European countries conquered and colonized Asian countries thousands of miles away from Europe. I don't think China is about to change its ways and become a colonial power."

Mr. Lau, the bastard child of European colonism, accuses peace-loving China and Chinese "Chinese chauvinism".

We need to revive Freud.

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What is this, Peter_h?

Is this another post by wchao37's ghost?

Are you for real, Peter-h?  You doubted the Singaporean's love for China or at least his claim that he understands China?  Isn't he writing a lot about Chinese history -- this and that dynasty?  

How dare you disagree with the mods here?

Isn't it sufficient that they trust him and say that he is a young farrt and not an old one, so he deserves a chance to be a pin-up girl as a counterbalance to wchao37?

Otherwise it will quickly become an unbalanced forum.  The people are already counting...2 vs 3 or 1 vs 3?  What is the best combination?  The content of the posts doesn't matter.  It is the name factor that's important for hanging up there.  That's why even a rumor-mongerer like tsupasat can make it.

No matter how good one is, he will never rise above 3.

No matter how self-revealing the other one is, he will never go below 1.

They want the two and so they go on juggling....and juggling....and juggling.

The Singaporean's flattery is very subtle.  It got to wchao37 six years ago and it got to the mods here.  It has now gotten to HeDan and who's the next victim on the list?

Remember his answer to HeDan's regret about not having come sooner to his rescue in the Australian thread case?  He really drove the nail into HeDan's soul to dizzy him up, so much so that the latter went on to do the lackey's work for him not once, but thirty-six times.

It was a big suck that was heard around the world that he got out of HeDan.  He is in his pocket now.

Now his own revelation tells us what many others know already but just weren't sure.

You've better tell wchao37 to shape up and start kissing arses too.  

What does he mean he is not a flatterer?  It is a technique that can be learned -- even British Prime Minister Disraeli used it on Queen Victoria and it worked -- just like Magic!

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Basically we came to the same conclusion. This man needs see a shrink to fix himself up.

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My Story -

Peter H. just brought up an interesting point that I have been hesitant to talk for the sake of forum peace. But I think it's necessary for us to understand what's really going on with him.

As many of you know I was attacked by him out of no where, using all kinds of vicious languages.The strange thing is that he desperately wants me to read his posts at the same time. It seems that he never considers other person's feeling, bizarre.

Well, the reason I stop by is to tell you a real story, one happened in Singapore -

A good friend of mine (a Chinese) works for a big name American company. She traveled to Singapore to transfer technology on one trip, together with some Caucasian co-workers. We know Asian companies are notorious for longer working hours. The boss often expects a lot from his employees. How would a Singaporean boss treat the visiting engineers from this US company? My friend told me, the boss was very polite to the Caucasians and always expect them to leave at 5 O'clock, but demanded her, a Chinese woman, to work longer hours, even said to her "We are different from them (the Caucasians)." My friend was shocked and angry. She made her own manger to talk to the Singaporean boss. You know what, It never happened again.

Any thoughts?

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An forumite, Bun King, replied to LGK after reading Peter H's post

Author: Bun King
Date:   11-03-04 06:36

Well done Mr. Lau.

As many have read and tried to analyse your article and the person behind it. I must applause your skillfulness in delivery such a deceptive article by having chosen your targets very carefully.

Firstly, You have chosen Singapore being a Chinese majority city state as the most natural selection in your article to propagate the feelings of the Chinese-Singaporean that they are no longer Chinese for having adopted many western cultures.

Secondly, the proximity of a smaller country such as Korean should fear the future dynamo in that her fury should warrant other smaller nations bordering China to give in to her demands.

As the previous participant have stated as below:-

"[H]istorically China had not colonized other countries. In contrast the European countries conquered and colonized Asian countries thousands of miles away from Europe. I don't think China is about to change its ways and become a colonial power."

May I ask why you didn't mention Taiwan. Historically a Chinese province and anyone can tell you the politics between the two sides at the moment.

You have failed uttermost miserably Mr. Lau in your attempt to perpetrate the CCP being a gang of thugs that would lead China into an era of instability and turmoil all over asia. And labeled those "Chinese chauvinism" when they showed a little patriotism towards the homeland and valued their ancestral culture.

Finally, your arguments should have also included Taiwan that way you can kill three birds with the same stone. And I'm sure the Taiwanese also have heard of the slogan "Together we stand, divided we beg".

(from )

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Is this an exclusive club or can anyone join. ?

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Re Proverb

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