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A tricky Singaporean slut finally came out of the closet [Copy link] 中文

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Reply: Don't you have any shame, old farrt?

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wcaho37 lied and lied without shame

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To ,that means nobody

A forumite of the very significant name "blank space" answers the comment by Jackalien >>>Thestud has a busy, productive life outside CD, andydob, but you don't.<<<

Stud may be finished off or quarantined, but his brain desease "equasiomania" is still spreading (Jackalien = AndyDob)

The next victim is "nobody".

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Bump the title. Lest we forget why...

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Last chance for the old farrt

Go ahead and falsify some more emails.  You do that as a regular hobby anyway.

Your admission below has been duly recorded.

No last-minute surprises claiming that you never wrote the following.


Xiao Shan, you read that?
Dr. Quack Chao was in his best behaviour.

I like his language and I am enjoying his verbiage. Well, I am jealous that he comes under your definition of a forum terrorist.

I say, lad, is there a way you can redress that and make me the real and incomparable forum terrorist?

It is so hard to compete with Quack Chao MD. He beats me hands down.

You see, Xiao Shan, Quack Quack Chao is very jealous of me as the No. 1 Forum Terrorist.

Alas, Quack Chao has beaten me hollow.

I concede defeat.

Now be a good lad, Xiao Shan, and say no more about it.

Lau Guan Kim

2004-11-08 00:22  Reply      

Lau Guan Kim
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  Yes, Shan Huang is cyberspace China Bigot
A student of Quack Chao MD.

He, he, he!

Lau Guan Kim

2004-11-08 00:27  Reply      

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  A girly man like you can only terrify a lad. Leave Shan Huang alone, mudderf...
Drooling again? Even a "he he he" smirk to accompany the unwanted advances from a Singaporean Catholic priest.

Saliva visible on your shoes. Pathetic.

Or maybe the "he he he" is meant to flatter me into granting you another discount. I'll call the undertaker so wait a second....


He said a final 10.1% discount.

That means $8.99 for the casket.

Not bad at all.

Payable in advance to He Dan the undertaker from Hanzhou, or his sales rep ts now based in Maryland, U.S.A.

No exceptions.


Hey, don't concede defeat to wchao37.

For one thing he does not fight with skunks.

This is nothing personal.

Just apologize to the 650 million mainland women for the Freudian slip, and maybe I'll change a sentence or two writing on the toilet paper after the cremation.

Just say it was a Freudian slip (with your apologies) and I'll throw away that medicine bottle for you.

Do it before I change my mind.

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Last chance?: Better make it no chance

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Glod Medal

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He wasn't kidding

Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You're Thinking.

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