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Western males, do you want to know her? [Copy link] 中文

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It was a bad idea to post it

in the first place.  What was she hoping to achieve by it?  

I said she looks like a girl I've slept with.  How does that make me a womaniser?  For your info, it was a mutual one-night stand.  In fact, I'd have been quite happy if things had developed further, I liked the girl, but she didn't want anything more.  I've since seen her at the local disco with different men on numerous occasions.

Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it but if you were in my position you would ask the question.  The resemblance is uncanny.

Any feelings of sickness she's brought on herself by putting herself on display.  
I've done her a favour.  If I've made her feel sick it's nothing compared to what she might possibly experience from guys on here who will be perving at her picture and thinking 'I wouldn't mind a piece of that'

Serious lack of judgment on your part coolmax.

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the pic is still there btw

if you won't tell me where she lives now, can you tell me the first letter of her name?
does she go by a double name e.g. yuan yuan except the first letter is an 's'?

i'm still not convinced it's not her, they're too similar

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ilunga, okay, i buy it.

....... she doesn't say what she's got against chinese men,
If she can say specifically why she doesn't like chinese men and what kind of guy she's looking for ie an English gentleman, an Italian Stallion..... ok stereotypes but at least it's something
'looking for a foreigner' - the first thing that springs to mind is 'i want to leave china, don't know where i want to go but as long as i get my green card everything's peachy'

Here's an idea - scratch this thread and try again. SOmething along the lines of - this is my friend, she's a pretty and intelligent (add your own adjectives) girl who doesn't have a b/f but is looking. She quite likes foreign guys because.....
just a thought
Coolmax, to respect the girl, i think you'd better clear up the air and make her original purposes openly so that others would not get fresh with her.


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Bad idea attracts bad whites


"... I'd have been quite happy if things had developed further, I liked the girl, but she didn't want anything more..."

Why don't you just say it explicitly that you old toad are not attractive enough to that girl? Any woman who is a woman can not possibly stand being with you! Who has nowhere to show off his size except on this board, who has uttered plenty of sh*t and is drowned in his own sh**t on you, shame on you, sick on you!!!


My sincere suggestion: if you are the girl's friend, you should not have risked her reputation by posting her pictures here, where full of white jackals rather than honorables, study the circumstance carefully before you decide. Find a better place to introduce her a good guy, I am sure she is looking for happiness rather than whites!

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She looks familiar

Is this "Jessica" from the CD club ?

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maybe i'm not the only one

who's been there ;o)

and radford...suck us off turd breath!

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Bride for sale

GSOH. Solvent. Clean. Shapely. Hard-working. Good cook and housekeeper. Own teeth. Native English speaker.

After seeing The Sopranos on TV my daughter, Tiger Lilly, 19, wants to marry a Mafia (organised crime) boss. She could easily overlook the occasional muffled scream from the basement, she says.

If you are not interested yourself, do you know a good Cosa Nostra (Triad) chat site where I  could post her picture?

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