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The fear of China [Copy link] 中文

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Who is this Mr. Goodman on that is LGK's "savior" in desperation?

Author: Tin-Kay Goh
Date:   10-29-03 03:51


We all know that this specimen who accuses others of being "Separatists" is bringing discredit and shame to his Jewish community through the immaturity of his argument, so preposterous and yet, unkown to him, so obvious and infantile to us all. The only line he has here to show any solidarity with us on China is to post anti-Taiwan views. Other than this he is an empty vessel with a lot of noise but no substance.

If he is representative of the Jews, then I will conclude that most Jews and Zionists are one and the same. He has attacked the Palestinians, and has the cheek to claim that the Jews, being evicted 2000 years ago, has the right to return and displace the present days Palestinians. He has not posted any material on the excesses of G.W. Bush and Israel in the Middle East and instead tried to justify the wrongful actions of Bush and Israel. He attempts to tie up any anti-Bush's views as anti-America, even to the extent of saying that anyone exposing the wrongful US policies of Bush against China is trying to start a war between the US and China.

When he argues, he goes round the bush and refuses to answer the relevant topic head-on. He adds in other issues to cloud his airy-fairy post, such as putting in Japan and Taiwan when one questions him on Bush and China. He calls many a Chinese in this forum a Separatist, when the person brings him to book and questions his double talk. When he claims to speak for the 1.29 Chinese people and China's leaders, he makes such an asinine representation that even the lowest Jewish bumpkin will not do.

This specimen, calling himself Goodman, is neither Good nor Man. He is a knave witout gall nor balls. He hides behind a name that is totally the opposite to his character.

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Top 10 things Goodyman does not know about China

Author: fiberdude
Date:   10-29-03 16:50

10. To flatter a Chinese, one has to do it in a subtle, shrewd manner. One hundred times per day of "1.29 billion peace-loving" is a sure no-no. Even if he was sincere (is he really?).

9. Goodman will be treated as a Woodman if the only thing he can come up with in a debate is to label everyone on this board as a separatist or a fake patriot.

8. Before he can use the word "we" on this forum, he needs to get consent from a majority of the forumites for their acceptance.

7. Before he can use "we" to speak for the Chinese people, he needs to at least live in China for 20 years and become a naturalized Chinese citizen.

6. He can not simultaneously act as a mouthpiece for both the Chinese people and the Zionist Israelis on this board.

5. Preaching Sino-US friendship while condoning arms sales to Taiwan brings no goodwill to the Chinese.

4. Zionism has no place in China, and the Chinese govt condemns it.

3. His hero W is widely viewed in China as a toad-twit idiot which is good for nothing.

2. In order to be accepted fully into our circle, to date a Chinese girl, or to recognize a few Chinese characters, is simply not enough - he needs also to enjoy stinking tofu, together with Suen and Paul, at the Peace Hotel in Shanghai.

1. If the traffic rule in HK is one day changed to be in line with the rest of China, and vehicles start to travel on the right hand side of the roads, is one day getting longer or shorter?(hint: study of Chinese-language physics books is a prerequisite for Goodyman)

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A response from coyote02 to Dr. Goh Tin Kay

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fear of China

I would not worry the internet bigots too much. First of all, they are only very small percentage of the entire population; secondly, it is quite normal in every country that always some ultra nationalists jump up and calling names whenever, whatever you talk about their country as long as the topic is not a good news.

I have intriduced some English forums to my friends in China, include this CD forum. But non of them shows any interest on the political thing. Most Chinese are only concern about money and making money, political discussion is a kind of waste of time to them. So how much this interenet bigots representing entire China population?  Close to nothing, I guess. Foreigners who live and work in China are treated friendly, is an irony sign that the internet bigots are not representing real China and Chinese.

Even in CD forum, we can see interenet bigots from both China and foreign sides, I wouldn't name any of them, but I would not mind to name two extremests -- China side-chineseyang; foreign side-seneca. Most of the time, we can simply ignore them, then they would not bother you too much.

I personally have no problem to forgive those bigots since they behave as bigots are base on the love and pride (although it is wrong way to show their love and pride) to their country - China (I bet they would not be too much like bigots in Chinese forums when anyone questions about the issues in China, because there are no foreigners there). I also have no problem to forgive the foreign bigots such as seneca, obviously he experienced tough life in China.

What these internet bigots have done here would not make a fear of China, instead, most people just laugh. Unfortunately, these bigots have never realized how sily they are and keep doing the stupid fights here.

I have talked to a Korean through PMs and emails (I am not sure if he is the one you mentioned), what I found is that he is an interenet bigot too, he just refused to learn and listen, all he argued was base on what he learnt from Korean books and legends, which stands nowhere on serious history research.

Mr Lau, the biggest issue it may bother you if you retire in China, is the uncertainty of law system. China still has long long way to go to build a reasonable law system to ensure average perons can enjoy life without too many hassels.

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Good Man writing from Asianwind: SINful InSINuations

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John Mak of Asiawind: Re. The fear of China

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LUF2004!!! You go too far!!!!

Stay away from Chineseyang!!!  She is a pure Chinese patriot femme, and not to be talked bad about!!!

Besides, her account has been deleted.  Sniff.  :-(

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