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To the Chinese - Shan Huang, Wchao37, The Stud, to name a few... [Copy link] 中文

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No Jackalien

I see no loops here

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Chinese 101 for Andydobson


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chairman, thestud

Thank you thestud for making the picture viewable on the thread. It's so beautiful. I have kept this picture for many years by now. I am especially glad that chairman understood it -- it tells so much.

I think both of you can write very well, much better than I do. This is in fact the first forum I participated. I thought it could help me and keep me from forgetting English. Then of course the inevitable happened as we all know  -- I joined in the army. :))

I remember the first time when I saw those "democracy" lectures I just couldn't help myself but dumping my anger because it was such an hypocrisy. So I created a thread and immediately an army jumped in on me.... I realized the subject of my thread was too broad that it was hard to focus to have a meaningful debate. After that I learned to choose subjects that are not too big so we could easily go for the facts. But that was my initial experience. :)

The first time I met 'ts' I thought he was evil, he would pick up any garbages on the streets and hang on China forum. After fighting with him for a while I realized that he had his background, his history books, his long time picture of China. So it's OK, let him post whatever he wants, but he must face the consequences of debate, I will hunt him down with facts whenever I want to. And I did. I am not angry at him any more and he knows that.

As you know I spent most of my time in Changing China and US-China forums, rarely go to other ones, in fact, I didn't even notice your fights until all these open-letters came out. However, I did wander into Free Talk one day and got into He Dan's thread because he had this serious title "China doesn't allow me to vote" (something like that..) and you know what, I found a very funny story: He Dan was nervously screaming that China blocked his voting site, he even had email from US embassy or something as proof, and someone also offered to help him get the papers, then 'ts' dropped in and brought him a number of emails telling him that Pentagon did it !! I was laughing and laughing, so attempted to drop a line saying "Sorry, I opened a wrong door, I didn't mean to...." but I didn't. You see, they are open to each other. I am afraid the atmosphere would be totally different if I were there. Because we have this distance, little trust, less understanding. Anyway, that was a funny story.

I think both of you have a lot lighter moments in this forum just by reading a few of your posts. In fact, I was trying to remember chairman's "never forget" items the other day, :) not even noticed the fights. Anyway, the room seems a little quieter today and I hope we all find peace. You know what, I now start to think probably you guys including your "enemies" were all enjoying each other !!

But, I do think some of our forumites feel frustrated from time to time because it was so hard to get communicated with each other, me too sometimes. Some of us, Chinese and Americans, do want to understand each other better. So, let's try our best.

Hey, thestud, what did you use to shrink the picture? It was huge. Sometimes, I like to trace the Wall on a big screen and guess which section I had hiked on!  


ts, I know you are reading our private conversations here...

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yes, shan huang, i'm reading ...

you may or may not believe it, but i'm actually a big fan of chairmanism, as thespud calls it.  it's incredibly hillarious.  i couldn't help cracking up when i read this "to chinese" post.  i think most westerners similarly would not be able to read this with a straight face.  (if you are a westerner, and can read chairman's original post without smiling, please let us know! ... chairman and thespud do not count.)

and, by the way, this is not a private forum.  for private conversations, you should use the "private message" function ... oh, wait ... no, those aren't really private anymore either.  

i have never blindly supported the u.s. government as chairman and crew support the ccp.  actually, almost all the threads i have started concerning the u.s. government are pretty critical of it.  just browse through the u.s.-sino relations section to see my postings.  i think PEOPLE are important, not governments.  governments should serve the people, whether in america or in china.  it doesn't matter.

anyway, i appreciate your attempts to educate me.  that's so thoughtful of you.  i don't have any ill-feelings towards you, either.  at least you haven't started calling names ... if thespud and chairman could at least attempt to argue with evidence and such instead of insults, i might feel the same about them.


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Some I agree with, some I don't. His view is his view, and this time round he was gentle but firm and sounds much more bearable.
*Note to everyone from everywhere. To all of us. From all of us.
We are more apt to listen if we aren't being called names etc.

On the matter of flip-flopping, I'm not sure if TPJ is flip-flopping so much as just displaying a less than partisan attitude. For example(and these are fictional), he may be against the assertion that the Chinese invented the wheel, but not that they invented the compass. See? I jist don't think that he is seeing all from one easily definable position.

Anyway, good luck with this kinder, gentler forum. We need it.

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You do look like a gang, stopped by one after another

tekvicious, you should understand we, thestud, chairman and I are trying hard not to get into the mess with you guys, so you should too. Be nice. As for ts, I don't think your sin is forgivable, not this lifetime, at least. Look at what you have done. I will send you to the famous Abu Ghraib prison then behead you on your own thread later. And stop sending candies with hidden messages to China Daily! After all said, peace with everyone.

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behead me?

re: shan huang

oh, dang it.  i thought i was going to get an (re-)education!  oh well.

who said i was "sending candy-messages to china daily?"  you've been messaging with mr spud, haven't you?  he and chairman like make-believe that i'm a u.s. government agent who has subverted the china daily moderators.  

if you believe that, there's some nice beach-front property i have to sell you in wyoming.


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