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This is a tale of two men in our is an old farrt and the other isn't [Copy link] 中文

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I still don't get it!

(I'm gonna jump into this one and probably really wish I hadn't in about 5 minutes, so please forgive my stupidity)

This regards 2 friends -- wchao37 and Lau Guan Kim -- both of whom have my admiration and respect .

Now, it seems to me the central issue in this squabble is that Lau Guan Kim said something about mainland Chinese women that Wchao37 found offensive.

But when I read what LGK said, I think perhaps he has been misinterpreted.  I believe he was making some sort of an argument about the danger of over-generalizing -- taking one example and assuming it is true of the whole.  And then, he made the statement about mainland women in Singapore as an example.  

I believe he said something along the line of , "Just because some mainland women are working in Singapore as prostitutes does not mean we should make the assumption that all mainland women are whores" (that's not exactly what he said, but I think it's basically what he meant).

The point here is that LGK was NOT saying the Chinese mainland women(as a whole) are whores.  He was saying they were NOT whores -- that one can't make that judgement just because a few of them happen to be plying the trade in Singapore.

It seems to me that two highly intelligent, well-educated, and articulate men are making much ado about nothing.

So that's my 2 cents worth, and now I'm gonna duck!


By the way, Wchao37, everything you said about TPJ and Chairman up there is really good.  It also expresses my feelings about you and LGK.


Chineseyang, please remind me, what was it I should apologize for?

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Since you are so good at it, karenb, maybe you can help out here ...

The last post at the bottom of the page:


Thos. P. Jackstraw

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  thoughts of hard work

Do you know it is a lot of work to delete 1200 posts! -- a little everyday until CD and you-know-who decide that this place is alright for more than 'Dogs and Chinese Only'!

Why can you curse and act like an ass in English all you would like, but not in Chinese? Are the English speakers really that much more nasty? Uhmmmm.

2004-07-29 16:34

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Hey stump

hasn't your little butt been spanked enough? You are exposed: a naked liar, cheat, bigot, and conspirator with criminal intent! Shouldn't you go back home to your Mommy and take your shame with you?

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Haha Liar!

Back with your quote-quote are you? If I had ever written anything like that shit of yours than I would surely be as stupid as you! Now I may not be too swift, but at least I am not a backwards retarded racist who supports sexual perverts and demonizes China to the rest of the world, like you and your fellow criminal conspiritaors!

You know something, boy, you didn't even pretend to copy my writing style in your creative horseshit! Why don't you try using the truth instead of make-believe lies?

Why don't you and your pimp have the guts to meet me in person and find out how much of your make-believe story might be true? I'll snap you in half, boy!

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Who cares?  This is the Internet.  Jesus.

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Ha ubersuave:

You know, I don't have the patience for tea and crumpets, what.

Yes, I do appreciate the wisdom of your perspective. But maybe I would really like to see what these cyber gangsters have for real, one tires of their make-believe.

Do you suppose thestud has a long bushy tail caked in horseshit (or is it donkeyshit)? -- I do!

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You will certainly get it now

Consider his Insult to mainland women

Your chosen word of "monkey" to describe several people in this forum is in fact a projection and apt description of what you see in the mirror, lau guan kim.

I am quite happy that things have now come to a head, and by now everybody knows exactly where everybody else is on the “apology-to-the-mainland-women” issue.

You have two little cronies -- Tony Lee (HeDan) and tsupasat -- both of whom are known China-bashers in this forum. Tony Lee I had trounced last year. The little piece of tsupasat, on the other hand, I had noted with chagrin that he actually said his ambition was to ‘get deleted at least once a day.’ Both say you don’t need to apologize.

Your refusal to apologize shows you are nothing more than an opportunistic old farrt from Singapore who has absolutely no sense of shame, and naturally these two equally shameless little pieces are goading you on.

One example will suffice here.

Just as "Does it mean that lau guan kim's daughter is the whore of the world?" is an insult cloaked in the form of a question, your suddenly posing the out-of-nowhere-question about the mainland women was an insult pure and simple.

Your Freudian slip was due to the fact that you were upset with the women administrators in this forum at the very moment you posed the question.

You must apologize for your Freudian slip about the mainland women.

Consider his opportunistic stand on China

So much for buffoonery in our otherwise serious forum!

And what do these two tell us? What does your association with them show us by clear extension of logic? – you are a closet China-hater yourself.

Before the recent sneaky attack by tsupasat in his post, no one except me knew for sure where you actually stood in your heart. Some said you were pro- and others said anti-China. I of course had known all along that you just put up a pro-China facade to fool people. I had seen too many times that you revert to writing Japanese gibberish whenever cornered.

Whoever flatters you back after you had sent them solicitous emails would become your comrade.

The fact that someone like tsupasat and HeDan could be swearing up and down every booth in the restroom for you clearly showed your anti-China core inside a pro-China façade.

As they say, jackals always like to keep the company of jackals, and birds of a feather instinctively flock together.

Yes, I had known this for a long time but others needed a convincing demonstration bigtime.

So the crisis two days ago due to a computer glitch afforded the best opportunity for a demo so far.

After so many attempts to demonstrate your antipathy to anti-China and Taidu elements, why are they the most vociferous in singing in unison with you?

Yes indeed. A person’s real political inclinations are shown by the company he keeps, and your few associates here -- HeDan, tsupasat and the Taidu -- are the best pieces of evidence for the prosecution that you are a closet China-hater.

To me that's only expected, but only now are people able to see your real nature through your association with them.

You are not pro- and anti- anything. You are an opportunist.

Consider the girly old man’s petty jealousy.

The revelation of your emails now clearly shows that you were a schemer, and you're no different from those Singaporeans who badmouthed the Chinese people during the last SARS crisis in April-May, 2003.

The end result always shows that the real reason for your pointing fingers at individuals is always your petty jealousy.

Yes, your raging jealousy is eating your heart up.

It has consumed all your waking and dreaming hours.

Whenever you hear someone making a positive comment about wchao37, your jealousy flares up and you immediately mark that person as a target of your criticism.

When you are awake you are thinking of wchao37; when you are not awake you are aping him in your dreams.

Yes, that’s your ultimate act of flattery.

The evidence is in every post that you put up.

You try to give the impression that you know something about Chinese history. But it is an exercise in futility. Other than a splatter of terms in Japanese Hanji, you don’t know squat about the Chinese language and that’s why you always referred to the 1894-5 Sino-Japanese War as Ri-Qing Zhanzhen and not Zhong-Ri Zhanzhen.

Sometimes you even plagiarized his work as in the case of the post on the Chinese prisoners of war in an Indian Psychiatric Hospital from the 1962 border war at AW. When it was pointed out to you, the post was immediately deleted.

Only a person with a guilty conscience would do it. You knew you plagiarized the material and it showed.

Lastly, but not least -- low ability in a man with a large ego.

All in all, low ability in a man with a large ego is the TRUE reason for these temper tantrums and frustrations resulting in frequent outbursts including the one about the mainland women.

Like for instance this old, illogical post from five years ago that you are putting up here about the Han-Tang Dynasties.

I took a look and it looked like a fifth-grader’s last attempt to finish a long-overdue project. So he puts unrelated dates and events together into a hot wok and concoct a dish that no one even in Sing-Sing Prison would have the stomach to eat – it’s just pure hogwash.

From the tone of voice he rejects criticism of his preposterous concoction, he doesn’t even know how ridiculous it sounds.

It was a shallow attempt to find bones from eggwhites that any industrious sixth-grade student would frown upon.

It was a schizophrenic attempt to rescue some semblance of an ‘analysis’ of non-existent relationships between disjointed segments of Chinese history. When criticized by a forumite, you got angry that your inadequacies were exposed.

It was actually an old post from five years back. You even misspell a word on purpose to make it look like you just wrote it. The fact that you did not go back to correct such an obvious error shows that you did it on purpose.

Like the saying goes, you can fool someone on something some of the time, but you cannot fool everybody on everything all the time.

When your butt got kicked you reverted to angry finger-pointing that the critics were my associates.

Darn it, I hardly knew these people. Some associates.

You are not a has-been, old farrt.

You are a never-was.

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