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The first sea voyage of the world: A lesson from the Ming Dynasty [Copy link] 中文

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Zheng He (1371-1435), or Cheng Ho, is arguably China's most famous navigator. Starting from the beginning of the 15th Century, he traveled to the West seven times. For 28 years, he traveled more than 50,000km and visited over 30 countries, including Singapore.

Columbus sailed to America in St. Maria (eighty-five feet) in 1492. Zheng He sailed from China to many places throughout South Pacific, Indian Ocean, Tai-wan, Persian Gulf and distant Africa in seven epic voyages from 1405 to 1433 ,some 80 years before Columbus's voyages.

The lesson we learn from the mighty China during Zheng He's period is that China was so powerful that it made peace with all the barren and uncivlized lands her ships visited. China's highly advanced civilization and prosperity overwhelmed any greed to steal others' natural resources or enslave people... or to kill innocent foreigners.

Several hundreds of years later, white people and Japs would come to China, rob our treasures, kill our people, and take our land. These white people enslaved the Chinese nation and the Japs insulted our national dignity and called us "chankoros." For those of you who feel proud to be a Chinese like me, please answer me this: Why is it that the Japs, Europeans, and Americans are not treated with kind of disrespect you treat us TW compatriots? You know the Japs are tacitly supporting Taidu but you are still shaking hands with their foreign ministry delegation members. You know they are worshipping those war criminals who committed the worst atrocity against the Chinese people in the entire Chinese history. If we want to redeem our dignity and protect our integrity, we should do stop fighting among ourselves and focus on the true enemy!

The China today is a total contrast to the China in the 1400s. Today's China is starting to explore the world like Zheng Ho had done, except that she feels she needs Tai-wan to redeem her power and glory, which is something that the Ming Dynasty did not have to do. Today's China also doesn't seem to know who her true enemy is and the people in China are willing to sacrifice their own compatriots to show their true enemies that they are in control. This is completely absurd.

The day TW will reunify with China is the day when China re-deploys those missiles at her true foes.

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"twchinese": YOU ARE COMPLETELY ABSURD when you failed to specify the fact as

"Today's (SOME SEPARATISTS IN TAIWAN), China also doesn't seem to know who her true enemy is and the people in (TAIWAN) China are willing to sacrifice their own compatriots to show their true enemies that they are in control (BY TAKING CHINESE IN TAIWAN HOSTAGES AGAINST CENTRAL GOVERNMENT, THREATENING THE COUNTRY'S NEAR, & LONG RUN INTERESTS, WHICH WILL HAVE EVERYONE'S TANGIBLE SUBSEQUENT INTERESTS INCLUSIVE).

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