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Powell made it clear that the US does NOT support Taidu [Copy link] 中文

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TW's temporary rulers may be suggesting Taidu because of their short-sightedness and self interests. However, TW will not have the US support should it unilaterally change the status quo.

At the same token, China should stop its military threat against TW becaue this vicious cycle of arms race really has its origin in China.

China is a much bigger threat to TW than TW is to China. That's why the TWnese people see the need to purchase overpriced arms to defend itself. If China could reduce its arms deployed against TW, the US will not profit from these lucrative arms deal with TW.

The 18 billions dollar deal will then be allocated otherwise, which will benefit China as well. But all these have the pre-condition that China lower the threat against TW.

I believe the pro-indepndent DPP will not win the electoin in 2008 if China treats TW with respect and decrease its missile stockpile against the island.

I am not a Taidu, all I am saying is that China should understand why there are Taidus in TW. And one of the key reasons is China's threat against our peace and stability. One cannot ignore the fact he/she is living within the range of 600 missiles, which have the capability of wiping out their homes and everything they labored for!

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Reply: Powell made it clear that the US does NOT support Taidu

How much can you believe in Powell?

If the US were as nice as you suggested, then why are they still selling advanced weapons to one of the provinces of China for fighting with China? It is pretty much like your neighbour tell you that he doesn't want you and your wife fight each other, at the same time he gives your wife a gun for shooting you to death.

You look at the picture, no any western countries want to see a strong China, but nothing they can do about China's rise as long as China doesn't screw up herself any more. However Tw issue is still a space they can paly around to make China at least "looks bad". You think the US would give up the t w game to become a nice guy? Dream.

I disagree the arm race is origine from main land, I don't even think main land is racing with TW. TW has much more advanced weapon than main land from the first day until now, where is the race? PLA is ine of the most poorly equipped armed force in the world, what is the problem if main land improve her armed force quality? Even the equipment improvement is for tw issue, then, what is wrong? Mainland has to have a proper equipment to ensure t w not to separate by force. What main land would have if not to improve the poor equipment?

Again, you balme too much.

I agree that main land leaders should understand t w situation better in case do anything stupid again. But, have you ever thought that t w people need to understand main land as well? Tw issue is not an issue of gaining respect or not, it is an issue of national interest. If t w go any furture, main land would take t w by force, nobody would care if you respect or not.

Nobody respects the US invade Iraq, then what?

Check here, then tell me how much the US and China trust each other

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China, stop watching the mood of USA!

it's none of the USA's business.

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Correct Coolmax. It is none of the USA's business.

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