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Media's image of Chinese masculinity as a function of implied sexuality [Copy link] 中文

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nnnnn Ubersuave, you probably met the wrong kind of people.

I said "people" because there are many trans-sexuals around these days who look feminine but are actually he-men with a crush on men with chest hair.

When someone tells you up front 'she' likes your chest hair, you better run away fast these days.

"Hair" is definitely out.

That is the first rule of evolution.

You get rid of stuff you don't need for procreation.

That's why monkeys have tails and we don't any more.

Nobody ever said the tail is oooohhh so sassy.  

Do you see anything sassy behind your back, ubersuave?

Don't twist and turn, turn and twist your head to look for a tail.

Use a mirror, ubersuave.

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I know... sissies.  

You think I go to the gym?  As if I'd do something as sissy as that.  

Stubby, the only thing that me and the Chinese gorilla have in common is that we both have better manners than you.

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Here you go, thestud

Right, hair is definitely out.

I go and work out in the gym at least three times a week.

Never once did I see a chest wig -- never.

ubersuave, you make me worried.

Are you okay?

A wig on the chest ---mmm

Let's take a vote.

karenb says you are out.

And that's good enough for me.

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Re: "Do you see anything sassy behind your back, ubersuave?"

I bet Mr Constantly Constipated also has several wigs on his back :)


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ubersuave, going to the gym is sissy?

Says who?

I go to the gym three times a week at least.

I do running, biking and swimming, plus the weights for cardiovascular conditioning, for stamina and not for bulk.

Now tell me who's being sissy, me or the couch potato with a tummy as soft as a cottonball?

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haha, mr constantly constipated says going to gym is sissy :) instead, he goes t

Guess what, in addition to his chest wig, he also uses his "man-tits" to impress girls !!

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Men just need to go to McDonald's for a while to get a lovely pair of tits.

2004-10-15 18:08


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So desu ga neh?

My brother thestud here is truly knowledgeable, as you can all see.

Ah so........

ubersuave's tits grew from MacDonald's horsemeat.

How about his toe?

Where did it grow out of?

Chicken feed?

Bavarian weizwurst?

Venetian alfredo?

Arabian pita bread?

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