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The western men who are looking Chinese girls in China for a future wife. [Copy link] 中文

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There are many Chinese girls/Asian girls in America, Canada, Australia,
If the western men are willing to find/or date Chinese girls/Asian girls, they always can find them in their own countries.....
Why they look Chinese girls in China ?  Why they are looking the girls who are in such long distance ? Because the Chinese girls in their own countries don't give much attention to them because most of them are LOSERS......I see this all the time !!
They are clearly losers, socially and economically...
I am not very kind to western men who try to find Chinese girls in China from their own countries.....

( This is only for mail-order-brides and it is only about foreigners living outside Asia/China seeking Asian/Chinese brides from Asia/China )

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I wouldn't call them "losers"

Let's be kind :-) I understand your point completely.

There are plenty of loving, beautiful and intelligent Asian and European Ladies in America, Europe, and other countries.  This is very true.  

Yet some men(did not say ALL men here), both Asian and European, claim they can't find a "good" wife in their own countries...Why they are not able to find a "good" wife/girlfriend in the countries where they reside?  There are reasons definitely.

If the European or Asian man is already working and living in China, I completely understand the needs and the reasons why he would marry/date a Chinese girl.  One of the reasons is that most of the girls they can meet are Chinese.

But for those who are looking for a wife in a country these men don't even live in, the reasons are very suspicious.

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Not agree with this..

I not agree with description of suspicious.  Not in all cases.  Not unusual for man to communicate long time with girl pen-pal, become good friends, leading subsequently to love feeling if right person.  Must visit to validate this of course.

Please remember, not always man outside China contacts woman inside China.  Often woman contacts outside man for friendship maybe more.

Sometimes bad experiences in relationships press people to post here negative thoughts and feelings.  Please do not generalize.  This introduces bias and taints blossoming nice relationships.  See both side, OK?

Doh je..Scott

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not generalizing

Did not say they are definitely losers.  
The word "suspicious" is not equivalent to "losers."
Not speaking from personal experience, but speaking from observations of the people I know.

Facts:  There are plenty of beautiful, kind-hearted, well-educated, intelligent Asian, European, African, Middle Eastern single ladies in America, Europe, Africa, and Middle East countries.

"gracelee" is talking about the men who specifically and actively looking for a wife in the countries they don't reside in, not talking about pen-pal friendship, not talking about women actively looking for husbands by contacting men in foreign countries.

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hello, my opinion

When a man marry a woman, there must be alot of reasona...
Chinese call it  "destiny".  If you find your Mr. Right, that's it.  No matter he/ she comes from.

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I don't agree I am european living in China

In Europe there are not so much chinese ladies as you said and they take the way of thinking as the european ladies (money take care of themselves only etc want car, home, everything ) what i personally hate when they forget to take care of the men.

I am surely not a loser as you pretend. I have a very good job here.
In Asia the women are still not polluted by western people...that's why I really prefer the asian woman....;) They can take care of the man and the children...I like the asian way of living..

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A man should take care of his wife and family, too.

If I were a married man, I would not treat my wife like a servant or housekeeper.  I would not demand my wife to take care of me me me.  Instead, we would take care of each other.  We would treat each other equally.

Western women, just like Asian women, have great qualities, too.  They are also uniquely beautiful.  True love should not have too much to do with the appearance.  Western women can have jobs, too.  In fact, many married women work.  Sharing the responsibilities of taking care of children and family with your wife only shows that you are a real man, not her master, and she is not your servant.

If it's affordable, hiring a housekeeper can make both you and your wife's life a lot easier.  Taking care of anyone would not be a big problem.   Especially in China, housekeepers are affordable to people with good jobs and relatively good income.  And in a marriage, people should take care of each other.  I know that many western women take care of themselves and their families real well; they are great mothers, good cooks and great wives, too.

I would not call ladies of my own culture "polluted".  If the ladies of your own culture are "polluted", I wonder who "polluted" them.  It shows disrespect to use the word "polluted" describing any one human being.

There are Chinatowns everywhere all over the world.  In the recent 20 years and even before that, many Chinese people from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong moved to foreign countries to live, study, or do business there.  In most of the major cities in every country, there are Chinese people living there.  Of course, it wouldn't be like China, once you open your eyes, you only see Chinese people in China.  In many cosmopolitan cities, the Chinese population is not a small number.

If someone lives outside of Asia now is looking for a wife in Asia, I would really wonder why he wants to marry an Asian lady currently living in Asia.  Not to mention the problems associated with cultural difference and communication difficulties.  
I would really wonder why he could not find a wife or girlfriend in the country where he currently lives in.  
I would wonder why he does not find a girlfriend within his own culture.

Although, again, I want to tell you, I wouldn't call them "losers."

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