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Shanghai men love their breasts. [Copy link] 中文

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Breast implants are becoming more and more popular with a surprising clientele - MEN.

Most of the male patients seeking implants in wanted to impress women, clients or, in some cases, their bosses.

The implants are similar to those used by women, but are shaped differently and are stiffer.

Stiiffer breasts today, but what will they try tomorrow?

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Calf implants

Seriously, a lot of women love men with nice legs, and buttocks.
There are some lazy men who think that they can overcome this with surgery rather than gym time.
Calves, pecs and glutes all are leading male surgery options.

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Chinese women love men with NICE legs, and buttocks as their men NATURALLY have.

you would not have to practice your notorious forgery on CD if chinese men need to have inplant done.

Chinese women certainly do not like their men to have your over sized tummy, which enters the door one minute's earlier before your forehead does. you confused yourself with your body parts: taken your tummy for  your breast.

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Pretty good, Chineseyang...

The tummy entering the door 1 min. before the forehead.

I must say, since the fellows around my campus in Hainan take their shirts off a lot (playing volleyball or basketball), I have observed that most of them have delightful "washboard" abs that most Western men would kill for.  I have really been enjoying the scenery around here.  What  a shame it would be to mess it up with artificial anything.

When I was in the States this summer, my opthalmologist informed me (we always seem to get into these bizzare discussions whilst getting my eyes checked) that this chest/breast implant is becoming quite the rage among some American men.

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hm ... i was wondering about chest fascination

the recently released 2004 durex global sex survey (see post in freetalk section) says the most attractive feature for chinese is the chest.  16 percent of those surveyed thought the chest was most attractive, while 13 percent said a well-toned body was most important.  

i had previously assumed that those 16 percent were only men, but i guess i was wrong.  

sigh ... i used to be able to see some definition on my midriff, but that was in high school.  seems college, and then marriage, have added about 10 pounds each to my frame.  

i don't see the need for chest implants for guys.  it seems to me that chest muscles are pretty easy to develop, just by doing push-ups.  doesn't even require gym time.  now, if there were surgery to get rid of my emerging gut, then i'd be happy!


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"seneca", Read my post in context: Chinese women loves their (Chinese) men.

you are not qualified to be mentioned here.

your "well-maintained chassis" is not standard for the right slots.

"I swear - girls have been telling me for years "nice body"... " --- only if they could get discount rate when "hiring" you, or sending you away.

Also, you stop placing this your flirtatious post after mine.

save it for you dear sl. "wee nndy" or "hooopoohgan" in a private place of yours. don't violate other readers' privacy rights of not wanting to share it.

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That's right seneca

The only person permitted to place flirtatious posts after Yangsie's is me.

Male chest implants are just plain crazy.
Why do these men prefer to have their bodies cut open, rather than getting off their fat arse and doing some exercise.

Don't they know that the sexiest part of the body is the brain!!

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