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China before and after the reunification [Copy link] 中文

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thanks for the thoughtful and constructive reply!

i appreciate the comments and agree with you!

as long as china is not stupid enough to invade tw before the next presidential election, which i'm sure the DPP will lose, the two sides will have a good chance of peace talks under the 1C2S framework.

however, probably none of us will be alive in 2040 if China chooses to attack TW in the near future.

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i think......

if TW return,i think it will have a more good day!and China will be more famours out of China

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When I say jump, you say "how high." You don't ask questions, I do.

"Some forumites can write lengthy paragraphs convincing readers that an armed invasion is necessary, but when I ask a simple question, what do you want out of this reunification? I get almost no replies."

Seems like you have never crossed my path until today, and I am not here to answer your questions.  I am here to let you know:

Your time is up.

If you have already decided not to eat anything, what's the use of anyone telling you what will happen if you eat a kiwi fruit?

If you are constantly pushing for Taidu, what's the use of telling you what we think about post-unification realities?

That is a superfluous question for us to answer, because it is obvious to us things will get better for the 1.3 billion people on the mainland as well as the 23 million people on the Island.  

China's strategic position will have been improved because she would have broken out of the First Chain of islands in the Pacific.

People here are supposed to be intelligent.  At least they know how to hit the right keys to get to this site.

You, on the other hand, by posting this rhetorical question after already making up your mind about Taidu, do not seem to have the intelligence even to get to this forum.

Did an undecided zombie help you?

After November 1971, China had become your landlord, and it is up to her to decide on a date to kick you out and recover the island -- her property.

You don't represent the Taiwanese compatriots.  You only represent yourself.

When you are kicked out, see if your erstwhile masters will take you into their homes.  But let me warn you, if you pilfer so much as a nickel from the Taiwan people when you flee, we'll come after you and your children, and even your children's children.

You will have no place to hide.  We know where you are.  We know where your children will be.  We even know where your grandchildren will be.

That's not a threat.  That's a promise.

Don't even think of robbing the Taiwan people and then leave.

Now, let's talk about re-unification.

If you are not home by 6 o'clock, I'll assume that kidnappers have gotten hold of you and I will start firing those 600 missiles at your homes, beginning with the gold-plated restroom of Lee Tenghui's.

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gtnbia has been deleted
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a question, rather than a prediction

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very good point

I think the very fact that the mainland would even consider using the military to force reunification shows that they have a very limited and naive understanding of how things work on the island. I think the Taiwanese grew out of the mentality that force is a good way to solve problems and rule a country when martial law was lifted in 1987.

Gtnbia, unlike wchao, is much more mature and understanding of the fact that force is not the solution.

I hope and believe that all mainlanders will grow out the illusion they have right now.

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