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China before and after the reunification [Copy link] 中文

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I agree wholeheartedly. I don't see how this would help the lives of anyone here.

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Can you say something retional and reasonable instead of blaming and complaining?

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Luf 2004 wrote to TwChinese:
>>>Can you say something retional and reasonable instead of blaming and complaining?<<<

I think ,TwChinese ,you should listen to what Luf says. Write something reasonable.
And if you do not know what means reasonable - you can take Luf's words as an example.

He wrote: >>>China would lose sea teritory in East China sea and South China Sea, which would be hundreds times of the land area of t w island<<<

HundredS times bigger. This means at least 200 times bigger. Maybe 300x ...400x...we need to ask Luf for clarification. But we see he says at least 200 times.
35980 sq km x 200 gives us  7 196 000 sq km.
This is a little bit less then whole PRC. That's wet xin zhonguo.
Guys , look at the map and try to guess where the seas of this area lay.

I like this reasonable stuff by Luf.
Man , give us more and more. LOL

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he dan, more corrections: 1. Your projection for China's moon-shot timetable is

If you have been actually following reports on China's moon-shot exploration project announcements and lab prepared instrumentations, clearly that it is not in "2 decades." Also, some people are wise enough to avoid using lies to discredit programs they don't want to know or care about, e.g., China's rocket science programs. Similarily, I don't actually comment on South American baseball.

For your information: China just launched another geosynchronous scanning remote multiple detectors satellite yesterday, weighting approx. 1.2 metric tons.

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China wants to MINE the moon for I read this in Chinese English publication (CD?)
Good idea, why don't we change the mass of the stabilizing element that orbits our globe. It controls the tides, influences animals(which we all are) and weather patterns.
It looks like a certain movie is coming true...*sigh*

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Nice Job,  Andy boy!

My cat left his dung in the bush, please go smell around and search it out. I will buy you a canned food.

Poor boy, can you find anything better to do?

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please tell which part of what i wrote is irrational or unreasonable?

I asked mainlanders a simple question, what do you gain from a reunified tw, the only answer makes any sense is getting richer...

but if getting richer is your primary concern, you should consider saving the billions you spend on planning to attack tw because they are driving tw further away.

you talked around the question to avoid a straight answer because you don't know how to answer. you said foreigners would set up military bases to threaten china, well, i believe the american and japanese bases near okinawa are closer to your capital city beijing than anywhere from the island of TW, but you don't say anything about them.

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