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China before and after the reunification [Copy link] 中文

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Dear Forumites,

I would like you to share your vision of China after the reunification of TW. Please tell me and other readers what you see as major differences between the China before reunification and the China after.

Please, no LGK-style or Chineseyang-style TW bashing.

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Before unification

China will try to hollow out, marginalize and isolate Taiwan.

After unification

China will try to make Taiwan a transportation and hi-tech and hi-value manufacturing hub as well as a tourism hot spot.

But time is running out for Taiwan. Other provinces are now fighting fiecely for the various niches:

Beijing: political, culture and education center
Shanghai: commercial and hi-tech center; transportation hub
Hong Kong: Financial and professional services center; transportation hub
Guangzhou: manufacturing center
Shenzhen: hi-tech center; manufacturing and logistics hub
Macao: Gaming and entertaiment hub

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In ten years

I bet China would be very glad even if tai-wan only declares that it's a part of China but everything remains unchanged.

this means, china would be happy to accept a "nominal reunification" in a certain period of time.

USA, however, would never love to see this scenario. tai-wan is only a small chessman to the united states, and it has to take advange from the separation acorss the straights... selling weapons, for instance.

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It's the economy stupid

I try not to talk politics very often.  I am of the camp that believes that economics drives pretty much everything in the world.  After all, economics is the study of scarcity or resource allocation.  Every country/people/person strives to get a bigger piece of the pie.  Taiwan has traditionally been wealthy compared to China.  It is like a rich uncle who doesn't care for the poor cousins because they are economically apart.  I don't blame you.  As China explodes economically, it is catching up and surpassing Taiwan in many areas.  So, when you ask what will the unified country look like, it will be a very prosperous state, with a significant middle class that will compete against foreign/western corporations for global market share, etc.  Since politics is also a function of economics, the Chinese political system will also evolve accordingly, so for the die-hards on either side, things may sneak up behind you without you noticing it.

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Reply: China before and after the reunification

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It isn't what it seems...

Submitted for your perusal. An alternate reason.
The biggest reason that PRC wants TW is not for people. Not because of resources, money,not because we're brothers etc.
Not even face. It's technology. Specifically the semi-conductor and microchip industry.
"But Tek", I can hear you saying,"China has many such plants.
Absolutely. Making what? Radios, PC's, dvd players etc.
TW is one of the largest defense electronics industries in the world.
The cutting edge stuff is developed in the US,Germany etc and then once proven it goes to production TW.
We're talking about guidance systems, tracking, recon, sat-nav,telemetry, etc.
The country that is supplying the tech went to space 40 years ago...the country that wants the tech went 1 year ago. Do the math.
The whole "brother" thing is a convenient excuse to take a giant leap forward.
Flame on!

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Nobody has anything to say...

amazing. Just amazing.

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