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A probe into the possible fate of the two kidnapped Chinese engineers [Copy link] 中文

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Thank you very much for the editors of CHINA DAILY to teach me to be humble !

Thanks a lot !

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My apology to Lau but please, please read the posting one more time !

TO: Lau

    The stupid American Government who supported Saddam Hussein for ten years during the ten year Iraqi-Iran war costed 1 million lives of the Iraqi people NOT referred to karenb, the beloved Honorable, Madame Karenb, our Saint of Patron in this Forum. I did NOT edited, changed the original word and CHINA DAILY can confirm and proofread that too !!!



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kanyeuk, you talk too much. Guards! duck tape that man stat before he serenades

That's the danger of a male-dominated forum.  

Some characters are really horny.......and now even a free-lance frogman freshly thrown out of a casket in a hearse I was driving can throw his dysfunctional pacemaker at you.

I am sure you don't mean to be disrespectful to my lady guest here, but your wagging tongue will get you every time you are not careful...just believe very very careful.... not to go to the other extreme either.

So karenb, here's another napkin for your having been moved to tears by kanyeuk's botched attempt at a maladroit, Peter Sellers-Pink Panther type serenade.  

If that happens again, I'll make sure I personally throw kanyeuk out of the 'kanoe'  -- naked, of course into the Amazon River to feed the anacondas.

I'll trace the owner of the broken pacemaker at the Flattering Pet's Cemetery after I finish listening to the serenade so that I can judge its artistic value.

S'il vous plait, mademoiselle.

At your service,

P.S.  As the lyrics of a song says, I've got two strong arms, I can help.

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Shan Huang, thanks to you and Wu Di for your support

Debates can lead to better understanding between people.  That was true before web forums, and that will be true after web forums...

As the saying goes -- "God cannot be with you always, and that's why He gives you a mom."

The wchao37 Book of Aphorisms says -- "Chairman Mao cannot watch over you all your life, and that' why He wants you to stick together with faithful friends."

Another one:  "It is easy to say what is popular but untrue; but not so easy to say what is true but unpopular, and only a WISE GUY can show me the difference between the two."

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I appreciate reading your posts, thank you.
A quick question.
You say, "when they bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia."
Don't you mean when they "accidentally" bombed?

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Wowzers, sorry, I don't think it was an accident

If only one smart bomb was involved, yes, it would have been possible.

Not five, especially when one of the bombs burrowed all the way from the roof to the basement where the embassy staff usually congregated.

Remember, Clinton was a smart fellow, too smart for his own good -- that's why it took his equally smart wife so long to find out he was being serviced by a Monica on a kneepad.

And then pointing his big Arkansas finger at the camera..."I did not have a relationship......."

When such a man says that the bombing was an accident, you have as much right as I do to believe or disbelieve him.

Take your choice.

Based on the facts, I don't.

The stained dress was there and so was THE Monica.

The bombs were there and so was THE intention.

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The bombing was intentional...

And, in the words of Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say on that subject.

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