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A probe into the possible fate of the two kidnapped Chinese engineers [Copy link] 中文

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How truth is the American oil conglomerate Conoco Company ?

One of my  friend who worked as a Senior V.P. of Operation in New Jersey for Conoco Company was a body-builder, 6'4", 260 lb. "Mr. New Jersey" who in mid 1980 took a large amount of steroid for body-building and became somewhat "mentally unstable" one night out with the boys in New Jersey night club drinking heavily  and shot death another patron in the  N.J. bar brawl. Just like another good story in Soprano !!

The Conoco Company just paid the  N.J. State Government off as a tax levy and no charges were filed and he was transferred to the South out of the New Jerey State and told NEVER to return. Well, the story kept better, he arrived at the Conoco Atlanta Southwest HQ and started having sex with underaged girls set up by the KKK/Mafia Organized Crime Family and you know what DID the Mafia wanted ? Money ? Hell No

The KKK turned Mafia wanted the "BLACK-GOLD" !!!.

The KKK turned Mafia in  the 1990 in the South became the "Russian Mob" and demanded him to transport oil from the bottom of the huge storage tanks  in Birmingham, Alabama and various location in the South and pumped into tanker trucks and shipped to various gas station controlled by the KKK/Mafia through the South including Tennesee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi in 1:00 a.m. So Jack, the KKK is alive in the South and it took someone who actually infiltered inside the organization to understand what KKK stands for $$$ (Race is just their front to recruit low-level runners to move stolen goods around, the so-called drunkards who hung around the bar and listen to the country music and shot the beer cans in the backyards are "RED-NECKED, not the real KKK-turned Mafia in Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennesee !!)

(Next time when you see a oil-tanker truck pumping oil/gas into the underground storage tank in a gas station  at 1-2 a.m. should be suspicious of the Mafia connection !

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Karenb is a great asset to this Forum but she is an "Iron lady" made of "steel"

This Forum is NOT exclusive for what you called "expatriate" which I don't think she is qualified.

She mixes up United States Department of Justice Bureau of Prisons with Department of Correction.

She failed to point out the geopolitical strategic re-alliance of Presdient MUSHARRAF to United States and kow-tow to King George to allow the FBI to enter a sovereign nation and arrest her own citizens. This has angered the regular and middle class of the Pakistan citizens and allowed the militants to use this excuse to stir up troubles in Pakistan and undercut the relationship between China and Pakistan !!

As far as you are concerned, I met so many Singapore pilots who are trained at Fort Rucker, Alabama. So you are one of those traitors in the evil empire of United States and American just use Singapore port as part of strategic passageway to pass through to the Indian Ocean or to the Strait of Taiwan with nuclear-powered U.S. Navy aurcraft carriers to harrass CHINA.

So anyone who collaborated who the evil empire of United States and harressed CHINA is a traitor  and allow the U.S. Navy aircraft carriers to pass through on to the Strait of Taiwan to protect the island which is part of China is a traitor!!

I only pointed out the fact because I was NOT fooled by her but "SOME" are impressed with her fake empathy of the Chinese hostage and wrote sensational article without backing with real fact and the volatile, fluid, dynamic situation in Pakistan !!

I hope you read two sides of the stories. There will always TWO sides of the stories. I can omit some language from my posting but I like to point out she does NOT even know about her own country !!!

It is only through two sides of the stories that we actually learn about United States. If I did not infilter deep into the U.S. Army, U.S. GHovernment Department of Justice and the KKK/Organized Crime gFamily, how would I really know the real America , the "Ugly" ! Someone has to do the "dirty job" !!!

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Where I grew up men and women are equal and women are Fighter Pilots who will ki

This is an excellent Forum for all sides to express their viewpoint and certainly there are rules and regulation but don't forget, a lady or madame does NOT have an advantage over anyone to say what she wants to say to misform the CHINA DAILY's readers ! Where I grew up, women and men are equal and they do push-up , carry M-16, and are "Fighter Pilot" that will one day kill the Chinese.

Don't forget it is a woman called Privare England in the U.S. Army that caused the abuse of Iraqi prisoners that blew the whole thing of prison abuse in the United States that Donald Rumsfeld wants to save his job and released the "murderer" who killed our Chinese engineer.

  Get your fact straight. it is a woman in the U.S. military that shows the world of the Human Rights Violation of United States and caused the life of a well-educated Chinese engineer (who left a widow and two young children)  to die and caused minor headache between Pakistan and CHINA !!

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Kanyuek, my friend,

"Department of corrections" in the other thread was a joke!  I'm afraid I was shamelessly goading you.

I can't seem to recall saying anything about CIA.  I believe I made a correction of the incorrect reference to "FBI" in X*nj*ang.

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Thank you, wchao37

I think there are many people following your posts, agree or disagree, it’s always interesting to read. We certainly appreciate your effort and ability.

Indeed, it’s very sad to see the constant frictions between US and China. While China has changed so much in the past 20 years, America is slow, hesitated to let the ideology war go which often was driven by extremely selfish interest.

Then, there is this vacuum between the peoples’ understanding of each other, …. but I think it will be getting better. Believe me, even the worst ‘Americans’ in this forum would tell their friends once off-line that how little Americans know about China, and how proud of their knowledge of China. To be honest, our Americans in this forum are quite nice in general. It’s just that we disagree, agree, and learn from each other through some odd ways!

I once said to my American friends: "American people are so innocent..", they immediately laughed and replied "You must mean we are naive, don't you?"  see?  So keep your good work,


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My beloved Karenb,My sincere apology to you!Once again,so many of your friends c

I have deleted once again all the derogatory statement which I have avoided to use but as someone who have infiltered deep inside the United States Governement Department of Justice, I DO know no FBI agents are allowed to operate within CHINA but under the Interpol agreement, the U.S. Marshals can arrive at the destined location in CHINA to take back any American citizens  who commited crime in 'United States"  (NOT IN CHINA) and escaped back to China and arrested and "escorted" back to United States but that's  NOT the job of the FBI or CIA but the U.S. Marshals.

U.S. Marshals is a totally different branch of law enforcement in the States !!!

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Shan Huang ! There is a major difference between United States Governemnt and or

Sure , your American friends may be friendly, nice and down-to-earth.

  But when the Second World War started, all Japanese, Japanese-American, Japanese who married American, even Japanese who married American GI are no exception to be herded into the "Concentration Camp" but NOT German-American or Italian-American  because they are "WHITE" !!

How little do we know Deanborn, Michigan, the World Headquarter of Ford Motor Company is also HOME to the largest Arab community outside Middle East. But U.S. Assistant Attorney in detroit, Michigan has issued the most severe warning about the HOMELAND SECURITY LAW  to "demand" all Arab-American, Arab decent American to register with the Department of Justice !

So if there is a War between China and United States in 2060-2075 which will be inevitable if China wants to take back Taiwan, tell me the fate of the Chinese-American in United States !!

I am a 5'2" deaf, blind, igorant, stupid, uneducated Chinese dwarf. So please excuse my poor English  and my poor understanding of the world politics !!!


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