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A probe into the possible fate of the two kidnapped Chinese engineers [Copy link] 中文

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The reason of release of Abdullah Mehsud from Guantanamo Bay is unknown

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The reason of release of Abdullah Mehsud from Guantanamo Bay is unknown

Mehsud, 28, came to Pakistan in March after about two years' detention at Guantanamo Bay. He was captured by U.S.-allied Afghan forces in Kunduz in northern Afghanistan in December 2001 while fighting for the Taliban, Pakistani officials said.

It was not clear why U.S. authorities released Mehsud. After he returned to his tribal homeland in South Waziristan, he became a rebel leader and had opposed Pakistani forces hunting al Qaeda fighters in the semiautonomous area.

(The rest of descriptions of he became connected with Al Qaida etc. were all from Pakistan "sources". Question marks.)

- AP

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A convoy of 30 vehicles took Mehsud tribesmen, a 21-member mediation committee that included Abdullah Mehsud's cousin, a retired army major to Barawand near Jandola in the morning in an attempt to meet Commander Abdullah, the leader of the five kidnappers holding the Chinese engineers and their Pakistani driver and a constable.

Tribal sources said that the committee had decided to stay on in Barawand and hoped to be able to meet Abdullah later in the night somewhere in Spinkay Raghzai. Officials, however, claimed that the tribal committee had been in contact with Abdullah.

About 1,500 tribal elders met late Tuesday in Barwand, a town near where the Chinese were held, to pressure the kidnappers to release the pair as well as their Pakistani driver and security guard.

``We are upset on the kidnapping of the Chinese who were building a dam to give us water and electricity,'' said Inayat Mahsud, the head of a tribal council.

"We are prepared for anything. We are prepared to sacrifice our houses and our lives. Our goal is to wage jihad and embrace Shahadat. We will fight whoever comes our way, be that the United States, the Pakistan Army or our own tribe," a defiant Abdullah said.

Pakistan's military has staged a series of offensives this year targeting al-Qaida fighters in South Waziristan and claims to have broken up several terrorist hideouts and training camps. The fighting has killed dozens of militants, soldiers and civilians.

Source: Pakistan Dawn,  Guardian

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The dots are mostly here

They will be connected very soon, I suppose.

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There are few reasons behind the release of Abdullah Mehsud from the Gismo Priso

The United States Supreme Court actually had striked down Goerge Bush illegal detention of hundreds and hundreds of "Freedom Fighters" or some called "Militants" locked up in the U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Base without legal representation and due process.

But the main reason behind this is Donald Rumsfeld, the old pro in Washington, "Die Another Day" played the political Poker Game with the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Media and the U.S. public about the Abu Ghrarib Prison in Iraqi and Gismo Prison in the U.S. Navy Guantanamo Bay to show he is going to release some of the prisoners after two years who deed to be "No Use" to the CIA/FBI/U.S. Armed Service Intelligence and "may" stay on in next term after the November 2, 2004 election.(who knows ???)

The U.S. DOD cared less about what the prisoners is going to do after two years when they did not get any more information about the future terrorist plot in United States. (Remember it is NOT the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Prisons or Department of Correction, that is directly responsible for the prisoners ! And Donald Rumsfeld, the most evil Secretary of Defense also have to control the budget of the War and even down to the budgetting of thousand of prisoners in Gismos and the cost of overrunning the Prison after two years and answered to the Supreme Court and the American public  to release some of them before the U.S. Presidential Election so Donald, the duck, Rumsfeld looks like a new "Wacho" "Wacho" in Washington !!

  Yes, the Human Rights violation of United States in Gismo and Abu Ghraib Prisons are GONE due to the American generous "Clearinghouse" to clean the house in Gismo Prison to release "SOME" prisoners so the Donald , the duck, the wacho Rumsfeld was actually under some pressure from all sides including his boss George Bush (43) to release the prisoners and ACLU, the American media and especially the American voters (NOT to forget it is less than three weeks to go ) !!!

But the CIA cared much about to destabilize China by using the terrorists to attack and kidnap Chinese citizens in Pakistan.

  China has become the super-regional power in the region and served as a broker in the dispute of Kashmir region between India and Pakistan.

  The recent visit and cooperation of Indian Navy opens a new chapter of full co-operation between CHINA and India.  Pakistan has long been a strong ally of China. The recent visit by the Indian troops over to the border of CHINA further proved the improved relationship between CHINA and India.

  I have pointed out extensively the CIA is actually the " The most organized Global Terrorist Group" tried to de-stabilize CHINA and use the militants to de-stabilize the region including the western part of CHINA. CIA had influenced in every single country Presidential Election especially Columbia, and Argentine  in Central and South America during the Ronald Reagan Era and beyond !!

Why NOW?

The CIA has suffered so-much after 9/11 and the former Director of CIA who survived two administrations and served as one of the longest tenure at the George W. H. Bush Center for Intelligance finally left and the CIA want to show they can still "KEEP THE OLD GLORY" and  use the terrorists against CHINA !!

  Why did the CIA planted the listening device in our Great Chinese Prsidential plane ?

  Why did the CIA continued to spy on CHINA using satellite to comb down to a single building in Beijing and watching closely of the space program in CHINA ?

  Do you know the CIA is undergoing massive restructuring and re-engineering after 9/11 and CHINA is the remaining enemy of the evil empire of United States after the collapse of Soviet Union. Just think about it, the CIA is the only agency that is not accountable for anything and the covert military and spy activities is beyond the control of the U.S. Congress, and runs itself as basically a paramilitary/spy agency to self-serve its own interests but NOT the interests of the world peace and harmony.

  They DO have to do "terrorist activities" to justify to the U.S. Congress in secret, closed door meeting about budgeting to the CIA but no one knows what's going on inside the U.S. Capitol of those closed hearings!

So wake up,  the evil CIA had supported Saddam Hussein in the War of Iraqi and Iran for ten years and costed billions and billions of dollars and one million lives of Iraqi. Actually it was the Iranians who first used the suicide bombing tactics against the more superior CIA-supported Iraqi Army. See where is Saddam Hussein now then you can understand your stupid American Government is flip-flopping in Iraqi foreign policy. What a sad story for an igorant lady from Auburn !!!

  Go ask the CIA and you will get the answer !!!

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Kanyuek: Please do no show uncouth bebaviour to a lady

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hanlei has been deleted
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yes, i agree with Lau Guan Kim

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