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one child policy, where will it lead? [Copy link] 中文

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boy is mine,girl is others'

Now you can understand why we want boy but not girl.

When you were old,and couldn't move,who will help?you son,not you daughter in law.You daughter?perhaps staying somewhere discussing sharing you fortune.

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two is a legal option now.:-)thanks for ur nice synchronous suggestion

the law has been altered not long before that we can have two now if both the wife and husband  is the only child in their respective family before there is a marriage between them.
as a matter of fact,in some big cities in china,the birthrate is declining,like shanghai,beijing...why?women don't want to have babies.
some do so because they're scared to ruin their figure after having it.most r forced to do so under all kinds of pressure,work performance,chance of promotion,relationship,responsibility of family...
in this way,we see women in china play a more and more important role in china,the more pressure,the more responsibility,the higher status they will gain.

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one child?

I am happy for the opportunity to hear the direct views of people in China. I am from the USA (HakkaChinese/Black/NativeAmerican), and I often hear many misrepresentations about China. Just two weeks ago an American woman posted an article about a dead Chinese baby laying in the street in China and people just walked by. She showed a photo that seemed fake. Yet so many people were willing to believe it.

I think this is the "pot calling the kettle black". The USA is full of foster homes, orphanages, and has many juvenile prisons. Politicans are trying to pass bills that allow them to give children the death penalty. In addition, there are millions of American women who also have abortions. Many of them do ask if it is a male or female before making their decision. The patriarchial view is also alive in the USA.

I think the one child system is too strict since it prevents the child from having cousins, aunties, uncles. And a family never knows when in the future a child may die after the parents are too old to have another.

If China, unlike the USA, makes the commitment to live simply, to fignt against pollution, if China does not become a consumer driven society buying things they don't need like they do in the USA, and plan the design of cities carefully and also provide needed services to the rural areas, it is possible for China to live comfortably with a two child family?

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Women and war

Matt, in most patriarchal societies the last thing women have a say on is war. War is usually fought for expansion or resources. For thousands of years, women were considered part of the war loot and divided up along with other materials captured or looted during the war.

Even today, women are often raped, killed and injured in much higher numbers than male civilians because they are often unable to flee as quickly with the children and seniors they are responsible for.

KeJia Sista

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i disagree with u

to matt605

yes some guys fight for a beautiful woman, but that is not the woman's fault , the woman is innocent , she might be hurted in the fight. this is  the nature for the guys to war, not just for woman , for all the resources.

it's a truth if there are more and more guys , less and less women , the rate of grime will raise, the world will run into war and chaos.

woman is the sign of peace, that is why the Statue of Liberty is woman.

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Who consumes the resources that wars are fought over?

How is it that women are consumers of resources, but do not partake in the violence and conquest of wars for additional resources and expansion?

As for women being unable to flee armies quickly enough because they have responsibility for children and elderly, those are only women on the losing side.  Historically, when a triumphant army returns home with plunder and prisoners, they are greeted by their women as conquering heroes.  

In the USA we have added women to the ranks of the most powerful positions in society -- politics, business, and academia.  Earlier in this thread, a responder named kwok ho voiced a popular belief that women in positions of leadership will make the world a more peaceful and reasonable place.  Yet that is not the case in the USA.  After decades of adding women to leadership positions in society, we invaded a country that didn't attack us.  

We have more women serving in the highest ranks of the military, in the Congress, State Houses, and in the White House than ever.  Yet even today, young women are not raised, expected, or lawfully required to perform military service in defense of the United States.  By contrast, boys in the USA are raised and expected to serve.  American males, unlike female citizens, are required to register for the draft.  For American females, military service is an activity of self-fulfillment that they may choose or reject depending upon their personal aspirations.  Males are required to be ready to serve as a duty of citizenship and frequently prepare themselves for the contingency that they might be conscripted (  Part of that preparation includes developing aggressiveness and a capability for violence, as often seen in athletics.  

So men aren't naturally more violent than women, and, as shown by the USA Invasion of Iraq, women are not less violent than men.

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come now...

"So men aren't naturally more violent than women"

You make some good points but blow it in the end. Man has testerone. That is why men are more violent. More aggressive. It has been this way since caveman days


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