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one child policy, where will it lead? [Copy link] 中文

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to seneca

"However, the peasants who have to obey the new rules don't understand the rationale behind them, and they go on multiplying"

Of course they know the reason why there should be a one-child policy because the government taught peasants the benefit of having one child in a variety of forms like films, articles, and dramas...

Everybody knows it is better for others to have one child but he himself has several sons. Sometimes, tradition is so deeply rooted that you have to resort to force if non-force measures do not take effect.

"However, in the West people are masters of their own lives; urbanisation has taken root a long time before it has come to China. "

We are talking about China, not the West. In the West, people in the cities and people in the farms do not vary so greatly. In a country with 80% of the population being farmers (before the one-child polify), talking of  urbanisation is too far away from the reality. Without one-child policy, far more children would be born in the rural areas. Then who knows which would happen,  urbanisation or de-urbanisation?

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With Chinese characteristics and proud of it.

As I said previously, China has taken the problem of overpopulation by the scruff of the neck and dealt with it precisely, in a focused and disciplined way with the maximum education possible. The result over a period of 25 years is astounding and pleasing. There have been huge issues of culture, tradition and superstitions to be overcomed and we did it , not perfectly, but more than creditably. The whole world should rejoice with us.
Yet we have pesty summer flies buzzing around whinning about this and that short coming. They seem quite proud of their ignorance but pontificate like the pontiff. Leave us alone,  let us make our own mistakes and pay for it. It is called being masters of our own destiny. It is called ' with Chinese charaterstics' and we will march on to our own drum beat.
We welcome back old clowns and some new ones who are determined to display their intellectual nakedness on our forum. We are entertained by your shenanigan. Well done.

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Why such a violent response?

Why such an attack of verbal violence karenb?

Why can't you disagree without resorting to ad hominem attacks?

I simply presented my analysis on war.  Since men are the ones who are killed and wounded, saying men cause wars is an example of blaming the victims.

All the Western ideals of Chivalry and Honor that serve as the social basis for sending young men into war have at their base the way a man will be viewed by women if he refuses to fight.  Traditionally, women do not desire or respect any man who isn't part of a war effort in some way.  That's just how it is.  Generals cannot command enlisted soldiers to fight without regard to risk.  Only women can force young men to fight without questioning the validity of the effort.

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Well, Matt, your reflections are completely unsupported and ridiculous

And yes, they are chauvinistic.

"Men don't create wars"  Huh?????????

"Women are the ones who are warlike"  Oh really???????

You mention one example from something like 3000 years ago of one war that was supposedly caused by a woman (and even that is questionable).  How many thousands of wars have there been since then on our planet?  What percentage of all those wars were instigated by women????    The women may be cheering on the home team, but that's mostly a display of patriotism on their part -- I can't imagine any woman who wouldn't rather have her husband or father or brother or son safe at home with her.

Take a look at any prison in any country of the world.  The percentage of women committing violent crimes is very very small compared to men.

Women are not, by nature, warlike or violent.

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Why one?

I'm completely supportive of China's efforts to promote family planning and smaller families (for the good of both the nation and the families).

But I'm not sure I understand the logic of one child.  If every couple in China really did have one child, wouldn't that actually reduce the population in China?  

Why not allow two?  One each to replace mother and father when they die, thus keeping the population stable.  Wouldn't this be much more palatable to Chinese families?
-it gives them the chance to try again for a boy if the first is a girl
-it gives them two children to care for them in their old age -- even if both are girls, one can care for the parents and the other the inlaws.
-it gives the child a sister or a brother thus helping to alleviate the problem of the "little emperor"

Just a thought from the sidelines.

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One child

It does seem like you have a population explosion that needed attention. One child rule is what it is. There is good and bad with everything.
Some of you have to be patient with me as my understanding of China is very small. Asking questions here, I have learned alot, and I thank the ones that bring this knowledge to me.
Yes, most people in America know little to nothing about the Chinese. I am embarrassed to say. Many think that there is no difference between the Japanese and the Chinese and that they are the same.
We get some education in schools but when one goes to work, China is not thought of. The Chinese for a long time have hid from the world. Maybe I should not use that word and say "China has kept to themselves."
Most of you would agree that China is coming out of the box and this place proves it.
I could read articles and newspapers, but somehow there is always a slant and you get that journalists or newspapers view. Talking with you guys and gals give me much more understanding. I think it is what the world needs.
The world is getting smaller. I have a firm belief, even in America, by asking questions, you can always find a better way.

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Men die in war. Why do you blame the victim?

The fact that men suffer and die in war is the clearest proof that they are not responsible for creating war.  The only thing a soldier gains from war is the approval and esteem of women.

I think that you will find your statements more closely fit the definition of chauvinism as re-printed below.

The central challenge for men is how to prevent women from escalating diplomatic disagreements into wars that harm us.  I understand you may have a violently hostile response to this reality, but that is because it challenges your traditional position in society as the weaker sex and the victim.  As everyone knows, it is the status of victim that gives moral justification for violence, which is usually termed self-defense.

Women are more violent because they have both the standard human capacity for violence plus the moral justification for violence ingrained into their identities.

Main Entry: chau·vin·ism
Pronunciation: 'shO-v&-"ni-z&m
Function: noun
Etymology: French chauvinisme, from Nicolas Chauvin, character noted for his excessive patriotism and devotion to Napoleon in Théodore and Hippolyte Cogniard's play La Cocarde tricolore (1831)
1 : excessive or blind patriotism -- compare JINGOISM
2 : undue partiality or attachment to a group or place to which one belongs or has belonged
3 : an attitude of superiority toward members of the opposite sex; also : behavior expressive of such an attitude

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