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one child policy, where will it lead? [Copy link] 中文

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boy or girl

Do you know the percentage of male or female in China. Are the girls given up for adoption and then the parents try again?
I did think the Chinese aborted girls from being born in China. Glad to here this has changed there.
You said they want boys because they want someone to take care of them in old age. What agout the girls parents. Who takes care of them?

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a huge cultural gap

It is really painful to hear iluv2fish ask "Why is it legal to kill a girl to get a boy.."?
It just shows the great cultural (and information) gap.
If the Western news media report only half truths and their listeners or readers absorb only half the contents then they end up with a quarter of the facts. Ouch!!!

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Percentages of boys to girls

The official statistics here in Hainan where I live is 1.6 to 1 (boys to girls). Now, you must realize that isn't a completely accurate statistic, because some people just don't register the girls when they're born (and then try again for a boy).  And it also reflects the recent practice of aborting the girl babies.

There are a few girl babies left on the steps of the hospital or orphanage, but for the most part they are kept by the family and loved and cared for.  We currently have 8 babies of teachers at my school under age 1, and 5 of them are girls who are deeply loved and cherished.

Who cares for the parents of the girl?  Well, herein lies the problem with the one-child system.  If the girl had a brother, then he could care for the parents.  But if she's the only child, and she's responsible for her in-laws, then there's a bit of a problem.  One of my colleagues here has BOTH his own parents and his wife's parents living with him -- I guess that's how he's approaching the problem.    The government is taking steps to develop a sort of social security system for the financial provision of the elderly, but there's still the whole issue of the emotional and social support of living with family that's so important.  

It's kind of hard to understand this from an American point of view, because there the old folks just retire to Florida and play shuffleboard and bridge with their cronies and they're generally delighted with their lives.  But being separated from children and grandchildren like this is simply horrifying to the average Chinese person.  The family is probably the most important value in China.

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A few facts about the one child achievement of China.

China's one child policy started way back in 1978. Since then a theoretical 300 million babies have been avoided ( not aborted). This has eased the national goals of feeding, clothing, educating and treating the population with medical care when they are ill. It also relieves the subsequent waves of procreation because they are less people reaching maturity in the future. This result has been beneficial to the world as well because there are 300 million less mouths to feed and less pollution ensued. The inbalance between the sexes is as Karenb pointed out real. However the issue of being cared for is gradually shifting to the society ( government) and personal insurance. If this universal concern of being cared for when one gets old is taken care of, then the sex of one's offspring is immaterial. Simultaneously, if educational opportunities are equal for both sexes, and a girl has equal chance of becoming financially independent, then the strain on having a boy baby also eases.
The world should be happy for China for this great and disciplined achievemnt.; one which has never been done on this scale ever before. The world has been made a safer and cleaner place because of those hundreds of millions of Chinese who were not born. A hungry China is not what the world wishes to see.

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re: hong_qigong

you are right.  there is still a lot of misunderstanding about china in the united states.  the real situation is still difficult to deal with.  

what i think happens is that american people hear terrible stories and then assume it's like that for all of china and all of chinese.  are the stories true?  in many cases, yes.  does it apply to all of china or all chinese?  no.  

it's the same with chinese perceptions about america being so dangerous.  not all of america is like hollywood movies.

just this last weekend, my wife and i met one chinese lady who recently came here from bejing, where she was a professor.  she was divorced from her husband because he beat her and his family mistreated her because she had a daughter.  her mother-in-law fed the daughter watermelon when she was an infant so that the baby had diarrhea (sp?) and became dehydrated.  the mother-in-law wanted the baby to die so they could have a boy.  

does this mean all chinese are like this?  no way.  but in a country of one billion people, there are enough bad ones (such as this husband) to produce enough terrible, true stories.


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to iluv2fish

" Why is it legal to kill of a girl to get a boy? Does this not seem cruel to you?"

It's always illegal to kill a born baby because it is a kind of murder according to the law.  There is no direct connection between the practice of killing girls and the one-child policy. In the cities and rich rural areas where the one-child policy is strictly implemented, this kind of cruel thing is very rare. Giving up baby girls usually happens in the poor rural areas where people are allowed to have two or more children. This kind of practice had existed long before the one-child policy.  

In the cities, girls are also precious. They are called "500 kilograms of gold".

"What agout the girls parents. Who takes care of them?"

The girl's brother should take care of them if she has a brother. According to the law, both girls and boys should take care of their parents when they grow up.

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to rogersranger

"As soon as chi na can make food as efficiently as the rest of the world, overpopulation will be exposed as being a silly myth."

How about this:  as long as the distance between your bedroom and the moon is  shorter than that between your bedroom and your restroom on the earth,  it might be silly for you not to build  the restroom on the moon.

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