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one child policy, where will it lead? [Copy link] 中文

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I get it. Chinese families can have only one child because of the population explosion in China. Why do they want boys and give up the girls? This is very foreign to me.
Will there not be too many boys and not enough girls. The girls provide the next generation. They are our hope of peace. How many women do you know that start wars. Does everyone not love their mother more than their own country?
Please explain.

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One child

I think China wants to lead the world from not over populating their country. A population increase means ever bigger cities, and more demands on services and amenities which not many could handle in terms of transport, policing and national emergencies. The refinancing of larger scale cities would be no easy matter in the global economy.

Its like a science fiction movie on a doomed Babylonian civilsation. They either get killed off in a nuclear holocaust, or suffer disasters made by God. Aids, shorter lifespan, accidents, crime, war and plague.

The chinese want to build a better society for themselves, even if this means closing their doors again or going to war to secure their peace with other nations around the world.

If one imagines the amount of waste the average American consumer produces in their lifetime, one would be amazed at the consumption and the rubbish mountain. This is not to take into account of fuel and demands on natural resources to keep an individual alive.

A modest approach is to ask the world to keep its population about the same in conservatism, rather than lead the world into endless conflicts where the peace loving would suffer immense loss.

This is why I am pleased to see there is an environmental concern in many academic institutions in the UK and possibly Europe. To build a safer and more prosperous nation for their people's future.

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Women don't start wars?

I suspect that women are the ones who are warlike, since it is men who suffer all the casualties.  There is no rational incentive for men to make war.

When men divide resources amongst themselves they do so with justice and magnamity.  Put one woman in the process and suddenly there is violence or near violence in competition for the woman's attention.

Wasn't it Helen of Troy whose face launched a thousand ships because she was so beautiful?  Who needs to be considered that beautiful?  It is all just vanity.

Men don't creat wars.

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Womens rights!

It seems from your tone, that there is not equality between men and women in China. I may be wrong, but it seems the wives will be with their man through good times and bad.
Anyway, that was not my question. Why not be allowed to have one child, but if it is a girl, then you have a girl. If you have a boy, then you have a boy. After the one child the tubes can be tied or the man can get sniped. Why is it legal to kill of a girl to get a boy? Does this not seem cruel to you?

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iluv2fish for bass, or trout? ;-)

read this link...

very disturbing...

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Look at Italy

Italy is having a number of problems because of underpopulation.  The fact that jobs that exist now cannot be filled in 20 years, or the fact that the younger population will not be able to support the health care and retirment costs of the older population are making people quickly rethink the myth of  overpopulation.

As soon as chi na can make food as efficiently as the rest of the world, overpopulation will be exposed as being a silly myth.

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Newsflash Iluv2fish

Matt605 is not in China, nor has he ever been here.  He's just a chauvinistic American boy.  

The reason Chinese want boys has to do with the Chinese culture and their traditional method of caring for the parents in their old age.  It is the responsibility of the son to care for his parents.  When the son marries (in the traditional countryside family), his bride will move in with him to the family home and live with the in-laws.  When the new wife has children, the mother-in-law is there to help with the childcare.  And when the in-laws get old and frail, they have their son and his wife to support them financially and care for their heath and daily living needs.

On the other hand, a daughter, when she marries, leaves the family.  So the Chinese feel that they will lose the daughter so they want a son they can have with them throughout their lives.

(Of course, there are the more pragmatic Chinese who realize having a daughter is a lot cheaper in the long run because you don't have to pay for her wedding or build a bigger house for her family.  In China, it is traditional for the groom's family to host the wedding, and often, the existing house is enlarged or even a new house built when the son marries.)

Here in China it is NOT legal to kill the baby girl.   In fact, strict laws have recently been passed so that the doctor cannot reveal the gender of the baby to the pregnant mother when she has an ultrasound. (some women were getting abortions when they discovered they were pregnant with a girl).  Even as a foreigner, I was not able to discover the gender of my baby until he was born this past January.

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