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Do not respond to xinyang's post about "copies=Chinese Unis teach disrespect for [Copy link] 中文

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Harrison5 wrote:


xinyang the wimpy dude is a dirty white boy from Erehwon.. He should be kicked out of this forum.

Erehwon is "nowhere" spelt backwards.

He invents an issue from nowhere and jacks it up with numerous handles to make it look like people agree with what he is saying.

Note how he is sensationalizing the issue by generalizations and shameless accusations like "for years the Chinese government has..., ....and now this copying thing is happening......and so the conclusion is Chinese GOVERNMENT does not abide by laws....dadadada.."

He sounds like Tony Lee (another sinicized Chinese name) the Bigtime Loser who used to write articles like these until he was trounced by wchao37 into oblivion.

I have been to the best of U.S. colleges and I can tell you photocopying of copyrighted material (including journal articles and entire chapters from books) is prevalent -- literallly everywhere. Professors copy journal and textbook articles and put them into libraries for the students to read before group discussions, especially in Upper Division courses (junior and senior levels) and in graduate schools.

It doesn't seem he is ignorant of this fact.

So he is purposefully doing this to slander the Chinese universities with generalized statements.

White trash like him should never be allowed to participate in these forums.

Talk about copying materials, it's not just the cost of the books and journals, but people really don't give a da*n about doing this so long as they are not copying for personal profit (like selling the copied materials).

The reason why this piece of white trash hides behind a Chinese handle here in this forum is because he is ashamed of his own behavior for he knows he is bringing groundless charges against all Chinese universities for allowing a practice that is common even in his own country.

No wonder he is going to vote for Bush and Cheney -- what they say about birds of the same feather?

CD should consider throwing this chap out of the forum for the disruption HE has caused.

HE is the one breaking the forum rules:

Rule Number One: a whitey cannot hind behind a Chinese name and try to stir up trouble in the forum by posting sensational but totally absurb titles.

Look how this jerk is constantly using different handles to float his post to the top when there is really nothing to talk about.


There are many handles from this sicko "xinyang" to float his piece of sh"t to the top.

Do not post to respond to him if you are not xinyang.

Anyone adding a post to this one is just feeding onto a silly topic that's not worth a piece of toilet paper.

The so-called responses here are all disjointed -- showing that the sick whitey only wants to disrupt.

Have him beheaded and post the video here instead.

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Right, pin him down......and kick him out...

This copy thing is truly a non-issue.  It happens in all American universities as anyone who's been to America knows.

And the nasty little man try to connect this nonissue to "Chinese Unis TEACH...." and "For years the Chinese GOVERNMENT has ...the rule of law.."

How treacherous!

How insidious!

What a slimy litlle piece of sh*t he is.

Do not help him unless you are his ghost.

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Due to the lack of any meaningful forum rule enforcement and the proliferation of personal attacks, I very much regret introducing my 130 university students to this forum.

At least I did not encourage all 6,000 students to wade into these shark infested waters.

We shall leave this forum to its own disintegration for the ignorant trolls and bigots who have free reign here.

China Daily could have played an important role in the activation of university students but that tast will fall to a concientious forum.

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Good riddance, xinyang

Instead of searching within yourself for an answer as to why you are so despised in this forum, you put the blame where it doesn't belong.  This plainly shows how dangerous the present Chinese policy of letting people like you handle the teaching of English to our young students is.

Along with the English portion of your instructions comes all the unavoidable idiosyncrasies and poisonous bias.

You are painting your country into a picture perfect rule-by-law paradise which does not really exist.  

There are in fact so much photocopying going around in U.S. schools that I am truly taken by surprise at your insolence in bringing this subject up as if you didn't know that such practice is omnipresent and certainly not limited to China.

We welcome criticism from fair-mnded people but we certainly do not want biased souls like you leveling charges at imagined governmental policy or university involvement in practice..

Tell me ONE single Ivy League graduate school in the United States that does not allow its faculty or students to zerox copyrighted articles from journals or books and put them in the circulation desks as assignments for the students to read before class or group discussions.

I have been to schools at all levels in the States and I have never seen one that does not allow such copying.

And then you have the nerve to level your charges at the Chinese government itself as if that is part of a wider conspiracy to steal the right of access to copyrighted material.

Don't be thick-skinned enough to return here tomorrow with you 6000 phantom students under different handles, 'teacher,' after telling us you're gone.

As in the case of the U.S. State Department accusing China of Human Rights violations while it never looks at the ugly record in the States itself, your behavior here is no better than academic fraud.

Or maybe you came from the Boston diocese as one of its former priests now teaching English in China.

You have better SRAMMMMMMMM before I call the cops on you.

You hear?

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chairman has been deleted
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Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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Chairman, I knew it was him Seneca from the sound of his phuck in the hay with h

Cannot be mistaken at all.

He is a prude anxious to defend the Western image of being morally upright while Eastern 'hordes' are morally inferior.

Not many people stick their arse up like he's doing to be spanked.  Well, he has no choice though.

He knows full well he is lying through his teeth when he says that these copyright infringements only happen in China, and he is the crusader from the unemployment line in St. Louis who has now come to China to teach the Chinese a thing or two about moral turpitude.

I have waited for hours to let these chickenfeed-alfalfa-beansprout-brains to give me ONE NAME -- one name that's all, like Harrison5 was saying -- of an American university that does not allow students and faculty to copy chapters of books and journals to be used in class.  Only one, and they have all become quiet.

Ask them why.

These chickenfeed-beansprout-alfalfa-brains from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Immoral morons all -- all of them ghosts -- without an exception.

In the end, it's always the cobra-eyed Seneca under the skin of these ghost handles.

Always the same prude.

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Good to see you guys having such a serious conversation

Who says one cannot learn something everyday?

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