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China on the path of self-destruction [Copy link] 中文

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While a lot of you infer from history that China had been separated and reunited many times in a number of different dynasties, you neglected several obvious differences between the world which China existed in the past and the world today. These differences are crucial in the way that they make "learning from the history" much less meaningful.

In the past, an empire can massacre a whole town, burn a whole village, or carry out any other form of atrocity without being challenged and the rest of the world would have known almost nothing about it.

Naive attack-TW diehards would say: "Who cares about the world, TW is our internal affair." These people, due to a number of reasons, namely lack of knowledge about democracy, media and public opinions, and an understanding of the globalized economy, usually tend to make the judgement that an attack on TW will strengthen China's regional influence and consolidate national support, which boosts patriotism.

Never before in history has the world been so inter-connected as it is today. There are popular movements by the people, and these movements in one part of the world resulted in changes in the other.... Civil Rights Movement, Women Rights Movement, and several Anti-War Movements since Vietnam, just to name a few. And China will be completely vulnerable to this kind of movements world-wide if they choose to attack TW, and if it were ever successfully in doing it, it would likely require taking the lives of up to several millions, if not more. An attack on TW's soil will backfire and give the TW splittist force exactly what it wants - international recognition.

The western media will NOT help China justify the attack and there will be popular movements around the world to ban Chinese goods and stop investments in China. China has more to lose by attacking TW than recognizing TW's statehood.

The unification law is totally provocative, you cannot mandate the will of 23 million people.

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Ad hominem

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twchinese you must be joking

i saw through you  when you post your first writing.

nobody takes your words seriously.

While Mr. LGK struck  the right note.

We are not eager, you cannot run away with the island.

I'm not going to chew out you now and good night.

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crazyazn has been deleted
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twchi nese

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Taiwan has the light to the fuse.

twchinese:   I sense that you are in two minds about the affair over the Straits. You seem to want peace but you are not sure how to handle the constant shadow  the Mainland casts.
It is a fact that the whole world support the one-China policy. It is also a fact that Taiwan has the lighter in her hands. Whether she chooses to ignite the fuse ( declaring independence ) and take the consequences is her perogative. A mountain of misinformation, dysinformation and outright lies have muddied the debate. So let those who are concerned and serious as to the outcome of the future between the two portions of China stay cool and collected.

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Kerry will have a plan for winning the peace for us all. Chickenhawks, walnuts,

Sicked and pathetically pitiful peoples!

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To Kwok Ho

Who's got the lighter?
That's a good question indeed. From formal point, from what we have heard zillion times ,mainland will not use military means if twn does not declare indp-ce.

Have a look in wchao's thread (Talking to CD section) and read it closely. One wchao is not the ccp standing comittee, surely, but -are there chances that similar ideas are being born UP THERE?
Your comment there would be very interesting also. Not , that I'm pushing you , please do not get me wrong, but I see you are an active participant in all talks about twn issue, with a certain , stable point.

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