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The White Race gave away their heritage and now want to blame China. [Copy link] 中文

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So we are coming to our end!!

How so?

Where do you get this.  there are no trends of the present that have not been here in america in the past.  

the "white race" are you talking about europe because they aren't in decline. they are in the middle of making the largest trading bloc in the world with a population of what somewhere of 800 million or so that is mostly developed and america with a growth rate of 3.5% it doesn't look like decline to me.

if anything is changing for example people say well the west isn't declining but the rest are just catching up a little bit witch is only as it should be. and as for the rest of the world over  taking the west, the west can't grow much more untill we get some new technologies, our cultures are already developed to a high degree.

These wound that you are talking about. what fat people? last i heard 60% of shanghai or "shanghigh" was fat and that i think was on the CD.

What we blame china for what sending jobs overseas? well no we aren't blaming china for it we are blaming bush for it last i heard. also this won't kill america, nor rot america. it is economics and will shape out a path like water one of least resistance.

Are you saying our culture in general is killing us? people have been saying that since the romantic movements in europe and america and likely before that.  what because we have high crime rate our country will fall apart right. or wait i like the race wars you were implying if americans ever become poor. well guess what people have been talking about that for centuries as well yet no race war and the minorities have gone through some bad times but guess what no race war.

In the real world the sun did set on the british empire and people living in rome that thought the entire world was roman, never though that something so powerfull could fall and people living in the old chinese empire never though china would have the future of weakness and division.

But look the people of european romans grew again and became french, british, and germans. they never died. China is coming back to where it once was in the world. the british once the empire is now or soon to be a part of a European Union they didn't die.

i really find it fun but really pointless to look to far ahead into the future. think if you were living at one of these other times, it would be immpossible to have even guessed what the future would hold for any one nation.

So what i am saying is that america is not going to "died" unless you nuke us so you better get used to living with us and stop saying we are a parasite and see that the entire world plays by the same gerneral rules that we do. That you like us suffer from these wounds chairman. now you are a westerner or the west has invaded your culture and influanced you without you even knowing yet or you as like us were born with these flaws because you are human like us and we share 99% of our DNA and this is why american is coming into others cultures with Mc D's because people like having fast, easy, fattening food. we don't force your people to eat it, we don't force your people to wear jeans, we don't force you to learn english and spend most of your time talking to westerners, chairman. you love us and that is why you hate us chairman. i am a westerner and i can truely say i hate the west because i am the west. you on the other hand are a westerner in secret.

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Fair play?

The US plays by the same rules as everyone else? Thats news to me. Last time i checked, we dont have our troops held acountalbe for war crimes, we could launch CIA missions to try and toppel popular elected goverments, and lets not forget all the lovely people the US trains at the school of the americas. Now, what other country can do that, and get away with it? No one really, well maybe Britian, if the US is in a good mood.
Britian didnt die, but there time as a great power did come to an end, and the EU is nothing like the former "glory" of the British empire, and these countries arent doing it because they are trying to form some giant trading block and bring Europe back, its because if they dont, they  vey well may actually die. Now, for what I have heard "white" europe may very well die off. The europeans are not having kids like the used to, and with a sizeable amount of imigartion from Turkey, and the Europeans former colonys(which is a bitting, and perhapse fitting, irony) the population of "whit europe is expected to drop off with in a few generations. Analysts are alreadying that by 2015 the populations of Russia and Japan are going to drop to a very dangerous levels. Sounds to me like Europe is dying out. Now, as to the US, there is no doubt that we will be able to sustain ourselves for quite some time, but no forever, and it will happen, espically with the 3rd world catching and such a quick(some would say frighting) pace, its only a matter of time. Also, fighting pointless forigen wars, dose not help the US's position very much as far as trying to stay on top.
The Chinese has not be infected completely by the western culture, hevaily, but not completely. However, that will not last long. Look back at Chinas history, how many times has she had to deal with forigen invasion? Now, rather then being assimliated by her conquers(namely the Mongols and the Manchus) over time, they became "more chinese then the chinese" as the old saying goes. Its not a done deal yet, but just wait and see.

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One point:Chairman isn't actually Chinese...

He's a white guy himself...this makes it all the more ironically funny.
Good post  to the guy above me.

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Hahahaha that funny

Thanks,  about the post too.

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The first flaw is in his topic heading...

The white race ... how many nationalities does this include? Who gave away their heritage...everyone? China isn't a's a nationality. They are no  more different to Japanese or Korean than Italians are to French or Germans to Danes.
Chairman just realizes who his target audience is and tries to agitate the brainwashed and blindly patriotic flag wavers and slogan yellers.

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tekvicious and fellow low life low minded and lesser persons.

You know the whole story tekvicious and so do I.

These lesser intellects that throng to the fellow low minded and low bred such as yourself are notorious losers.

Before you attack the color of chairman, you should first alert the readers to your color and the split breeding that funds your bankrupt opinion.

chairman is Chinese and you know it.

What the readers of your void do not know is who and what you are.

Tell them tekvicious.

Earth worms share a more moral high ground than you tekvicious.

These lesser life who agree with the bankrupt opinion of a life form lower than an earth worm are what is truly amazing in this forum.

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Why? The spirit of your post is it's own conveyance...

You're seriously deluded if you think that this kind of talk makes you loved by even your own. Talk of my mixed ethnicity as a culprit in warped thought. It's anything but.
I'm able to look at things in a clearer light, things aren't 'black and white', as you'd have us believe.
You are making yourself and anyone aligned with you look like idiots.

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