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Western World's Double-standard [Copy link] 中文

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The west has invaded the east politically, economically, and even intellectually. In the east, japan, korea, singapore, and tw have all fallen into the trap of western corporate economies and become part of the food chain that the western powers feed on. In terms of politics, the Americans have also influenced the region for the interest of the American people. Americans do not view China as a nation enriched with history and culture as much as they do as a "potential market." And the very same goes with the Europeans.

All these Euro-American environmental conservationists are blaming China for pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, while failing to acknowledge the fact that the real demand of such environmentally harmful productions comes from themselves.

While the entire west promotes human rights, their greedy materialistic demands have also hindered the basic human right developments of peoples all over the world: Congo, Sudan, East Timor, Nicaragua, Twan, China, just to name a few. Such a double standard serves the west as a leverage over the east; it also creates an illusion of "foreign is better." That explains why a lot of Chinese, 50 million of whom, have migrated overseas. The wide-spread notion of "foreign is better," (foreign in this case refers to western Europe, US, and Japan), has also allured China's brightest brains to labor for foreign companies. In a knowledge economy, exploitation is no longer limited to materials and physical resources, but to a large extent, also brain power.

While China is a potential victim of western double-speaking, its rulers should never impose the same tactics over its own people. And the only way to prevent and minimize state-imposed coercion and suppression is to have freedom of speech. Many view this as a western idea not suitable for Chinese, but didn't the very basic ideology China was founded on, namely communism, originate in the west as well? Lately China's communism has evolved and gradually blended in with the country's rising nationalism. But Chinese naitonalism is not manifested by seeking justice and compensation from the foreign aggressors like Japan, but seeking ways to threaten the lives of its peaceful neighbors across the straight. Isn't that double-speaking itself?

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"threaten the lives of its peaceful neighbors across the straight" --- you must


simply put: it is a-bian & his supportors threatened the lives of the entire family. it's a family matter.

If not because that the Chinese government had treated the family matter in the family manner --- toleranting a-bian's stupidity for the concern of chinese safety in TW, in another word, loose and democratic control, APAC would have already been a mess. However, it does not give a-bian and splittest any excuses for splitting China, exerting unavoidable, long run threat to the entire China, and the APAC. It is a-bian who invited criminals into the harming of the family, and is still doing so. Tuck up you cheating democracy, which is in fact the war monger, hatred inciter, peace breaker!!! a-bian & the alikes have been so warm to those who had made TW chinese "comfort women", haven't they, including you???

there is no need to brag about you military muscles world wide by screaming that the missles can only dig a few hole on the ground in tw. As the same time, forging & groaning the fear for mainland missles, heating up the war.

SICK CHILDISH IDIOTS!! want to have a try???

Grow up a little bit.

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You are showing your true tail out as a japanese dog bit by bit "twchinese"!!!

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i am a japanese dog??????

wait a minute, when was the last time you heard China barking at Japan with the same hostility as they do to TW?????

In fact, when you Chinese politicians talk to the Japs, you are all about negotiations and concession. But when they talk to the Chinese in TW, it's all about War, Invasion, PLA, Nuclear, short range missiles....

Try to talk to the Japs like you are doing to us in TW if you have the balls. But you guys don't, because you are all Japanese dogs, working for them as cheap labor, letting them live in the most expensive area of the most expensive city in your country.. who's the dog now???

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one more thing

you must be an australian dog then? shaking your doggy tail in front of aussies sucking up to them, begging them to let you stay and not send you back to China....

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you have the "balls", why not standing on you feet, but stood on you knees inste

there is no need to misuse the term "us, us, us"!!

Who's that "us"??? you don't represent Chinese in TW at all. Neither does a-bian.

trash, nearly a century's torture to the Chinese by your "parties" in tw is enough, isn't it???

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simply put:

the solution of a peaceful unification is not based on the a few heads of your trash. it is based on the long run safety, interests for the chinese people, with the interests, security, safety of the majority of Chinese in TW inclusive.

mainland's missle is prepared more for your heads than the dirt of TW, the latter is more valuable than you f k g dick head, got it???

there is no need to incite hatred by deception. you would not have done so if you were a true chinese. bitch!!!

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