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Chen Shuibien is killing TW from within [Copy link] 中文

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to twchinese: trembling out of fear, huh?

Needless to say, you're the few ones who stay levelheaded in tai-wan. As a Chinese saying goes, "bu jian guancai bu diaolei" (never shed tears before seeing the caskets), and this is what Chen is doing now. What he needs is a heavy blow from an iron fist.

tai-wan is a very very small in size, and it's very very close to mainland, and this should be common sense to every adult. No matter how many advanced weapons Chen purchases, it's of no use. It's only an ammunition depot that may explode anytime to bring tai-wan into an entire destruction. They more he purchases, the bigger destruction will be.

Unfortunately, our goodwill and mercy over these years have been rendered as "weak, incapable" or other superficial words by you. "China is a paper tiger" and "barking dogs never bit" are your bragging weapons to smear our sincerity over a peaceful plan for reunification.

Facing Chen's double-faced words and actions, we have to prepare two tactics beforehand. If Chen wants to play games with us, then we're always ready.

It's no use crying "China is a bully" or something. Just ponder on the Chinese saying i spoke out above and you'll understand everything. Crying is not a way out, literally, whilst escapism makes things always back to square one or even worse.

who could save tai-wan out of an upcoming war and a possible destruction? Only yourselves. This is a dead on issue. it's you tai-wanese who are still sober about the bad situation that should shoulder the responsibility to expose Chen's tricks. every Chinese including people inhabitabed in mainland, and this island should see through Chen's sabotage on "one china" policy.

Seperation means instability, and Taidu means war. Just take it or leave it. Talking without preconditions is a pipe dream. It's universally acknowledged that there's only ONE CHINA on this planet and this is the only precondition. Ignoring this common understanding leads nowhere and it's a disaster to all Chinese.


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Chen deserves justice sooner or later

too bad some innocent people  have to be his cannon fodder.

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twchinese, where are you?


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I prefer to say main land t w policy is smart or stupid, but saying main land is destroying t w would not make any sence.

When the mainstream of the population still have no idea how to judge what is right and what is wrong, what is trustful and what is bu11sh1t, When the main stream of the media still fooling around, the politicians still have nothing to be restricted, then the people would suffer from the greedy politicians, no mater whatever de'crocy or c0mmonism they claimed themselves.

Don't blame CSB, it is the fault of most t w people, they elected CSB, and they elected him again!

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The fact :

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So far, I only saw your hateful posts with twisted and weire logic.

crazyazn, when I talk about someone's problem, it doesn't mean I have no such problems. The same way, when you laugh at your neighbour boy fart on school bus, it doesn't mean you didn't wet your bed last night.

For answering your questions,

1. Yes, the majority of main land population still have no idea what is wrong and what is correct. That is why so many power abuse and corruptions happen in main land.
2. Yes, the main stream of main land media is still fooling around on domestic issue, but very transparent and clean on global news, at least, I can say, much better than the media in the US on global news.
3. Mainlanders have no idea what you guys doing in t w, Tell you the true, nobody jealous your t w version of culture revolution.  They are just too busy, no time and no desire to jealous on you guys. However, it is quite impressive to see you guys re-done a culture revolution.

crazyazn, people need to be honest, no need to jump up and calling names when someone tell you that your fly is open.

I can honestly tell you how much problems are still there in main land, but it doesn't mean you have no problems. Be careful your logic, again.

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Hi Luf

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