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We should much attention to the diet [Copy link] 中文

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Mr. Bull was so strong that he was main force in the building team. In the afternoon he suddenly felt uncomfortable in the construction-site and walked to see a doctor where the treatment couldn't settle the problem. Then he was sent to the county hospital where he experienced a long nightmare:The medical test showed that his blood was quite sticky than normal: He suffered from sever blood-vessel problem. Half of the body was going to be out of controlling! Nobody could accept the cold fact:He would live as a disabled person from now on!
What is the bottom reason behind the sad story?  Is there something wrong with what he usually eats?
On the second day after I met him, I visited his place. In the kitchen I asked his wife how much salt was added to one dish for cooking as usual? To my shock it was one full big spoon of salt! That dose is about five times much more than the standard amount!  Scientists belive that everyone is permitted to consume only 5--10 gram of salt for every day.
For the couple, one package of the special chemical substance (500g)is enough for one-month of cooking.
According to my survey, just in our village about thirty people have been hit down by the white powder in the past decade! The youngest lady in the wheelchair is only 28 years old! What a pity it is for the public?
Childish pure  mindset can simplify your life which let you live in a light way! Without man-made troubles you will work in high efficiency!

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The following is my an early blog related to the topic. (All comments made by blogger-friends and me are still missing due to the hacker-attacking in 2018.)

Salt is salty and bitter           Popularity 16

According to the dictionary, salt is a kind white substance that you add to food and let it give out its taste.

Yes, salt is really a good thing and human can not live without it. If there is not enough salt in your food, you may feel that you do not have strength to do labor-work;  on the other hand, if you eat too much salty food, the result would be very bad! ------let me tell you a sad story that has taken place in our neighborhood:

Working as a teacher in that kindergarten, the twenty-three-year-old girl looks so lovely, since she always smiles whenever you see her.

One day, I had a chance that I visited her rented house where her sick mother lives:since seven years ago, she has been lying in bed due to the disease of cerebral hemorrhage!-----her health condition is not bad---- She often does physical exercise even in bed and her face looks as normal as ordinary people so that you can hardly believe that she has been ill for so long!------I respect the lovely girl WHO has taken care of mother as doctor and nurse!

You may ask me where her father is, the girl told me: “ He left me three years ago, because of stomach-cancer!”

How sad it is! I think the God may be unfair to the family, the couple became ill at the age of 55 or so! What is the real reason behind the sad story?  Did they have any bad habit?

When the girl cooked dish for family, I saw that: she added too much salt to the dish! -----the amount was about five times as much as I expected!

Now, you may see that the real trouble-maker might be the salt!:

Too much of it is harmful the blood-vessel of the brain,-----her mother got sick;

Salty food adds too much burden to stomach,-----her father’s illness was cancer!

I had a long talk with the girl and her boyfriend about cooking, ……

One month later, I met with the girl on the road,------ she waved to me with sweet smile and tell me: “I use less salt than before, thank you!”

Dear blogger friends, what is your opinion about this, welcome to make comment!

Childish pure  mindset can simplify your life which let you live in a light way! Without man-made troubles you will work in high efficiency!

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