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Whose lack of transparency is it? [Copy link] 中文

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Trump and his team have concocted the allegation that both China and the WHO have suffered from the disease called "Lack of Transparency (LOT)."   That's truly a tall order and has a LOT to say about the hegemon itself.

Let's watch this picture for a while.  You can win ONE cent from Jack Benny if you can identify the place and its significance for our topic. The reward is high because it shows you have been following the news and Jack wants to offer his congratulations.

Fort Detrick -- panoramic view.PNG

I will give you the name of this place in the next post.

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You will recall this name, which appeared on the entrance gate to the compound of the lab.

Entrance Gate to Fort Detrick.PNG

Looks like you've identified it, or else it wouldn't have passed the censors.

You've won ONE cent from Jack Benny.

You might have noticed that down the long rivers of Mankind's history, innocent people invariably perish before the evil ones do.

35 million Chinese perished in the fourteen years between 1931 and 1945 during the Sino-Japanese War.

Japan's 731 Troops -- known for countless atrocities including the conduction of medical experiments using vivisections (cutting people alive without anesthesia) -- were responsible for finding live agents that could kill massive human populations.

I'll tell you what happened to the Chief Officer of these troops after WWII in the next post for just like Fort Detrick, I have to take a leak too.

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First, go to these two links if you have access to them:

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Now for those without access to above info through the links, here are some of the vitally important sequentially-arranged information from the same sources:

731 Troops - 1 -- China Phase.PNG

731 Troops -13 -JapResponse&Abroad.PNG

731 Troops -12 -AmericanImmunity.PNG

731 Troops -11 -AmericanImmunity.PNG

731 Troops -10 -Divisions.PNG

731 Troops - 9 -Prisoners.PNG

731 Troops - 9 - RapePregnancyVivisection.PNG

731 Troops - 7 -FrostbiteSyphilisPNG.PNG

731 Troops - 6 -SanDiegoTargeted.PNG

731 Troops - 5 -EmperorEndorsement.PNG

731 Troops - 4 - HarbinBioweaponFacility.PNG

731 Troops - 3 -- AmericanPardon.PNG

731 Troops - 2 - Germ Warfare Harbin Prison.PNG

Now that you have examined these links, you can understand what Fort Detrick was all about before its closure in July 2019.  The fact that no one from any country or organization (such as the WHO) to examine the facilities at Fort Detrick while they are clamoring for our allowing them to see the microbiology lab in Wuhan shows that it is hegemony pure and simple.

The fact that they are still clamoring for privileges that they don't intend to reciprocate with either China or the WHO in terms of examining CDC data in connection with the closure of Fort Detrick in July 2019 shows that they are like naked beggars in Paris who were former nobles having much difficulty in adjusting to the new realities after the French Revolution.

The equally important fact that they are asking for compensation from China as the place which PUBLICLY announced it had detected the human-to-human infectivity of a new virus, and never even thought about the fact that they -- using their own logic of a nation's culpability -- were the ones who harmed the global community in the so-called Spanish Flu (during WWI in Europe, started amongst American GIs but with Spain's name sullied because it first appeared near Spain); the 2008 Subprime Crisis (when it received pivotal assistance from China in stabilizing her economy); the 2009 HINI Flu (started in the U.S. but spread to the whole world causing huge casualties and economic losses) and the August 2019 "Flu" which we now know were in many cases caused by the coronavirus as is proven by additional evidence such as the mid-January infections in Clara County California.

It is obvious to many observers that Trump is the head of a rapidly-declining power whose people are now psyched up to fight a regional war (such as the Persian Gulf or the South China Sea) to solve its myriad problems.  

It should be equally obvious to all that the anti-China LOT (Lack of Transparency) accusation flies in the face of common sense and fits the American Numskull perfectly -- they wouldn't let the captain of one of their own aircraft carriers report on a life-threatening COVID-19 challenge aboard his ship in peacetime, and yet have the temerity to point an accusing finger at China.  That shows that their political system is one geared for the benefit for its capitalists only, and not for the common people -- including its precious LOT of naval personnel.

In sum, in talking about thick-skinned shamelessness, no one can surpass the Obsolescent Superpower in the Year 2020, and every nation engaged in the anti-COPID-19 fight should learn from the transparency that China has demonstrated throughout the challenge.

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In short, when Evil-doers are let go without punishment, history will repeat itself again when the time is ripe.

Here are two images on the Butcher Shiro Ishii, who was commissioned by former Japanese Emperor Hirohito to head the 731 troops in Harbin, China doing germ experiments on Chinese civilian captives.  Look at how he was laughing at the world through the camera in the second image -- showing how he looked like before he died naturally in 1959.  Both sides of the Strait had nearly forgotten about him until this Fort Detrick leak occurred and more skeletons in the closet had been identified.

Shiro Ishii.PNG

Shiro Ishii lived well after WWII.PNG

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Good post.

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huaqiao Post time: 2020-4-24 13:01
Good post.

Too slow, and the text is not as big as I wanted it to be.

Hopefully, you can use the magnifying tool at the top right corner of your browser line.

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