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Should China stand by idly as other countries fight COVID-19?   [Copy link] 中文

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(Global Times) When asked if China intends to manipulate other countries' public opinions by providing assistance to those hit by COVID-19, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying asked, do those asking the question hope China stands by idly while remaining indifferent in the face of the pandemic?

During the Foreign Ministry's regular press conference on Monday, a foreign journalist raised a question, asking Hua to comment on remarks of a French minister, who claimed on Sunday that China is waging a propaganda campaign by sending medical supplies to countries hit by the coronavirus.

Hua said she did not know under what circumstances the official made such remarks, but she had heard about relevant topics raised among some Westerners.

"I want to ask those people who asked the question, do they wish to see China standing by indifferently when witnessing other countries suffering from the severe coronavirus pandemic as they are losing more and more lives?" Hua asked.

"Or do they think they can do better than China [in handling the disease]?" she noted, adding that if so, China welcomes the international community to strengthen solidarity and to provide more timely help to people and countries suffering from the pandemic.

Hua said that the abrupt outbreak of the pandemic proved that all people are living in a community of common destiny as no country can detach itself from the crisis. Only unity and cooperation can overcome the difficulties, she said.

The Chinese people will not forget the international community offered it valuable support and help at the most difficult time in the country's fight against COVID-19. The Chinese nation appreciates that and is willing to reciprocate others' kindness, Hua commented.  

Hua said what China has been thinking and doing is all about how to help those countries and people that are in need of help, and protecting the lives and health of worldwide citizens to the greatest extent possible.

"I'd like to ask those talking with strange tones, what have they done for the battle against the virus?" she asked.

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This post was edited by ceciliazhang at 2020-3-31 10:08

China's assistance to those countries hit by the coronavirus is being maliciously described by some Western media as having other “ulterior motives.” What do you think of China's help? How do you view the attacks from Western media outlets on the aid China is giving and China's diplomacy? If such attacks continue, should China still send medical supplies to these specific Western countries?

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ceciliazhang Post time: 2020-3-31 10:03
China's assistance to those countries hit by the coronavirus is being maliciously described by some  ...

I'd ask them country leaders hit by the corona virus if they agree with their media as having other “ulterior motives" before shipping medical supplies to them.

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This post was edited by wchao37 at 2020-4-2 16:36

Although at first glance Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying's rhetorical question in response to foreigners' questioning of China's motive in dispensing aid to so many countries might sound intuitive and true, she has actually missed the point bigtime.

The question is not whether China should "stand idly by while other countries fight COVID-19."  

The real question is whether all the countries presently receiving aid from China deserve such aid from us in the first place.

The Chinese people have traditionally been generous when it comes to aiding foreign countries even when we ourselves had barely enough to eat.

Many oldsters can still remember the time when they had to save their own meager food rations during the early 1970s in order to save scarce resources to help the Vietnamese in their war effort against the Americans.

And yet history had made a mockery of us and our aid.   

Not only did the Vietnamese not appreciate our aid -- besides fulfilling all their military needs, we were feeding and clothing the North Vietnamese when we ourselves were destitutely poor -- as they were strategically backed by the then Soviet Union, their hubris increased exponentially so much so that they ended up launching a military invasion against their smaller neighbors in Southeast Asia and finally, bit the hand that fed them by engaging us in a brutal border war in 1979 while claiming that they were "Number Three in the world" after entering Saigon and defeating the U.S. in 1975.

So the first question we should raise is whether the nations which request aid from us deserve such aid.  The Chinese people are totally fed up with their bad experiences with these 白眼狼 (ungrateful renegades) such as Vietnam and Albania.

The foreign correspondent who questioned China's motives as the only major power which is helping other nations in the present COPID-19 pandemic is obviously the product of a typical Western education that did not teach him about the Chinese humanistic traditions embodied in the teachings of philosophers such as Mencius and Confucius.  

He was only deducing what he or his nation would have done under identical circumstances -- at a time of tremendous stress and material uncertainties, no external aid would be extended or forthcoming unless his own nation is prioritized to enjoy an abundance of such supplies.

That's why even Angela Merkel's Germany initially turned down the requests of other nations to buy their respirators just as the pandemic began to strike Europe.  They even seized China-originated facial masks and other medical supplies bound for Switzerland when they realized those medical supplies were what Germany urgently needed at the time.

It is easy for a man to feel benevolent when he doesn't understand how the real world works.  In Chinese history, there was an emperor 晋惠帝 who, when told by his subordinates how his people were suffering from the ravages of famine, answered with a question, "If they don't have enough rice to eat, why can't they eat pork?"

Indiscriminately offering aid to all nations can be likened to asking that inane question.  Not all nations deserve to be helped because not all of them will appreciate or even remember China's timely and indispensable aid as soon as their life-threatening situation is relieved.  

In fact, countries like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark will turn their backs and accuse us of interfering in their internal affairs and having ulterior motives when we try to extend a helping hand, as can be seen from the fact that they had refused to apologize for their racist, anti-Chinese slurs in their cartoons and articles in major national publications when the virus first struck Wuhan a few months ago.

That's why I say I am not a fan of helping rogue nations like these when they are habitually thick-skinned enough to beg us for help without so much as saying sorry for their insults, hubris and gross misconduct during the early days of the Wuhan crisis.

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China has her own problems!
US will be out to create more problems for China!
Beware to extent any assistance to friends of US!
They will bite in return once they overcome this crisis!
For all effort and good deeds done by China will be credited to GREATNESS OF US!
After all it is US President Donald Trump who makes US GREAT!
Be careful! US has a big stick and will hit head of China without warning!
US muscles are having nowhere to hit other than China!

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This post was edited by parcher at 2020-4-1 09:21

Can she not lend a hand to the gangster run unelected geriatric leaders of the EU.....

The EU maybe trying to help its members during the massive economic shock of civid 19 , but dearly me Germany and the Netherlands are already resisting the idea of shared borrowing to cover the massive economic costs of coronavirus,  proving that during this crisis there are limits to  solidarity to a failed bloc that is desperately trying to cling on after the brexit humiliation they suffered. Its taken just one virus to expose how useless the EU really is.....

Mass unemployment, low growth,  and economic failure.......the EU has just hit an iceberg ..........AMEN.....
if you want something in life get off your backside, and do it yourself!! don't rely on others to do it for you

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Its taken just one virus to expose how useless the EU really is....

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