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Hubei pays highest gratitude to medics [Copy link] 中文

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Medics from Hainan, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Sichuan and Xinjiang take a selfie on Tuesday before their departure from Wuhan, the city hit hardest by the coronavirus outbreak. As the epidemic situation has eased, medical assistance teams in Hubei will leave in batches starting Tuesday. 3,787 medics in 49 medical teams embarked on their journey home. Photo: Cui Meng/GT

Overwhelming appreciation and respect has been paid to medical staff that came from across the country to Hubei and Wuhan and helped bring the COVID-19 epidemic under control with their hard work and sacrifice. This reflected an institutional strength in mobilizing national resources to deal with emergencies, analysts said.

"Thank you for risking your lives and fighting for us!" Many residents in Wuhan shouted from their windows as buses taking medical personnel, who came to aid the COVID-19 fight, drove past their houses. The similar scene was repeated in residential communities, on streets and at airports in Wuhan and Hubei as 41 medical teams assisting Wuhan started to head for their hometowns in different batches since Tuesday.

From January 24 to March 8, 42,600 people from 346 medical teams came to assist Wuhan and Hubei in the COVID-19 fight.

Thirty-two posters made by the Wuhan culture and tourism bureau with tailor-made slogans saying "thank you" to medical teams from 32 places were released on Wednesday.

Li Tian, a 43-year-old single mother who once was treated in a makeshift hospital in Wuhan, told the Global Times that she cried when she saw videos of medical teams departing Wuhan.

"I want to thank them for coming to Wuhan. It touched me so many times to see them wearing heavy protective outfits and goggles covered with vapor," Li told the Global Times.

Li said she hoped the medical teams could come back to Wuhan to enjoy Wuhan's famous cherry blossoms and taste reganmian, a local noodle dish, as they didn't have the chance during the epidemic.

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, where many medics took chartered flights home, also prepared special boarding passes with words "The Spring is more lovable because of you, Hubei becomes more beautiful because of you," and "Our heroes are coming home and we are grateful for having you."

Jiao Yahui, deputy head of the medical policy and administration bureau under the National Health Commission (NHC), who saw medical teams off at the airport on Tuesday, told the Global Times in tears that "we can now tell these medics' families and friends that we send them back safe and sound."

Medical teams also received warm welcomes in their hometowns. At the Ji'nan Airport of East China's Shandong Province, two red firefighting trucks sprayed water from each side and let the just-landed plane slide across the "water gate" as a special greeting.

According to the Ji'nan Daily, the ceremony is a type of high-level etiquette, like guards of honor crossing their swords and letting distinguished guests walk below.

Xu Yao, a research fellow at the Human Rights Research Center of Nankai University in Tianjin, told the Global Times on Wednesday that the teams rushed to ease the severe shortage of medical resources when Wuhan and Hubei were hit hard by the disease. They helped with epidemic control and treated local patients, guaranteeing their life and health.

Meanwhile, the lockdown of Hubei stopped people from going elsewhere and decreased the transmission risk to other people, which was a great sacrifice for the whole country's prevention work, Xu said.  

Such an aid system of "one provincial-level region supporting one city in Hubei" is a mature public governance mechanism in China, which saw success in the poverty alleviation work and the emergency aid after the deadly earthquake in Sichuan in 2008.

This is a mechanism with Chinese characteristics, which demonstrates the country's capability of managing the overall situation and mobilizing all resources to deal with emergencies and carry out key undertakings effectively, according to Xu.

Europe has become the new "epicenter" of the global COVID-19 outbreak with mounting infections, but it is difficult for European countries to copy such a mechanism, experts said.

Relatively free movement of people in Europe increases the spread of the virus in the continent. Most countries are now busy with domestic outbreaks and can hardly offer help to others, Xu said.

Xu also noted the EU can do little to help with the situation as its moves have always been hindered by nationalism or other political factors.

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The Spring is more lovable because of you, Hubei becomes more beautiful because of you!
We all hope the medical teams could come back to Wuhan to enjoy Wuhan's famous cherry blossoms and taste reganmian, a local noodle dish, as they didn't have the chance during the epidemic.

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China government proves to the world that China will surmount great obstacles with one united people under China Communist Party of China!

For US, the best solution is for human rights! So, where is human rights for US, if one is unable to pay for COVID-19 test?
Worst is only the rich will get access to medical care to cure them!

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These are some of the loveliest people on earth, NONE of whom should be coerced into overseas missions.

Just think -- there are more than 200 countries on earth, and if we end up sending not only material supplies but also MEDICAL workers to all of them, the world's appetite will be sharpened so that China's ABSENCE in any future global rescue efforts will be condemned as being abnormal.

If every one of the afflicted countries makes ONE call to BJ and tearfully asks for help, can we actually comply with all their requests?

In that scenario, if we refuse to help 4 or 5 little countries when they call BJ, this will be used as propaganda ammunition by the Western Media to heap abuse on the Chinese nation as miserly and uncaring, etc. while none of these rich countries will lift a finger to help their own allies as in the case of Italy and the EU.

Please use your head and think of all the consequences.

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Yes, please use Your Head and think of all the consequences.

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Did any of the U.S. online moguls such as Amazon or Facebook contribute even one clinical mask to help Wuhan at the start of the outbreak?

Did Amazon's CEO Bezos, whose business is heavily intertwined with that of Jack Ma's Alibaba, offer even one sincere gesture of consolation to the Chinese people during their hour of need?

The answer is an emphatic NO in both instances and the reason is that Bezos would be adjudged politically incorrect if he is seen to hobnob for any reason with the Chinese.  

You can say that Jack Ma is sending masks and test kits to the U.S. because he wants to curry favor with American consumers, and you would be correct.

But then what about Bezos?  Couldn't he have done the same thing even as an afterthought had he dared to act outside the political box when it comes to China?

So the significant contrast is there.  The business-savvy Bezos did not even deign to win friends and influence people in China even as most of his fulfillment activities has to do with small businesses in China via the Alibaba platform.

So that means Ma's gesture is unnecessarily sycophantic due to the purposeful lack of reciprocity, except perhaps to hasten the arrival of the day when a truer picture of the  U.S. COVID-19 pandemic can be taken -- now that everyone knows that there are at least 500,000 usable kits available for viral testing.

Hitherto, the actual scale of COVID-19 pandemic in the 50 States has been grossly understated largely because Trump didn't want to let the truth ruin his chances for re-election.  

After testimony was given during a U.S. Congressional hearing last week by CDC's own top brass, the world was finally told the truth -- that many of the Corona-virus-related fatalities had been camouflaged as flu-related ones, and that the relevant clinical data had been dutifully sent to the White House by the CDC.  

So Slimy Trump's excuse blaming his COVID-19 troubles on the "lack of testing kits" was untenable -- it is not that his nation could not produce functional test kits, but that Trump himself had ordered a cover-up after the disastrous leak from Fort Detrick -- a military research compound which was primarily involved in biological-warfare research -- before it was surreptitiously and unceremoniously closed in the summer of 2019, just before the "flu outbreak" in the U.S causing tens of thousands of mortality cases.

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Typo Correction:  appetite would be whetted, not sharpened.

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