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Flu vs Coronavirus: Which one is more dangerous? Facts that will blow your mind [Copy link] 中文

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As new coronavirus ravages China, why are we calm about the much deadlier flu?


FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN? Is the 2019 novel coronavirus being made a million times more viral by social media, instead of the sheer virulence of this new virus itself? While the novel coronavirus ravages much of China and world leaders rush to close their borders to protect citizens from the outbreak, it must be seen from a much bigger lens.


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CRIPPLING PANIC OVER CORONAVIRUS? Many health professionals are rightly concerned about the novel coronavirus, dubbed by the WHO as"2019-nCoV". This novel coronavirus is a stark new reality for usall. But the flu is posing a greater health threat to the rest of the world than the new coronavirus, physicians say.

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As of Wednesday, February 5, 2020, there were 490 confirmed coronavirus-related deaths, mostly in China, especially in the outbreak zone of Wuhan. And there are 24,000 confirmed novel coronavirus cases, including in more than a few countries, based on official World Health Organisation.

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HEALTH EMERGENCY: The WHO has rightly declared coronavirus a sa "public health emergency of international concern". The once-unknown virus strain that first erupted in the Chinese city of Wuhan, had been traced to bats — for which there’s still no antidote. There are 11 confirmed cases in the United States of coronavirus as of Monday.

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Fact 1: Influenza has quietly killed 10,000 people in the US so far this flu season. Data:

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FLU AND PNEUMONIA DEATH RATE PER 100,000 POPULATION: The global frenzy over 2019-nCoV could lull us into ignoring a creeping common disease falling off the public radar — but is much deadlier, as these numbers show. Source:

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The US CDC, in a January 31, 2020 bulletin, has warned the public not to drop their guard about influenza — which has caused at least 19 million illnesses, 180,000 hospitalizations, and 10,000 deaths so far this season.

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Fact 2: Influenza is much deadlier. Most people know that the flu can kill. Indeed, the so-called Spanish flu killed 50 million people in1918 – more than were killed during World War I.

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SPIKE IN U.S. FLU CASES: Flu activity has now risen for 2 consecutive weeks, according to a January 31, 2020 report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.


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The CDC estimates the influenza in 2018-2019 was associated with more than 35.5 million illnesses and a staggering 34,200 deaths in the United States. At least 19 million people have come down with the flu in the U.S. with 180,000 ending up in the hospital, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Image Credit: CDC / WHO / Wire reports


FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN: “In the US, it’s really a fear based on media and this being something new,” Dr. Jennifer Lighter, hospital epidemiologist at NYU Langone Health, said of the new coronavirus. “When in reality, people can take measures to protect themselves against the flu, which is here and prevalent and has already killed 10,000 people.”

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It is not just Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, Hankou District, Wuhan City alone.
Problem is Chinese does not believe that spitting and throwing of animal internal organs and waste in wet market do pose potential contagious dieases.
Wuhan CDC exhibits total independence above law and acts without responsibility!
Who to blame?

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US originated flu is by far the more deadly.

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The BBC "reporter" Stephen McDonell should be booted out of China for spreading his coronavirus lies and hate news propaganda against China and the Beijing government.
This nutjob is a fake news disseminator of the worst kind.

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Kbay Post time: 2020-2-7 15:23
The BBC "reporter" Stephen McDonell should be booted out of China for spreading his coronavirus lies ...

Undoubtedly he would be very happy to be far away from the virus. You can pay for his ticket.

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