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Boeing Starliner on its maiden voyage to the space station did not make it [Copy link] 中文

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After a nominal launch from @NASAKennedy, we’re now looking forward to the arrival of @BoeingSpace’s #Starliner on its
maiden voyage to the space station.

    Everything went well, until it didn’t.  “We had an off-nominal situation on orbit,” is how Kirk Shireman, NASA’s
program manager for the ISS, phrased it...
   Translated from government-speak, that means the on-board clock experienced a glitch and fired the engines at the wrong
time. Nobody knows yet why or how this happened – or how such a thing could happen with a state-of-the-art spacecraft in 2019.

Their outdated Metric - US/Imperial conversion most likely is to blame for it...

   In September of 1999, after almost 10 months of travel to Mars, the Mars Climate Orbiter burned and broke into pieces.
On a day when NASA engineers were expecting to celebrate, the ground reality turned out to be completely different, all
because someone failed to use the right units, i.e., the Metric units!
   The navigation team used the metric system of millimeters and meters in its calculations, while Lockheed Martin
Astronautics, which designed and built the spacecraft, provided crucial acceleration data in the English system of inches,
feet, and pounds. JPL engineers did not take into consideration that the units had been converted, i.e., the acceleration
readings measured in English units of pound-seconds^2 for a metric measure of force called newton-seconds^2. In a sense,
the spacecraft was lost in translation...

Metric           US or Imperial
1 millimeter [mm]           arrow     0.03937 in
1 centimeter [cm]     10 mm     arrow     0.3937 in
1 meter [m]     100 cm     arrow     1.0936 yd
1 kilometer [km]     1000 m     arrow     0.6214 mile
US or Imperial           Metric
1 inch [in]           arrow     2.54 cm
1 foot [ft]     12 in     arrow     0.3048 m
1 yard [yd]     3 ft     arrow     0.9144 m
1 mile     1760 yd     arrow     1.6093 km
1 int nautical mile     2025.4 yd     arrow     1.853 km
Metric           US or Imperial
1 sq cm [cm2]     100 mm2     arrow     0.1550 in2
1 sq m [m2]     10,000 cm2     arrow     1.1960 yd2
1 hectare [ha]     10,000 m2     arrow     2.4711 acres
1 sq km [km2]     100 ha     arrow     0.3861 mile2
US or Imperial           Metric
1 sq inch [in2]           arrow     6.4516 cm2
1 sq foot [ft2]     144 in2     arrow     0.0929 m2
1 sq yd [yd2]     9 ft2     arrow     0.8361 m2
1 acre     4840 yd2     arrow     4046.9 m2
1 sq mile [mile2]     640 acres     arrow     2.59 km2

Metric           US or Imperial
1 milligram [mg]           arrow     0.0154 grain
1 gram [g]     1,000 mg     arrow     0.0353 oz
1 kilogram [kg]     1,000 g     arrow     2.2046 lb
1 tonne [t]     1,000 kg     arrow     1.1023 short ton
1 tonne [t]     1,000 kg     arrow     0.9842 long ton

US or Imperial           Metric
1 ounce [oz]     437.5 grain     arrow     28.35 g
1 pound [lb]     16 oz     arrow     0.4536 kg
1 stone     14 lb     arrow     6.3503 kg
1 hundredweight [cwt]     112 lb     arrow     50.802 kg
1 short ton (US)           arrow     0.9072 t
1 long ton (UK)           arrow     1.0160 t

NASA has used the Metric system since about 1990 but English units are still employed on some missions, and a few projects
use both. NASA uses both English and Metric aboard the International Space Station...

   Time to wake wake up and dump the US/Imperial System and go 100% Metric.

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This post was edited by emanreus at 2019-12-24 22:11

  re: "Boeing Starliner on its maiden voyage to the space station did not make it"

Neither did Boing's CEO, after announcing that he would give up his compensation package of some 23 million USD...

   Money talks, Trump as well will be fired (it's called impeachment) for giving up his pay, only nobody is talking about it...

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Crazy country is the US!
Pounds and Inches

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