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US politicians should keep their color-hued noses out of Hong Kong   [Copy link] 中文

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The People's Republic of China makes no secret about its sensitivity to foreign intervention in its internal affairs.

And like those of Tibet and Taiwan, Hong Kong affairs fall into the category of being China's business and no one else's.

Since the onset of the current turbulence in the special administrative region, which now threatens to paralyze the international financial hub's governance and service functions, Beijing has time and again reiterated that bottom line.

And, while expressing its confidence in the local authorities' capabilities to restore order, it has repeatedly urged foreign powers to refrain from stoking the violence by word or deed.

That, on the first day after its two-week recess, the United States House of Representatives passed four resolutions regarding China, three of them on Hong Kong, has therefore naturally provoked a robust response from Beijing.

Expressing Beijing's strong indignation, a spokesperson for the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council on Wednesday condemned the measures, saying they were motivated by "gangster logic and a hegemonic mindset".

By passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which requires the US secretary of state to certify each year that Hong Kong retains its autonomy in order to receive special treatment as a major financial center, along with a resolution reaffirming the relationship between the US and Hong Kong that voices support for the protesters, and one that would halt exports of crowd-control devices unscrupulously provide support and encourage the violent extremists in Hong Kong, the US representatives have turned a blind eye to the intensifying violence and sent a wrong message to the rioters.

Both the SAR government and the authorities in Beijing have indicated the present priority in Hong Kong is to stop the violence and restore order.

The resolutions passed by the House show that instead of trying to promote calm, US politicians have made an ideologically motivated misjudgment of the situation in Hong Kong that will only further damage its social order and economy — seemingly oblivious to the harm that will also do US businesses.

What is happening in Hong Kong is an amalgamation of past and present woes acerbated by local, regional and international factors. It involves civil rights, democratic proceedings, public administration as well as longstanding difficulties and dissatisfactions at individual and community levels, all of which entails careful, comprehensive assessment and handling. But for that to happen, there has to be calm and order.

That the US representatives have chosen to wrongly judge the situation in Hong Kong and are seeking dictate what happens by exacerbating the unrest, reveals the desire of US politicians of both parties to foment a "color revolution" in Hong Kong.

They are destined to be disappointed though.

Hong Kong's status as an international financial, trading and shipping center is the result of the toil and perseverance of its people with the strong support of mainland. It has never been and a gift granted by foreign countries, and therefore it is not something that can be withheld or taken back.

Those US politicians holding high the banner of human rights in support of the chaos in Hong Kong, either willfully ignore or are ignorant of the truth that since Hong Kong's return to the motherland, the people of Hong enjoy more extensive democratic rights and freedoms than ever before. And that these rights and freedoms are being denied people in Hong Kong by the violence of the protestors they support.

But then their banner is a very amorphous thing.

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By far no western democracy has done good but harm to Asian nations. Hong Kongers never have a vote per person. UK sent a so called governor, whose words were laws.

Under the British rule, there was the ISA, Internal Security Act. Arrest of anyone deem necessary is and without trial for at least thirty if not more years!

Those who attacked public servant, especially police who is responsible for law and order is first degree serious offence that will receive the highest and harsh punishment. For those who had been jailed, their travel abroad will be denied for good. Please note that former British colonies still have them in force. No concession for Hong Kong.

For those who really want to instigate revolution, then their price should be clear. No more game of chance!

Mark these words! Make no mistake!

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Present Hong Kong Chief Executive Official is not A STREET FIGHTER!
Carrie Lam stands to loose!

Lee Kuan Yew was consulted by Mr Tung, First CEO Hong Kong SAR and was advised that the British led a lot of mines.

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US to keep their noses out of others business

What a joke they will never do that.
They were always a country with the most disrupted governments and they try to fix others problems, because they can't fix their own problems.

One example of hundreds, there were 7 deaths the last year in america because of vaping, and the government wants to ban the selling of it, there are thousands of gun deaths every year, and they do nothing about it.
What a bunch of hypocrites.
Human lives mean nothing when the western warmongers see a bigger gain through war

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Ted Cruz's trip to Hong Kong was a trip of deception. He had to go there for "first hand account" of the situation. Then he goes back to the US with certain "trustworthiness" after "witnessing" the situation. This will give him a free rein to lie and fool the people back home. Those who don't bother to check will hear only one side of the story--and usually full of lies.

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huaqiao Post time: 2019-10-17 11:58
Ted Cruz's trip to Hong Kong was a trip of deception. He had to go there for "first hand account" of ...

That lad  got a big mouth;
  “We've seen over two million people come to the streets standing up for freedom, standing up for democracy, and standing up against the oppression of the Chinese Communist regime,” Cruz said in a recorded interview on CBS Face the Nation on Sunday.

  The real number was below 1/4 of their number...

    The July 1 Organisers claim that around 550,000 people turned up to protest, a record breaking turnout as the organisers claimed.
  However, police claimed 190,000 joined the protest rally. Researchers combining artificial intelligence and manual counting techniques concluded that a total of 265,000 people marched.
   Reuters counted the number of protestors at one location over 15 minute periods during the march and came to an estimate of 227,000 people in total.

His mouth is very big indeed

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Joshua Wong, Dennise Ho and others in so called democratic movement in Hong Kong are just but causing distability to Hong Kong economy. The manner of destruction exhibited by rioters in full black face cover gear is worst than terrorism. BBC showed that the weapons they used were distributed in well organized manner from large green refuge bins delivered to riot sites by a person who was in charge, while the rest took their weapons in orderly form.
Clearly, this showed that they were well trained! For the case of an underage person, who is still a student, he is definitely trained to kill. With his school not willing to expel him, he will be a serious source of social problems in future.
Fortunately, all these events is very conducive to Macau and other cities as tourists will not avoid visiting Hong Kong for safety reasons.
With a good proportion of the most expensive shopping malls having no tourist to buy, it will be time for these people to take full responsibility for their action inflicted upon their own Hong Kongers.


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