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70th Anniversary of the PRC -- One Perspective [Copy link] 中文

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Today is the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

Whatever your political orientation might be, you simply can't deny the fact that the occasion deserves our special commemorative note here because it represents the first time in human history that a predominantly agricultural nation has been able to get its act together and swiftly transform itself into an industrialized economic powerhouse within a single lifespan.

To interpret that as only an economic miracle is a simplistic understatement.  It is Mankind's Miracle on a grand scale on many fronts, as we'll see in this thread as we make further progress.

If you conscientiously and scientifically take a retrospective pulse of world history, you will come away with the realization that what had transpired in China in the last seven decades wasn't totally unpredictable.   It wasn't just a narrative about the nation overcoming poverty to become rich. It was about the DNA of Chinese civilization revealing its true grit.

To be sure, China isn't yet the most scientifically-advanced nation on earth, nor is it the wealthiest at this juncture on a per capita basis, but it sure has the most comprehensive can-do list of all industries listed by the United Nations, and that means if necessary it can develop and sustain its own economy irrespective of any disruptions on its supply-chains.  

This was best exemplified in the case of Huawei when the American government tried to use humongous powers at its disposal -- including mafia-like criminal use of kidnapping and extortions -- in its attempt to stifle the continued growth of a single Chinese company on the excuse that the latter presented a 'security threat' to America.  

That was a veritable sign of weakness on the part of Donald Trump and his thuggish associates, not strength.

To be sure, Huawei's quantum-based technology would vitiate any American attempt to install electronic backdoors on Merkel's cell phone, and if adopted by the rest of the world, the technology would pre-empt Uncle Sam's hegemonic network of eavesdropping over the people of all nations whether friend or foe, domestic or foreign.  

To repeat: no wonder Pompeo was in such a hurry to dissuade others from adopting the Huawei's 5G platform.  The inability of the White House to impose security threats against other countries had these nations chosen to adopt Huawei's 5G platform was turned on its head and re-interpreted as a 'security threat' to the U.S. itself.  That certainly jives with the mafia's thought pattern -- the victim can always be painted as the victimizer.

On a different paradigm and as far as the capability for building infrastructure is concerned, it's a global consensus today that whatever tools and technologies China doesn't have in its toolbox and blueprints probably don't exist.

Any Western technological edge over China can only be temporary given the innovative momentum China is gaining at this time -- the Chinese can quickly learn, blunt and obliterate such an edge momentarily.

Most importantly, any Chinese competitive advantage over the West is likely to stay permanent -- what is uniquely Chinese that has enabled the civilization to revive and thrive with such cyclical certainty cannot be learned by the Westerners unless the latter become culturally Chinese themselves -- a situation which will pertain for many years to come due to the West's inherent hubris and inability to translate their own innovations into wealth in the new eMarketplace.

Interesting, when the Chinese prove themselves adept at formulating such translations, the Americans accuse them of intellectual property 'thefts,' even though what the Chinese are doing are nothing more than what the Americans did to the British in the late 1890s to become Number One.  

So go figure who is likely to be 'stealing' from whom in a few short years when the list of new innovations will be predominantly Chinese in origin.  The White House occupant at that time will never label American imitations as 'thefts' -- they will give their own behavior a much softer label -- 'emulations,' for instance.

Kudos and glory to our beloved people and great motherland on this memorable day -- October 1, 2019 -- the 70th anniversary of the PRC.

Wei Chao, M.D.

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The following section should have been:

Interestingly, when the Chinese prove themselves adept at formulating such translations, the Americans accuse them of intellectual property 'thefts,' even though what the Chinese have done isn't anything more than what the Americans did to the British in the late 1890s to become Numero Uno.

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