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Rumours about police killing at HK MTR station [Copy link] 中文

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1.  Kimmy Chung joined the Post in 2017 and reports for the Hong Kong desk on local politics and Hong Kong-mainland issues.  Prior to joining the Post, she covered Hong Kong politics and social policies for more than six years for different media outlets.

The following are excerpts from Kimmy Chung's 7 September 2019 article headlined "No protesters killed during police actions, Hong Kong government says, as it slams ‘malicious’ rumours swirling about deaths during mayhem at MTR station".

(Begin excerpts)
No protesters have been killed in police action over the past three months of demonstrations, the Hong Kong government has stressed, as rumours that at least three people were beaten to death sparked hysteria.

The government issued the strong denial on Saturday, calling the rumours malicious.

“It is deeply regrettable that such an irresponsible rumour keeps spreading with the ill-intent to mislead members of the public, and to sow division and discontent in society at a time when the government is sincerely trying to establish a dialogue platform,” it said in a statement.

However, some people remained unconvinced and gathered outside the MTR station at the centre of the rumour, calling for “truth and justice”....

Rumours circulated that three people had died, with some versions putting the number as high as six, although nobody seems to know the names of the supposed victims and there are no families or friends asking for help.

Adding fuel to the fire, a woman told a Hong Kong Free Press reporter during a live video on Friday night that “her friend” was among six “executed” by police, claiming her parents had failed to see the body. But no further information about the supposed victim was provided.

Early on Saturday, the Fire Services Department issued a statement addressing the rumours, which included that an ambulance incident officer had revised the number of injured people at the scene from 10 to seven in operational messages.

According to a police source, Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor is very concerned about the rumour and has ordered an interdepartmental press conference, involving the force, Hospital Authority, Fire Services Department and MTR, to be held, possibly on Monday.

Some internet users had focused on the “missing three” as the department said seven injured people were escorted by ambulance personnel to Lai Chi Kok MTR station by a specially arranged train.

In the statement, the department said the situation in the station was chaotic, with injured people at different places and also moving around on the platform. So during an initial headcount some may have been listed more than once, it said....

Police have also repeatedly rejected claims there were any deaths. The MTR Corp also denied the rumours while the Hospital Authority said it had no records of any deaths related to the incident.

Despite the clarifications, people continued to leave white flowers and other mourning symbols at an exit of Prince Edward station on Saturday evening, with a few protesters kneeling.

Tattoo artist Clara Jade, 23, knelt for 2½ hours and said she wanted to protest peacefully for justice. “I feel like I owe something to the victims and their families – I want to know the truth,” she said.

Gerald, 24, had knelt for an hour and intended to keep doing so until the sun went down, stressing the need for police accountability.

The MTR shut Prince Edward station again on Saturday afternoon after a dozen protesters gathered calling for the release of CCTV footage for August 31...  (End excerpts)

Source:  scmpdotcom

2.  There is a Chinese idiom "Ru chou wei gan 乳臭未干 (Cantonese pronunciation:  Yu chau mei gwong) literally meaning "smell of mother's milk that is yet to dry".  It is used to describe "immature and inexperienced" people.  It is alarmingly clear that those "immature and inexperienced" radical protesters in Hong Kong, consist mostly of students, are more expert and experienced than the police and government in public relations.

How can a group of teenagers who "smell of mother's milk that is yet to dry" show the police and government in a bad light with disinformation?  The radicals' allegation of police killing at Prince Edward MTR station on August 31 bears the hallmarks of the US-led propaganda in the Syrian civil war.  Several times in the past, the US alleged that the Syrian government had been using poison gas against civilians.  Consequently, it launched missiles at multiple military targets in Syria to punish the Syrian government for its alleged use of poison gas against civilians.

As the skirmishes gradually descend into a civil strife similar to that in Syria, the radical protesters in Hong Kong look more like their Syrian counterparts -- rioters, rebels and fighters.

3. The alleged police killing at Prince Edward MTR station on August 31 is obviously a malicious lie and disinformation. If the alleged deaths did occur, family members would have already come forward to sue the police or claim insurance. So far not even a ghost has emerged to sue the police for the alleged killing. The identity of the alleged dead protesters remains unknown, even to those who claim or allege the police killing. The local government has to take the following steps to debunk the disinformation:

(a) Set up an international independent body to investigate the alleged police killing. The police innocence should pass all "stress tests" (the favourite catchphrase of the radical protesters in Hong Kong).

(b) Arrest those who spread the malicious rumours about the alleged deaths. All rumour-mongers will be released if they can prove their allegations or get family members of the alleged dead protesters to come forward to sue the police.

(c) Photos and videos of the radicals' violence and vandalism should be televised hourly every day to reveal the radicals' lawlessness to the general public.

(d) A museum should be set up for the exhibition of objects, photos, videos, etc to reveal the lawlessness of radical protesters.

(e) All police personnel should be armed with hidden cameras to take photos of the radicals' violence and vandalism.

(f) All police personnel must attend relevant courses such as psychology, public relations, social policies, politics, etc in order to respond effectively to the radicals' disinformation and propaganda.

Donald Trump's infamous Hitler-style rabble-rousing chants:  "Lock her up!  Lock her up!"

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"Arrest those who spread the malicious rumours about the alleged deaths."  i.e. "Lock them up ! Lock them up !"

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Fake news!

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pnp Post time: 2019-9-9 12:59
Fake news!


They receive payment for their action, certain 'Press' clothed camera holders record such activities to enable payment... Needless to say, NO receipts being issued...

   Arresting such simple minded folks would play right into the hands of the paymasters...   

    Better encourage them by spreading rumors that their partner got paid twice as much because that certain 'press' individual got a cut out of it...

    IN no time, this house of cards would collapse like them high-rised residential buildings after an earthquake struck the southern city of Tainan in Taiwan at around 3.57 am at the start of their last  Lunar New Year holiday weekend.

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