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Trump's Attitude Towards China Has Softened? [Copy link] 中文

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Media Report:
"DALIAN, Liaoning: Dr Wang Huiyao, an adviser to the Chinese government, said US President Donald Trump's manner of dealing with China has shifted from being extreme to being more realistic in recent times.

"I am glad to see he has softened his position at G20 … He is more pragmatic now," said Wang in an exclusive interview with CNA. Wang was appointed counsellor to the Chinese Cabinet in 2015 by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang."

Do readers agree with Dr Wang?

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Got to disagree with Dr Wang!  Trump's attitude towards China has not softened a bit, on the contrary, it has hardened recently, reason being, he sees China's GDP dipping slightly, and he claims victory for his tariffs on China.  Thinking his tariffs work, he is adopting a hardened attitude towards China!  He is less likely to back down from his demands!

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Just because Trump said some nice things at G20 in Osaka does not mean anything; he does that all the time to suit his convenience at the moment. He fkip flops so often, one can't tell what he rael intention is!  His promise to let US companies sell products to Huawei has not been implemented yet, in fact it is going nowhere!  And after leaving Osaka, he has racheted up his rhetorics, accusing China of not buying more US farm produce as promised!  And he even lied that China is begging him for a trade deal!  Wang must have misread Trump!

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D Trump blows hot and cold on a lot of affairs, you just couldn't take him seriously on anything.
Believe it or not, it's true.

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Yeah, he said some nice things at G20, that's for PR purposes with world leaders; when he returned to the Whit House he immediately called a press conference and demanded that a trade deal cannot be 50/50, it must be in US favor!  That is not a softening of his attitude towards China!

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Liononthehunt Post time: 2019-7-19 17:27
D Trump blows hot and cold on a lot of affairs, you just couldn't take him seriously on anything.

agree, that guy is just unpredicable.

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This post was edited by markwu at 2019-7-23 11:22

Trump has more attitude than altitude.

Yet the altitude that he lacks is necessary for the art of diplomacy which is essential for the art of any deal.

He gets his sugar-fix from a slavish adulation by blue-collar and sinophobic groups for his brand of American exceptionalism which propagates right-wing populism that has suspended rational decision-making and created knee-jerk reactions without a single compensating assessment of what will happen next from superficial actions.

Hence, the letter from 100 US luminaries who had asked that the US return to a rational voice absent for more than two years now.

He carries an attitude without any culture needed to facilitate any agreement so that Osaka's G20 remains just a truce voiced by him after he realized his forcings on another sovereign power has not panned out.

If he were an onion, peeling him would bring tears to mankind. A pretentious man who blusters to hide his contradictory thoughts leading to a final realization what he is trying to do onto other nations is akin to what his Bannon had said about DPRK's nuclear posture - the US can't force and expect to win because forcing another nation is demanding that it abrogate its sovereign right. What qualifications can the US presume it has to do so with impunity?

And against his four US congresswomen thrice in total, he has manifested a racist streak. First, for, then against, then for again by the next day. Maybe next week back to against again. This is not cognitive dissonance but perhaps it is incipient dementia. It seems he has learned nothing from the reactions he got after his earlier semi-KKK remark after their Charlottesville incident.

His mind remains locked in some past of the US of the 50s with its coal and steel industries that is his version of Maga spiced with a monolithic bigotry reeking of a white man's global supremacy that is disguised as some revivalist Amerikanisme. He took a neglect by his own country  to redeploy their blue-collar workers and then used that situation as the only excuse to blame other nations in order to foist US demands across the globe, riding roughshod over diplomatic principles, equality and an understanding of the difference in development cycles between his country and those of others. He may call that leveraging but it is just bullyism.

So today in this fractious world, behold someone in his 70s with an ego bigger than his body but a brain smaller than his ego who, having not had any real success in his own life except when padded by threats of revenge, starts fires all over the world, and next blusters his way around shaking with one hand while holding a dagger in the other, meanwhile saying one thing today but the opposite tomorrow, as if his memory is permanently on dynamic-random-access mode, however not made in South Korea with Japanese technology.

Furthermore, his actions are adding mud to the global slopes, sliding the world under the shadow of a recessionary cloud with global supply chains crippled by the uncertainties he has raised through his drunk-man's random walk through the cowboy towns of commerce and industry.

Consistently steadfast throughout, China continues to develop herself so as to help up other nations as well and in a manner recalling the same approach she had adopted the last time when the US had almost sunk the world economies triggered by its subprime mortgage excesses.

Again, she is doing it without a single instance of recruiting or forcing other nations to follow her political structure. Which has nevertheless been the backbone of forty years of her own success to develop her industries, expand her economy, and uplift her peoples. Which remain her raison d'etre for standing firm against Trump's trademark unpredictability and inconsistency and the diatribes of his hawks.

Yet Trump's US continues to blame her for its own failures and fiascos in order to deflect the eyes of its citizens from its own debts and deficits caused by the unbridled printing of the US dollar to blow on its expansionary campaigns in global finance and wars for US interests only, now sold as freedom even if at price of others having to be slavish to US policies which is what the Europeans now realize, and that includes Brexit UK.

The bipartisan US machinery has just approved another lifting of the US federal debt ceiling for the next two years by printing more US dollars in order to avert the closure of the US government of the world's global superpower vintage. When will it all finally blow up and gold becomes premium?

Which comes to Trump's Osaka G20 relief of Huawei. He applied asymmetric pressure on the trade talks by maleficiently using the company as bogey and that after getting one of its chiefs detained to be used as negotiation leverage, and then tried to add new demands into the negotiation to beef up his US position while the talks were still going on to try and finalize the original bone of contention.

Seeing opportunity against China as they naturally would, his hawks jumped onto his bandwagon; one can now add new names to them - Dempsey, Banks, Haley and Friedberg.  

Just randomly pull one out.  Say, Haley. Wasn't she the one seen on video in recent memory thanking China at the UN for something China had to do with reluctance which was only prompted to try and defuse an incendiary situation in Asia caused by the US?  

So why has she now written a piece so totally against China that echoes Princeton's Friedberg who echoed Hudson's Pillsbury who echoed Trump's Navarro who now laughably says Huawei can buy but only USD1 Billion of US chips when it has been buying multiples more in increasing quantities?  

Is she herself so Maga-branded lily white that she has to try and outdo her ex-boss in the new reality show in town that is just another display of US' political racism against a different mode of government?

Those US chips suppliers are probably going to spend that much just on fees alone to find scarce trade lawyers in Washington to explain to the US Commerce Department officials which part of which chip will not transgress US national security in order to free them from the US' anti-WTO entity list operating on presumption of denial so that they can continue to export to China and earn hefty incomes that reduce trade deficits and buoy tech stock prices plus earnings and bonuses.

Those lawyers would now have a precedent in a recent WTO judgement finding the US guilty against China.  And the US CD officials have already decried Trump's policies as this today, another the next.

It remains to ask what credentials does Navarro as an opportunistic ex-academic possess that says he knows anything about the integrated global industry of hand-phones, telecom equipment and semiconductors for that matter 5G networks, in order to decide on behalf of the world that only USD1 Billion is what Huawei can buy from the US when his Trump is trying to close a trade deficit through a deal? How did he get that figure? By plucking from his hair so that he can appear more nationalistic before mainstream US cameras?

What we are seeing ever so clearly now is Trump's idee fixe on Amerikanisme based on transactional decoupling so as to exert American hubris on the world by zero-sum leveraging that rides on US hegemony through its dollar, military and technology despite the global wisdom that says technological decoupling runs against the natural grain of technological progress by symbiosis in this new age of integration and synthesis.

The political racism practiced by the US today is being advanced by the US marring the integrity of the global financial system by weaponizing the US dollar to sanction entire nations crimped by US militarism excused on grounds of technology trade rules defined exclusively by the US.

Such demonization, degradation and destruction of international relations can only pander to self-interested actors like Navarro and misguided ones like Haley who jockey to rise up their gradient of power and acceptance but only end up destabilizing a peaceful global balance, producing constant chaos and uncertainty, and absurdly widening the very trust deficit that will only result in a new T-trap that however should best be relegated to the last two centuries.

In the face of all this nonsense, it is wiser for China to start on her Plan B (to Z). Safer, surer, and saner it will be for her in the face of the same Amerikanen xenophobia drawn from those Kalifornia railroad years of the Chinese Exclusion Act 1882.

There are technological options. One, a two-year catchup on chips can today immediately mean bigger market shares for lower-priced devices built on simpler chips that can earn quicker startup incomes and activate indigenous unicorn applications to presage their global expansion for mass consumer markets. Two, a total learning of chip development history to-date can mean a bypass of the incremental stages that the western chip designers have had to go through. Three, the limit of 25% US content can be relaxed in non-US chip plants as argued once the entity licenses are released. Four, the Shanghai STAR players should be supported vigorously as a future technology leverage. And five, Russia, India, Israel and others can participate in the new technology revolution of this century that will start converging next year.

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