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Don't be shallow. Don't show off. Remain humble. Simplify. Because situations will change.

Don't be naive. Be careful of tricksters and dangers. Because lightning can strike. Always interrogate oneself with "what's really happening here?"

Be well-groomed. Create good impression. When there are too many, people will judge book by cover.

Be careful about thoughts. Right thoughts can get warped and swayed by wrong frame of emotion in which they are formed. Thinking about something when one is angry will not be the same as thinking of the same thing when one is calm even if both thoughts come from the same brain/mind. Thoughts determine choice and decision, both determining actions which in turn determine results. Because there will always be a reaction to every action.

It is difficult to do something good every day. But try to find at least one. Then, do. Being able to find-and-do something good every day is itself an achievement.

The best blessing is karma in the same lifetime. Do good, get good in this life; do bad, get bad in this life, not have the punishment in the next life when one wonders how come got bad when one has been doing good.

The sun rises in the morning, sets in the evening. There is a touch of kindness from the heavens with their colors of the twilight just before it sets as if to say, 'you have lived through the day'...............................................................................................So too with each life, each day will bring hope (seeds sprout), growth (leaves open), happiness (flowers bloom)..but these come only after some tears (morning dew). And as night visits and the sun reposes, the leaves will curl up to sleep again - in preparation for the next day.  Build a good smile first thing in the morning for the first person you see at the beginning of each day. Be the sun in other peoples' lives.  All are in the same boat.

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where's my new post?

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What we can learn from people with beautiful mindsThe 8 habits of the highly intelligent
Simon Kuper: Financial Times Magazine 17 October 2019


They treat every situation as a learning opportunity

They can clear their mind to see the other person

They often suffer anguished boredom in ordinary social life

They are specialists, yet are always trying to master other fields

They gather insights from many different realms

They do the work they want to do, not the work the world seeks to impose on them, even if there’s a cost to their career or income

They have the imagination to come up with ideas, but also the humility and technique to test these against data

People with beautiful minds say what they think is true

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Copy code

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It is life lessons for everybody.

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Turning the calendar....

One who has a heart of love has blessings; one who can eliminate worry has wisdom.

If you broaden your mind, you will naturally stop worrying.

Intentions beget blessings; vows beget strengths.

It is easy to think about one's big mistakes but very hard to get rid of small bad debts.

Bad tempers and foul mouths will not make good person no matter how good the heart.

In the same way a value without a figure is a limitless amount, not counting the effort one puts in is a great compassion; to give one's labour and service happily is more than joyous giving.

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There are things in life that cannot wait - fulfilling filial piety and doing good deeds.

Recognize, appreciate and repay your parents' love.

Speak good words, have good thoughts, do good deeds, and walk the right path.

If unwilling to do little chores, difficult to accomplish great things.

It is better to have a generous heart than a spacious dwelling.

Include me when doing good deeds, exclude me when doing evil deeds.

Forget the worries of the past and be free today.

A person's happiness stems not from how much he owns but from how little he complains.

Be down to earth and well-grounded in life instead of seeking only a sense of accomplishment. More peace comes from leading a well-grounded life.

It is better to speak less and best to speak more kindly.

An idle man has no pleasure; a busy man has no time for dispute.

A gentleman is like water taking of its container; he is comfortable in any situation.

A frown and a smile are both possible. Why not more smiles?

Alway bear in mind the following virtues: understanding, forgiveness, gratitude, contentment, and treasuring your blessings.

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