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Boeing should top China's blacklist [Copy link] 中文

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1.  The following areexcerpts from a news report, dated June 5, 2019, under the headline"Boeing Is in Talks for a Megadeal That the Trade War Could Derail".

(Begin excerpts)

Boeing Co. has been negotiating one of the largest ordersever of wide-body jetliners with Chinese airlines even as tensions betweenWashington and Beijing escalate, say people familiar with the talks.

The discussions center on about 100 twin-aisle jets: 787Dreamliners as well as 777X planes, the newest long-range aircraft in Boeing’slineup, said one of the people, who asked not to be named as the talks areprivate.  Negotiations have focused in particular on the 777-9 variant, theplanemaker’s costliest jet with a $442.2 million sticker price, ahead of themodel’s expected first flight later this month.

No deal is imminent, the people cautioned, and the trade waris a major complication for all involved.  The Chinese side is waiting forguidance from the government before pushing forward with the discussions,according to some of the people, as the tit-for-tat fight between the U.S. andChina intensifies....

Companies are being caught in the fray, with PresidentDonald Trump blocking telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Co. frombuying U.S. technology, and looking to extend the ban to five Chinesevideo-surveillance firms.  Beijing vowed to retaliate, issuing a travel warningfor the U.S. and threatening to blacklist foreign firms.  It launched a probeinto FedEx Corp. for “wrongful” deliveries and Ford Motor Co.’s main jointventure in China was fined for antitrust violations on Wednesday...  (End excerpts)

Source: bloombergdotcom

2.  If China were to go ahead in blacklisting foreign firms, Boeing should be at the very top of the list for thefollowing reasons:

(a)  Boeing hasreceived more state and local subsidy dollars than any other corporation inAmerica, according to newly released data compiled by Good Jobs First, a policyresource center on subsidy data.

(b)  Boeing is one ofthe US companies benefited from Taiwan’s purchases of missile defence systems,attack helicopters, fighter jets, and other amphibious assault vehicles.  The latest news is that the US is pursuingthe sale of more than US$2 billion worth of tanks and weapons to Taiwan.  The potential sale would include 108 GeneralDynamics Corp M1A2 Abrams tanks (US army's best tanks) worth around US$2 billionas well as anti-tank munitions.

(c)  In October 2001,days before its planned maiden voyage, Chinese military communications expertsdiscovered numerous high-tech listening devices planted inside China'spresidential aircraft, a new Boeing 767-300ER. The Chinese source said that 27 listening devices had been found,including devices in the presidential bathroom and in the headboard of thepresidential bed.  The devices werehighly sophisticated as they "had to be triggered by a satellitecommunication".

It is laughable that the Trump administration is spreadingworldwide propaganda that Huawei is spying for the Chinese government.  The Boeing spying episode proves the closeties between the company and CIA.  Henceall countries should be aware of the "spying bald eagle".

Please also don't forget the US global surveillance programme in whichthe US spied on "the entire globe" in 2013, including all its allies.  Even the mobile phone of Germanleader Angela Merkel was not spared by US bugging.

"Allies spy on each other because they don't haveidentical interests," says Jeffrey Richelson, author of The USIntelligence Community.  "There are very few allies that are so close thatthere's no point in collecting intelligence."

"In the 1920s and '30s, the UK used covert methods to monitorthe US," he said.

(d)  Acting UnitedStates Secretary of Defence Patrick Michael Shanahan previously spent 30 yearsat Boeing in a variety of roles.  Thisproves the close ties between Boeing and the Pentagon, and indirectly the USgovernment.

Shanahan takes a hawkish stance on China, warning he won't"tiptoe" around Chinese behaviour in Asia.  Under him, the US not only increases armssales to Taiwan but also sells 34 ScanEagle drones, made by Boeing, toMalaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam for a total of US$47 million.

(e)  In a meeting atthe White House on May 23, 2019, Donald Trump said:  "Huawei is something that is very dangerous. You look at whatthey've done from a security standpoint, from a military standpoint, it's verydangerous."

Similarly from the standpoint of China and the rest of theworld:  "Boeing is something that isvery dangerous."

China has to bear in mind that if the megadeal between Boeing and Chinese airlines were to go through, there won't be a word of thanks from Donald Trump and other white supremacists.  Instead the hugeprofits will be used to make more weapons to slaughter Chinese soldiers andcivilians in the end.

Boeing is exactly the American version of threat Trump has been accusing Huawei all this while.

Donald Trump's infamous Hitler-style rabble-rousing chants:  "Lock her up!  Lock her up!"

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Near the top.

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Fedex should be at the top!

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Yes, fly on Chinese aircraft and quit your bitching.
Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

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It is not China but the world is going to blacklist Boeing!

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Boeing should come forward honestly and seek assistance from the world to solve this problem.
It will not be the first and last but will haunt all aircraft builders. For passenger safety, combined effort must be united to focus and solve it. Otherwise, the battle will end with Boeing only in history book!

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