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When will the US start calling China the Big Bully? [Copy link] 中文

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wchao37 Post time: 2019-5-30 16:47
Three decades ago the Japanese were alone as the only Asian nation with appreciable technological pr ...

Yet Japan bans Huawei with the same flourish of a samurai sword despite remembering how the US had decapitated the growth of its own Toshiba even if it is pathologically unable to remember its own wartime guilt against the Chinese people.

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wchao37 Post time: 2019-5-30 11:55
The trouble now is that the Chinese people are too modest, polite and non-confrontational when d ...

The original bone of contention was on the trade deficit. Even that is a questionable issue for four reasons:

one, most of the deficit was caused by US MNCs making in China their products for the world market, including the US, so it can't be fully ascribable to China; in fact, it has been said some 90% of China's exports to the US are made by those US multinationals in China;

two, the US conveniently omits to say it has a trade surplus with China in services. Last checked, this included the US markets for inbound China tourists and students. So, if the US harps on trade deficit on products, can China harp back on trade deficit in services?

three, the US won't sell to China what China wants to buy, yet wants China to reduce her trade surplus with the US by buying US products that have better and cheaper alternatives from other friendly countries with which she also trades;  furthermore, if China doesn't buy more from the US besides the other matters, the US insists it can tariff China but China cannot tariff it back; and

four, the real issue is the US holding the entire trading world to ransom through its dollar as non-backed fiat money which in turn has propelled its people to spend more than make, thus reducing their savings, denuding their national current account, creating the trade deficit.

And because of continuous prosperity by just printing money, the situation makes it persuasive for the US to continue to do so, hence neglecting the modernization of its own rust-belt industries that would have added more values to create more marketable products.

Faced with this in-house reality, the US multinationals would naturally enough go to where people work harder, save more, and produce better goods at lower prices in record time because there is continuous improvement, and stability, scalability and resources are assured, and infrastructure and support services are modernized, besides no hang-overs that the US companies come from a different type of government.

In all the world, that place remains China.

To hide all that, the Trump administration took its easiest route.  Make corny demands, act bully, blame China.

Yet one would have expected if a US president says Make America Great Again, he would first mean Let's Improve Ourselves, not let's kill Huawei and all the other China concerns which are coming up by dint of innovation and improvement.

He would mean let's see where we have gone wrong ourselves instead of blaming others for doing better than us.

He would know a deal can only be artistic and not artful that it has become today if it is done fairly on common ground - not start by trying to seize some moral high ground at the start of the talk by wearing the cloak of a party aggrieved for having a trade deficit. Which we have seen is not the real issue.

In other words, the talks had the wrong start from the very beginning.

So how can they end well at the very end?

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One hasn't used this word for a long time. But this is as good a time to use it now. Umbrage. Because it contains the word 'rage'.

One takes umbrage with how the Trump administration has out of the blue escalated the issue from trade deficit to national security risk and then squarely puts the blame again (what's new?) on China for backtracking when it is the US which has been adding one thing after another in order to create discord and derail the talks so as to have the excuse of total decoupling thereby hoping to bring China down to her kneesbecause it realizes when China finally reforms on her own right and by her own timetable, she would not be under the thumbs of a US still hellbent on hegemonic control of the worldwhich is why the Trump administration is trying to jump the gun by pointing it at China now in order to influence what legislation China has to rewrite in accordance with US dictates to avert that predestined inevitability. (tab this para for future use)

And that's why suddenly national security risk becomes an issue. Because once so labeled, no one at home would question any action taken, however ludicrous, ridiculous, absurd, to all.

Take China tech companies like Huawei and ZTE. Their products are populated with US microchips made in the US. China buys USD300 Billion worth of microchips every year which also reduces the US trade deficit. Yet the Trump administration has labeled Huawei, for instance, a national security risk to the US and so bars it now from US parts.

Is that to mean the US doesn't trust the chips it makes that go into Huawei products, for that matter the US cybersecurity software that Huawei installs in them? (logic with Chinese characteristics)

Come to think of it, why would Huawei use such US security software if its products are to create back-doors? (an innocent question but delivered at hypersonic speed)

Furthermore, one would think Huawei et al would have more grounds to be more concerned whether US microchips contain backdoor malwares to cyber-invade China servers.  (as would be subscribed as a reasonable conclusion by mature minds)

But then again the US has already shown it has rampantly done so with its PRISM cyber-surveillance internet technologies. Which is why it has snowed Snowden with more charges for revealing the real truth, not fake news, about them. To wit, how the US has been spying on foreign countries all these years with its NSA-CIA backdoor intrusions.

And yet it calls itself a democracy practising human rights, free speech and fair play and, for the world, indeed! (touche)

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The US strategy to curb China's rise by any and all means has metastasized even into the rarified domain of knowledge dissemination.

Its New York-based Institution of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is supposedly the world's largest technical professionals association. IEEE has now barred Huawei employees from being reviewers of its publications.

The only reason why a professional association exists is to maintain professional standards. And if Huawei's employees are world experts enough to be appointed to professionally review the IEEE publications in order to maintain its global standards, when did they suddenly pose a security risk to the US?

Is the US saying non-US corporate citizens cannot be more world-class than US corporate citizens?

Is the IEEE now saying its professional standards can be superseded by political chicanery?

In their reviewing the publications, did these Huawei employees import or export anything detrimental to US national security that requires them to be disbarred when they weren't considered so right up to last week?

Has there been a single example of their having been a national security risk to the US?

Isn't it easier to find an electron than answer that question with proof?

In exercising such buffoonery, the IEEE has diminished itself as a professional organization. Its decision is neither professional nor electrifying. It is just following the new US dogma:

"Guilty until proven innocent", plus

"The onus of proof of innocence is upon the party labelled guilty".

Indeed, one can now say the symbol of justice in the US has become really blind.

Just one simple question torpedoes everything -  Why would China's companies pose a national security risk to harm US interests if the US are their paying customers?

Let us now conclude the real reason why. It is to remove Huawei from any role it may play on 5G standards. And to the US, the first step is to eliminate its employees from the world's professional stage.

Talk about bar-room malevolence by the bullying cheat of the world.

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markwu Post time: 2019-5-30 20:07
Yet Japan bans Huawei with the same flourish of a samurai sword despite remembering how the US had ...

The Japanese have never thought of themselves as Asians since the Meiji Restoration in 1868.

I think we both talked about it way back in another thread.  I'll try to locate that thread later and see if I can find the relevant passage.

Toshiba flourished for a while by dint of its employees' dedication and hard work.  

Now it's almost run into the ground.

Japan doesn't really have a strategy -- it has an ad hoc committee dealing with problems as they arise.

They are still trying to figure out where China is really headed as can be seen in the flurry of remarks made by their leaders during Trump's visit to that nation.

Iran is doing the right thing when it refuses to talk with Trump over anything substantial until the latter lifts his sanctions.

SWIFT has now become a crucial instrument used by the U.S. to control other nations.

I am sure China is not the only country that is thinking of a way to circumvent the need to go through SWIFT.

Without SWIFT, the U.S. cannot impose sanctions over the rest of the world.

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markwu Post time: 2019-5-30 22:19
The US strategy to curb China's rise by any and all means has metastasized even into the rarified do ...
Is the IEEE now saying its professional standards can be superseded by political chicanery?

That's exactly what they are trying to do in all fields.

They are forcing talents in the sciences to think really hard about their own careers -- whether it is worthwhile to spend a fortune as international students to earn diplomas which aren't going to be worth that much when they graduate.

The U.S. is simply so afraid of Chinese tech companies that each inadvertent pop from Huawei becomes a thunder in their ears.

This kind of mentality will persist until they get more accustomed to the presence of the real giant in the room, and figure out for themselves that it isn't too bad being #2 in the world -- they still get to see the same horror movies and eat the same popcorns.

Which means it's going to be around 2039 when everything will calm down a bit and bilateral relations will return to normal.

Ladies and gentlemen, all evidence indicates that a stormy bilateral relationship is here to stay unless a wiser leadership can win the Electoral College votes in future elections in pivotal states across the Pacific.  Knowing that Tsai is not likely to win the next 'election' in the island, they are speeding up the Taidu process by renaming the institutions to Taiwan.

In the meantime, Beijing's 2025 Project is not only going on schedule, but is likely to be speeded up.

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This post was edited by wchao37 at 2019-5-31 13:46

So see you all after June 9, 2039.

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